Cancer Challenge 2015

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It’s Almost Here!
October is Cancer Awareness Month, and that means my challenge is nearly ready!
I have had many questions about the challenge so this is a little information on how it will run.
Why are you doing the challenge?
Many / Most of us have been effected by cancer in some way. It is a tough thing to see someone go through, but with a community standing beside you it makes the battle slightly less challenging.
In honor of my Uncle Jeff, who lost his battle last September,
I am hosting the 2nd annual Cancer Charity Challenge.
How does the challenge work?
It’s pretty simple.
Basically I am asking all of you to help make hats for cancer patients.
The hats can be made for someone you know, someone your friends know,
a co-worker, teacher, neighbor,
Or you can simple make hats and donate them to your local cancer center.
If a cancer center is not in your area you can contact me and ship them my way. I will include them with my donation to the Cancer Center here in Boise, Idaho.
How long does the challenge last?
The challenge will begin October 1.
A featured designer/pattern will be posted each day through October.
However, you have through the end of 2015 to complete your hats.
What type of hat should I make and what sizes?
You can use any hat pattern you like, crochet or knit.
People of all ages get cancer so all sizes are usually needed. Teen and adult hats are most requested because they fit more people, but if you are donating to a children’s cancer center then all sizes will work.
Where can I get patterns?
This is the FUN part!!!
Each day throughout the challenge I will be posting FREE patterns.
I have some amazing designers who are graciously offering their patterns for FREE in exchange for your donation. If you download a pattern you are pledging to make a minimum of 1 hat from that pattern for the challenge. When you download the pattern, please take a minute to visit their facebook page and tell them thank you for their generosity.
What type of yarn is recommended?
The best yarns for chemo patients are soft and breathable yarns. It is also important that the yarn washes well. After reading in many forums the popular yarns from makers and recipients are cotton blends (100% cotton tends to be less soft) and/or acrylic. One of the favorites is Caron Simply Soft, Debra Norvelle, Lionbrand Homespun and/or Heartland, Red Heart Soft, Bernat Softee.
I have heard comments that wool hats can be very itchy and not preferred.
Remember that it is important to use the correct yarn weight for the pattern you are following.
What is my goal?
My goal is to simply help others.
I started this challenge on a whim last year when I lost my uncle. In 2014 over 2,000 hats were pledged, I am hoping to double that number this year. So share with everyone you know.
How do I pledge?
To pledge to make a hat simply download the pattern.
There will be 31 patterns available. If you download all 31 patterns you pledge to make 31 hats.
I am pledging to make 31 hats, one a day, sounds doable. But, if you can only make 1 hat, you are still making a difference, and I thank you for that.
Have Fun and Get More Involved
Make sure to share pictures of your finished hats on Sweet Potato 3 Patterns facebook page. This is not required, but it is fun to see what everyone else is making and see your own pictures shared too.
Add a comment to this blog post to let everyone know who you are making hats for or if they are in honor of someone.
Challenge Others
Do you know other crafters, crochet or knit?
Tag them in one of the facebook posts about the challenge, say “I challenge you to join!”
Get Started Early
The excitement I see in everyone who has participated in the past and have already started this years challenge is amazing. Last week I had someone post a hat they had already completed that had a beautiful cancer ribbon on it. She graciously shared the link that she used and the bonus is, it’s FREE. Click here to make a ribbon like the one below. These are great to add to your hats.
See below for some more common cancer awareness ribbon colors.



Convert A Cowl to A Hat

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Tie it up top-its a hat, tie it down low-it’s a cowl!

The popular cowl/hat combo is the perfect accessory for this year! Made in a beautiful textured stitch that creates a soft fold to the hat/cowl. Simply tie the pom drawstrings together to make it a slouchy hat, untie them and pull it over your head for a fun cowl. The pattern comes in sizes for child, teen/ladies, adult/men’s.
Get your copy of the Covert a Cowl on:

Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy Pattern

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I am so excited to have the Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy Pattern ready! Just in time for all those tail gating parties, early morning soccer games and fall camping trips!
The Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy is a fun and unique design. The Perfect gift for so many, I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these! The pattern includes many photo’s to help walk you through the construction of both the mitten cozy and the traditional mitten. The mitten cozy does have a bottom on the cozy so it helps hold the can or cup in the cozy while your hand wraps around it as well. The pattern has adult sizing: small, medium, large and extra large.
Grab your copy of the Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy


Elephant Stuffy Pattern Release

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Last year I designed a set of fun stuffy animals with the intent of newborn photographers in mind, but they are being made by so many and are made for everyone! I designed a teddy bear, fox and bunny. They were so successful and I have received so many wonderful comments about them I have thought about extending the line of stuffies. So when I received a message about how to alter the bunny into an elephant I ran with the idea.

Look at how cute he turned out!
This little guy stands at about 6 1/2″ tall and is slightly stockier than my other stuffies.
Grab your copy on:
Now how about make this into a darling set and add a matching hat, oh that would be too cute!
The Elephant Earflap Hat can be ordered on:
And here are the other animal stuffies I mentioned earlier.
I hope you enjoy each and everyone of them.
The animal stuffies pattern can be ordered on:
Here are some amazing pictures of these little stuffies in use. All the images below are from the very talented Christy Mitchell Photography.

Knot Knit Beanie – Crochet Pattern

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As a long time crocheter, I have always admired knit garments. I love the woven look to them and even tried to learn to knit. I just found it hard to use two needles and the time I spent on the small project was not very productive. But, I still love and admire those knit projects.

But now I can enjoy making a crochet pattern that looks knit!
Yes, you read that right. Through many internet searches I kept seeing an image of a vintage stitch that looked woven. After trying to figure the stitch out I finally got it and had to use the stitch on a hat and I was so excited with the end result.

The pattern has sizing from Newborn up to Adult and has instructions to make them with the double stripes or to make it in a solid color.
Grab your copy of the pattern in any of my shops:
I did include a photo tutorial of the stitch.
While my testers were reviewing the pattern one of them mentioned that they had viewed a great video of the stitch, see below (they used a different name for the stitch but it is worked the same way). I hope you find this helpful.

Enjoy the pattern and make sure to follow me on facebook so you don’t miss any new pattern releases or promotions.

Serenity Yoga / Beach Tote Pattern

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As most of you know I was honored to be a competitor in the Battle of the Stitches Round 6.
I haven’t competed as a designer before and this was very fun and yes, very challenging.
As a competitor in Battle of the Stitches, all designers have about 4 weeks to design a pattern based off of a theme and stitch. The pattern must be designed, tested and photographed with deadlines along the way.
The theme for round 6 was reveled, SERENITY!
So excited to hear the theme, but I couldn’t even begin to decide on a pattern to design until I knew the stitch. This was where my thoughts went when I hear “serenity”. I took this picture on a recent hike I took with my family. It is in the Payette National Forest in Central Idaho.
A few days later the stitch was released. I was surprised to hear that it was called, SERENITY, as well. The Serenity stitch is basically a picot, cluster, picot repeat. We were shown this as a sample.


Now, I was ready for the design frenzy that was going on through my head. I had about 4 or 5 designs and really struggled on settling on one. However, in the end, my thoughts about serenity was always,
Quiet, Meditative, Nature,
So the SERENITY Yoga Mat Tote it is!
You can get your copy in these shops: Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy
I had so much fun designing this tote. It is something different than my typical design style. I really tried to push my level of creativity and loved seeing the bottom of the bag change with each row. I used Premier Yarns Cotton and loved working with this yarn. It will wear nicely and wash up great!
I made the bottom of the tote fun and colorful, as the bottom turns the corner it is solid for a more stable base to the tote and allows the yoga mat to easily sit at the bottom. About 4″ from the base you get to see the beauty of the serenity stitch begin and show off the delicateness of the stitch repeats.
After adding a shoulder strap and a drawstring closure the tote is done!
But, not everyone is into yoga. I want everyone to be able to make this toe because it is so much fun! So, I included instructions to make the tote smaller and it will work perfect for a day at the beach. The photo’s below are courtesy of Nondas from Yarn Medleys from the Heart.
Kendal, from Kendal’s Kreations, also made a beautiful full sized Yoga Tote.
And one more fabulous sample is by Gillian from Enfy’s Creations.
I hope you like the my design and find some inspiration to give it a try.
You can see the other designs for Round 6 of Battle of the Stitches using the serenity stitch and find their patterns by click the image below: