Free Thanksgiving Table Setting Crochet Patterns

Fall is here, temperatures are dropping and we are seeing pumpkin spice everywhere. That means that the holidays are fast approaching. One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving Table. I love having a day that you really focus on all that we are thankful for with our family and friends.

This year we are especially grateful for all that we have. It’s been a bit of a rough year for everyone and we all need to make this Thanksgiving a little extra special. Sit down and bring a touch of handmade into your Thanksgiving Feast.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Crochet Patterns

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving is focused around the meal, the turkey, gravy, potatoes, dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, homemade rolls and of course pumpkin pie. We all have our favorites and they bring back so many memories. This year as you plan your menu, take some time to plan the decor as well.

I have collected some of my favorite free crochet patterns that I think would make a classy Thanksgiving table setting this year. No cheesy turkeys and pumpkins (although I do think they are fun to include). Find the right placemats, coaster, flatware holder, centerpiece and/or table runner to make your table feel a little extra special this year.

So, sit down and grab your favorite hook and decide which design will fit your style the most! Enjoy.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Crochet Patterns

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Acorn / Pinecone Hat Crochet Pattern

Gearing up for fall festivities! Are you ready?

I spent the afternoon updating my Acorn / Pinecone Hat. This fun crochet pattern is ideal for fall weather. Not only is it warm but it is full of character. The bold puff stitches show off a perfect texture to look just like a pinecone. But, if you switch up the colors and add a leaf, it can totally pull off an Acorn!

Acorn / Pinecone Hat pattern-009-page-2

I sat down this afternoon to make one of these to fulfill an order. I have to admit, I was embarrassed that I had a pattern that was so unclear, especially when it came to stitch placement. Just minutes into crocheting the Pinecone Hat, I knew I had to update the entire pattern. And while I was doing that, why not add more sizes?

Now the pattern includes sizes from newborn up to adult. Make one for the entire family to show how Nutty your family really is (then send me a picture, because I really want to see this on a Christmas card)!

Grab your copy of the Acorn / Pinecone Hat on: Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy

Acorn Pinecone Hat Acorn Pinecone Hat

Acorn Pinecone Hat

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