2017 Baby Blanket / Lovey CAL from Sweet Potato 3

Join Sweet Potato 3 for the 2017 CAL!

Our mission will be to complete a baby blanket (or lovey) during the month of March. This year I focused on texture and you will love seeing this blanket or lovey come together. Join now to save more, no code needed:

February 24 – 26 only $1
February 27- March 1 only $2
March 2 – 6 only $3
After March 7 full price of $6

The CAL will have two options. There will be a baby blanket or a coordinating lovey. You are welcome to choose whichever one you want. They will both be included in the group and we will work on them together. I hope this will allow those that do not have the time to dedicate to the full blanket project to still participate and enjoy the interactive crochet experience while making a smaller version.


Once you join (by ordering/purchasing), you will receive an invite to join a facebook group within 2 days. The CAL will be hosted in the facebook group and will include live sessions to show you step by step how to crochet the blanket sections. You can go at your own pace but below will be the outline for each sections:

Starting Feb 24 a supply list will be posted
March 1 – Section 1
March 3 – Section 2
March 8 – TBSection 1
March 10- TBSection 2
March 13 – TB Section 3
March 15 – TB Section 4
March 17 – TB Section 5
March 20 – Section 3
March 22 – Section 4
March 24 – Section 5
March 26 – Section 6
March 29 – TB Section 6 (completed)
March 31 – Award for anyone who has a completed project!

If you do not receive an invitation to join the CAL facebook group within 48 hours of purchase, please send me an email (mysweetpotato3@gmail.com), message me through Ravelry or send me a message on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/SweetPotato3).

I look forward to meeting you in the CAL!

Snow Drifter Hat Pattern & Faux Fur Pom Tutorial

I am so excited about my newest hat pattern release, the Snow Drifter Hat. The beautiful, fun and unique texture of this hat is very eye catching. A simple little pinch pleat on the brim of the hat is a cute touch of charm to the hat. The puff stitches that weave together create an appealing texture that you will enjoy creating as you crochet this hat that is perfect for a day in the snow.

Grab your copy of the Snow Drifter Hat Pattern on: Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy

Find more details about materials used to make the Snow Drifter hat in the listings. Enjoy making it with or without the pom. If you like the faux fur pom, see the tutorial below on how to make your own.


Faux Fur Pom Tutorial

A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple online to add to a new hat design. I was so excited to receive them only to open the package and see that they were twice the size I was hoping for. A few of my wonderful fans on facebook had mentioned that they made their poms. So, I started to research how to make them. WOW… It is so easy!

I quickly made a new one and wanted to share with all of you how easy this really is. You can buy the faux fur at most crafts stores. Cut the fur into an oval about 3″ X 4″.

You may have to pull the loose fur off the edges. Doing this now will make the pom cleaner and shed free when you are done. Using a tapestry/yarn needle thread around the pom. These stitches do not need to be exact or uniform, they will be completely hidden when you are done. Add a small ball of fiber fill to the center of the oval.


Tie ends of yarn together and pull tight. Continue to pull, making sure the fiber fill is all enclosed inside the pom. Once the pom is completely closed, tie another knot to secure. Just like that you are done.


Use the yarn ends to attach the pom to a hat or other fun accessory. Tada, so cute!!!

This is the new Snow Drifter Hat design that I knew I wanted a faux fur pom on. Isn’t it fabulous!

Valentine Crochet Patterns from Sweet Potato 3

Where or where is January going?

Did you know Valentine’s Day is only 27 days away!

That means, we need to get those fun Valentine Crochet projects ready to go. Check out what special Valentines Patterns are available from Sweet Potato 3. Then grab any or all of them for 50% off with code “Valentine” (on Ravelry only), good through Sunday, January 22, 2017.



Newborn Love Bug Photo Prop (includes newborn hat and cocoon)

Lady / Love Bug Newborn Photo Prop (newborn only)


Tie Knot Top Hat with Heart Applique (newborn – child sizes)

Heart Tattoo Hat (newborn – adult sizes)


Puppy Love Hat (newborn – child sizes)

All these fun crochet patterns work up quick, so you still have plenty of time to crochet them up. I hope you find one you love and enjoy making it for your special someone the upcoming Day of Love.

Button Up Waves Hooded Cocoon Kit

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Have you ever ran across a pattern that you want to make so badly but cannot find the yarn used in the sample? It can be so frustrating! Have you ever considered buying a crochet pattern kit?

Here is your chance!

The Button Up Waves Hooded Cocoon was one of my top 5 crochet patterns last year and now you can order it as a kit. A kit includes the pattern along with the yarn to make the pattern.


The Button Up Waves Hooded Cocoon pattern includes sizes for newborn, 3-6 months and 6-12 months.

The kit includes the yarn you will need to make the desired size. The featured yarn is called, Sprightly. Sprightly is a worsted (#4) weight yarn that is so soft, squish and plush acrylic yarn. I love working with acrylic yarn on projects like this because they show the details so well while remaining soft and they clean up nicely. Sprightly comes in 24 vibrant colors.

Get your kit on Craftsy now (it is currently 30% off, so don’t miss out).

If you already have plenty of yarn in your stash, don’t worry. You can still grab just the pattern on: Craftsy / Ravelry / Etsy

Then enjoy crocheting your Button Up Waves Hooded Cocoon.

18″ Doll PJ Set – Crochet Pattern Release

Something new is ready from Sweet Potato 3!!! My daughter received a beloved “American Girl” doll (ugh umm… Our Generation… wink) for Christmas. Of course the first thing she noticed what that her new doll, Ginger, didn’t have any PJ’s! Having some time on my hands I went on a hunt for a new pattern but couldn’t find one that had her special requests:

Stripes, Footed, Button Front PJ’s with Matching Hat

Yep, she was that specific. So, I went to work and soon realized how many different options you could create with just the one pattern.

PJ Set

The red and grey set was my first attempt and she LOVED it!!! But, with my baseball boys in the house I realized how fun it would be to make some purple baseball style pj’s (but this time I didn’t make them with feet so of course I had to add the slippers). Then one of my testers combined them with stripes and baseball style, I simply love it!

The pj’s simple slip on from the feet up and button in front. The slippers work up very quick and could even be used as shoes to go with all of the dolls outfits. And don’t forget the stocking hat to make this slumber party set complete.

Grab your copy of the pattern on: Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy

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How to Invisibly Attach a Crochet Applique

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Do you dread sewing on a crochet applique? It is so much work and can be difficult to get the applique on right. And to make matters worse, the back of your project can get all messed up.

Well not anymore!

Sewing on Applique

I have put together a tutorial on how to sew on a crochet applique and leave the back of your project flawless. That is right, no fibers or pulling of the background. This technique will leave your project looking professional and you’ll be so proud of the finishing touches!

The sample used in the tutorial above is my Farm Animal Blanket. This fun project pattern can be found on Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy.

Farm Animal Blanket

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