Herringbone Knotted Cowl & Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

I love playing with popular stitches and trying to make them unique and put a twist on them. I had an idea in my mind and was trying to come up with a fun stitch and ended up creating a knotted stitch while crocheting the Herringbone stitch.

Fall in love with the bold texture and soft cushy feel to the stitch. So, I jumped in and quickly designed a fun infinity cowl and coordinating ear warmer pattern. I am so excited to share with you the Herringbone Knotted Cowl & Ear Warmer crochet pattern.

Herringbone Knotted Cowl & Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

About the Herringbone Knotted Cowl & Ear Warmer

I love crocheting any herringbone stitch but I like to put a new spin on stitches or on the way they are used. I fell in love with the way these knotted stitches appeared see how or bold they look while feeling so soft and warm. You will fall in love with making this cowl and then you will want a matching ear warmer to go along with it.

Herringbone Knotted Stitch

The pattern can be worked holding 2 strands of a very light worsted weight yarn together (I used Mighty Stitch which is very close to a DK weight yarn). Or you can use a heavy worsted weight yarn to make the set. Then have fun with the colors and scramble them up as I did (details on color changes are in the pattern) or make it a solid color or use a self striping or ombre yarn, the possibilities are endless for different looks with this pattern.

About the Pattern

The pattern comes in One Size Fits Most for the cowl and an Adult sized Ear Warmer/Headband pattern.

The cowl can be worn multiple ways as shown below, I just can’t decide which is my favorite.

See my Testers Samples

I had some of my pattern testers share their tests with me and I love the colors they used and how each one shows an entirely different personality.

Test by Jillian

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Winter Wishes Ear Warmer – Crochet Pattern

My top selling pattern in 2020 was the Winter Wishes Scarf. The texture is amazing and it is a fun design so I decided to add to the collection and make a coordinating Winter Wishes Ear Warmer pattern.

The ear warmers are made in a rich mustard yellow and show off the amazing textures that are created in the stitches.

About the Winter Wishes Ear Warmer Pattern

The pattern comes in three sizes from child up to adult. The ear warmers work up quick with a worsted weight (#4) yarn and is crocheted with a size I (5.50 mm) hook.

Switch up the color, add striping yarn or ombre for an entirely new look. Check out some of the samples made by my pattern testers below:

Grab your copy of the Winter Wishes Ear Warmer today on:

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How to make a Twist Ear Warmer or Headband Tutorial

Have you been eyeing all the cute Twist Ear Warmer or Headbands? They seem to be everywhere and turn a basic Ear Warmer (or Headband) into a very cute accessory. Today, I am going to share how easy they are to make.

Twist Ear Warmer Tutorial

The technique used to make the twist ear warmer / headband is simply in the way you sew the crochet ends pieces together. You can use this technique with most crochet patterns.

I recently did a stitch tutorial for the mini bean stitch and included instructions on how to make this fun ear warmer. You can see the step by step tutorial by clicking this LINK HERE. Then come back here to sew it up with a twist.

Mini Bean Twist Ear Warmer

How to make a Twist in your Ear Warmers

You will need to finish your ear warmer to the correct length. Most adult ear warmers will be about 20″ long, but may be different due to how much stretch the stitches allow for. Follow the recommendation in the pattern you are following.

Instead of folding the ends together and sewing them up in a straight seam, fold each crochet end in half. Once they are both folded in half, nestle them inside each other and fold together.

Using a tapestry needle, you will sew the ends together. Make sure you work the top of the stitches for all 4 layers, working across the entire row ends. When you reach the end, secure with a knot and weave in your ends.

Turn your headband right side out and you are done. The Twist is sewn in and lays perfectly.

Twist Ear Warmer Tutorial

Watch A Step By Step Tutorial

If you are like me, watching a tutorial is very helpful, so I created this YouTube video just for you. Click HERE to watch it on YouTube and subscribe, or just watch below:

Share your Twist Ear Warmers or Headbands

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Mini Bean Stitch and Ear Warmer Instructions

One of my favorite stitches to crochet is the mini bean stitch. I love how it works up quick, has a rich texture to it and leaves your crocheted fabric plush and soft. Seriously, what could be better than this?

The mini bean stitch is pretty simple to learn. Today I am going to show you exactly how to crochet it step by step. Then, I will give you a way to practice your new stitch by working up a fun Ear Warmer.

Mini Bean Stitch Ear Warmer Pattern

How to Begin your Ear Warmer

I will start off by walking you through the stitch step by step. Then, at the end of the tutorial you can watch my YouTube video to make sure you understand each step correctly.

Use a Crochet Hook I (5.50 mm) and about 100 yards of worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart Amore in the color, restful, and love how soft the headband came out. In fact, I was able to make 2 headbands with 1 skein of yarn.

Mini Bean Twist Ear Warmer

Gauge is not essential in this pattern but make sure your stitches are not so tight that the fabric is stiff. If you want to match my gauge it is as follows: using crochet hook I, 9 mini bean stitches and 14 rows resulted in a 4 inch square.

Begin the Ear Warmer Pattern

  • You will want to begin working with an odd number of stitches.
  • Begin with a beginning chain of 20.
  • Single Crochet in the 2nd chain from your hook and each chain to the end of the row and turn.
  • For Row 2, single crochet in each stitch across the row and turn.

How to Crochet the Mini Bean Stitch

  • Always begin your row with a chain 1, insert your hook into the first stitch and pull up a loop.
  • Yarn over and insert your hook back into the same stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop.
  • You will now have 4 loops on our hook, yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on your hook.
  • Chain 1, skip next stitch, repeat bean stitch in next stitch
  • Repeat across entire row.
  • For the 2nd row of mini bean stitches, you will chain 1 and turn.
  • Complete a mini bean in top of the mini bean from the last row, skip the chain and work the next mini bean in top of the mini bean of the prior row.
  • Continue working mini bean stitch rows until your ear warmer reaches 19 1/2 inches long

See How to Crochet the Mini Bean Stitch

If you are like me, watching a tutorial is very helpful, so I created this YouTube video just for you. Click HERE to watch it on YouTube and subscribe, or just watch below:

How to Finish Ear Warmers & Sew Twisted Seam

  • Crochet 2 more rows of single crochets and then fasten off leaving a long tail of yarn you will use to sew the ends together.
  • To get the “twist” in the headband, follow this easy tutorial you can see by CLICKING HERE.

This is another fun part in making the mini bean ear warmers. I put together a tutorial on how to sew the ends together to give it that perfect twist. Click HERE to watch a quick tutorial and finish your project.

Cozy Twist Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Are you in need of a fun last minute gift idea? Well, I have you covered! How about a Cozy Twist Ear Warmer that can be worn 2 different ways…

Some days you may not be sure you want a full beanie or just an earwarmer…. Now, I have designed a fun option just for you. The Cozy Twist Ear Warmer is an oversized, or extra wide, Ear Warmer. This is perfect for wearing a messy bun, a pony tail or when you just want a little extra warmth.

cozy twist ear warmer crochet pattern

PLUS, the design for the Cozy Twist Ear Warmers gives you 2 ways to wear it. Simply button it up along the seam to create a full ear warmer that nearly covers your entire head. OR, just “twist” before you button and you will get a fun twist in your ear warmer.

The crochet pattern comes in sizes for Toddler, Youth and Adult. Debating what yarn to use? The Ear Warmers can also be made using a DK weight yarn or a thin Worsted Weight Yarn. Just make sure you check your gauge and adjust your hook to make sure the final size comes out just right.

I chose a fun variegated yarn that I just love. This design would also look great in an ombre yarn and of course the bold stitches would really stand out in a solid yarn. Each ear warmer you make can have a totally different look.

cozy twist crochet pattern

Grab your copy of the Cozy Twist Ear Warmer Pattern on Ravelry: HERE 

cozy twist ear warmer pattern

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Animal Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

  • Post author:
  • Reading time:2 mins read

Check out how fun these Animal Ear Warmers are!!The perfect accessory to keep those ears warm on colder days, these are perfect for boys and girls of all ages (the pattern has sizes from newborn up to adult). WARNING: Hot Seller at Craft Fairs too…

animal ear warmers

Customize your Animal Ear Warmer Pattern:

Each Ear Warmer begins the same way. Make the basic band in any size from newborn up to adult. You will make it just the way you want with instructions/suggestions for color changes for the different animals. Wearing just the band is also an option for a more simple look.

Make the Band

Build each headband using the instruction for each individual animal. Make pieces for the eyes, nose and ears. Switch up pieces if you like (change out the open or sleepy eyes on the fox & owl) or decide to leave some off for a more simple look like the sock monkey option.

Sew on the pieces for an adorable ear warmer. If you haven’t sewn on appliques before, you may find this tutorial I created helpful, just click HERE. Using this technique can give your crochet work that professional look:

Your completed Animal Ear Warmers are sure to be a huge hit. Request will probably start coming in for more animals, or different colors, but the best part is, the options are endless.

Grab your copy of the Animal Ear Warmers Pattern:

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