Pin Cushions – Crochet Pattern Round Up

We are currently all living in a time in our lives of uncertainty. As our entire world is staying home to help fight the spread of the Corona Virus/COVID-19 all our lives have changed. Some are working from home, some are unable to work, some are able to help others while others are looking for ways to help.

As a crafter, it is in our nature to make things and gift them to other people. I know many of my followers are really into doing charity work (just follow my October Crochet Cancer Challenge to see). As we embark on this new time in our lives I was trying to find a way to help out or reach out to others while still practicing social distancing.

One Way Crocheters can Pay It Forward

I have seen many posts on the shortage of medical face masks. Many are asking sewers to help make masks to support the healthcare workers (and others that need these masks).

All over the country, homebound Americans are crafting thousands upon thousands of face masks to help shield doctors, nurses and many others from the coronavirus.

They are pulling together to meet an urgent need: Hospitals, overwhelmed by the fast spreading pandemic, are burning through their supplies of protective gear, in particular masks, at an alarming rate. Doctors and nurses are getting sick and dying.

Crocheting facemasks is POINTLESS and can actually be DANGEROUS because germs will go straight through the fibers. So, why am I even bringing this up to my fellow crocheters? Because, as crocheters, can pay it forward and thank those that are sewing to help others.

Crochet Pin Cushions are fun, quick and a cute Thank You

Pin Cushions Crochet Pattern Round Up

It is always a great surprise to receive something for the work you have done, now is the time for us to do just that. Our fellow crafters are sewing away to help others. So, let’s pull together and crochet Pin Cushions to give to those who are helping others!

I have browsed Etsy and found some of the cutest Pin Cushions for you all today. Let’s support these small businesses, during this crazy time in our world, and put our crochet talents to work thanking others and letting them know we admire their hard work!

Cutest Crochet Pin Cushions

I would love to see any pin cushions you have made to pay it forward. Please join my facebook group in the next paragraph to show me and to inspire others. Stay Healthy and Well.

More Crochet Fun

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More Round Ups You Will Love

Flower Earflap Hat Pattern Release

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Need a new hat idea for the little or big girl in your life, or how about you?
This is a fun, unique and all girl hat.
Grab your copy on: Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy
This crochet pattern comes with complete instructions for this adorable Flower Earflap hat. Made from a light weight yarn helps give this hat a delicate stitch for the hat, a slight scallop around the brim and is accessorized with two beautiful flowers that cover the ears to keep them warm. This is a perfect and unique hat for your girl whether they are an infant, toddler, tween or adult. It will also make a lovely gift this holiday season. The hat has sizing from newborns up to adult. 

Flower Motif Blanket Pattern Release

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A beautiful flower motif pattern that works up so lovely in so many different ways. If you know my crocheting style you know that I don’t like sewing pieces together and a lot of color changes, but this pattern really was lovely to put together. The way I designed it was to make all the center pieces, then add the second color. Lastly you crochet the final rounds and as you do this you stitch the pieces together. No daunting task of hand sewing when you finish your last motif because it is done!
Get your copy of this lovely pattern in each of my etsy shops:
Please take a minute to notice that the edges are uneven along two sides. Upon the request of one of my pattern testers I did add a “half flower” pattern so you can even out the edges if you want to (but I did not include the detailed instructions on colors). Here is a sample of both edges:
Here are some fabulous images of the pattern tests that were completed. I asked the testers to be creative and make the blanket using as many or as few colors as they wish. Which is your favorite?
This beautiful version was completed by Nondas, owner of Yarn Medley’s From the Heart.
Nondas used 3 colors and made each motif the same and the final blanket is stunning!


The softness of this sample is so warm and inviting, this version was completed by
Sarah from Briar Rose Boutique. Sarah choose to make all the centers the same then complete the rest of the motifs using half blue and half pink and the outcome is beautiful.
This sample is in the works and I cannot wait to see it all done! Michelle decided to keep going once she finished the blanket, she is going to make it much bigger and has decided to use the motifs and make it into a shawl. I love the solid motifs with the border done with bold contrasting colors.


Another sample that just makes me smile! I love the brightness of the lime green and teal and the softness of the cream. Happy Dancing Willow always does such a nice job working up a fun version!


And one more version made with 3 colors but has a completely different look! Tanya from MaDukes Hook Up made all the centers the same then alternated the blue and yellow. This version makes me want to throw on some denim cut offs and go lay in a field of daisies!

Simple Flower Headband Crochet Pattern {FREE}

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Spring is nearly here and it is time to start switching from crocheting cold weather hats to spring and summer items. Sometimes it is difficult to find a fun, quick summer crochet project. However, today I have a very cute and simple flower headband tutorial you are going to love.

Simple Flower Headband

A Quick Stash Buster Project for Craft Fairs

The pattern for the Simple Flower Headband works up quick. It is an easy 2 rows that you will memorize and make up a whole dozen before you know it!

Another fun feature about this pattern is you can customize it to be crocheted with any weight of yarn. That means this is an amazing stash buster project to help you use up your left over yarn.

Craft Fair Idea

A quick project that uses up your left over yarn and turns out is simply adorable! All these features make the Simple Flower Headband is a great idea for craft fairs.

Materials Needed for the Flower Headband

  • Yarn of any weight (see images below to see difference in how the headband will look with a thicker or thinner yarn weight)
  • Crochet Hook that is 1 size smaller than the recommended hook size on yarn label. In the samples on my daughter (in the photos) I used Caron Simple Soft (pink one) and Crochet Hook G (4.25 mm). The green sample was made with Lydia thread #10 and Crochet Hook 1 (2.75 mm).
  • Measuring Tape
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Stitches and Abbreviations Used

Ch = Chain
Sc = Single Crochet
Dc = Double Crochet
Tc3tog = Treble Crochet 3 Together

Treble Crochet 3 Together Instructions: [yarn over 2 times, insert hook (these will all be completed in
the same chain space), pull up a loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull
through 2 loops], repeat for a total of 3 times, you will have 4 loops on your hook, yarn
over and pull through all 4 loops

Gauge Information

Typically you will hear me preach about how important it is to check your gauge. But, for this pattern, there will be no gauge check. Since you can pick any yarn weight each headband you make may be made with a different stitch count to reach the desired size.

The pattern will be made according to measurements, so make sure you have a measuring tape, ruler or some for of measuring tool on hand.

Simple Flower Headband

Headband Sizing Guide

You can make your headband in any size and to do this, you will need to utilize the sizing guide below:

  • Newborn: desired length 12 ¼” – fits up to 14” circumference
  • 3 to 6 Months: desired length 14” – fits up to 15″ or 16″ circumference
  • 6 to 12 Months: desired length 16″ – fits up to 18″ circumference
  • 12 to 24 Months: desired length 17″ – fits up to 19″ circumference
  • Child: desired length 18” – fits up to 20″ circumference
  • Teen / Ladies: desired length 19” – fits up to 21” circumference

The Simple Flower Headband Pattern

Ch 7, dc in 4th ch from hook, [ch 8, dc in 4th ch from hook], repeat [] until you reach the *desired length (desired length can be found under the sizing guide above). Ch 5 more, do not turn, instead you will rotate the chain and work along the opposite side/this is the same as if you were to turn and work along the beginning chain).

flower headband beginning chain

Crochet the following in the dc/ch space [tc3tog, ch 6, tc3tog], repeat [] in each dc/ch
space to end, ch 2 (there will be 3 chs of the beginning ch left), slst in ch at the end.

Rotate your work, you will now crochet along the opposite side of the beg chain. Ch 2, [tc3tog, ch 6, tc3tog], repeat [] in each dc/ch space to end. Ch 2, slst in the 3rd ch of the ch 5.

For the second round begin with a Ch 1, work 3 sc in 1st ch space, [sc in top of tc3tog, 6 sc in ch space, (in top of the next 2 tc3tog work a sc2tog, 6sc in next ch sp), repeat () to end of the top part of your row. Sc in top of last tc3tog, at end of row work 3 sc in each of the next 2 ch sps, sc in top of next st. Begin row with 6sc in next ch sp, repeat () to the end of the row, sc in next st, 3sc in last ch sp, join with an invisible join (click HERE for tutorial) fasten off, leaving tail to sew ends.

Making sure the headband is not twisted, sew the ends of the row together to complete your headband. Now you know how quick and easy that was. have fun and play with different yarn weights to create the perfect look for you.

Watch a tutorial on creating the simple flower headband

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