Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy Video Tutorial

One of my more popular patterns, especially this time of year, is the Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy. This is a fun gift to give to the tailgater, BBQers, Soccer Moms , or anyone who enjoys a cold beer or hot coffee during those chilly hours.

The pattern includes instructions for the cozy mitten as well as a traditional mitten. You basically get 2 patterns in one. The pattern includes multiple sizes for adults including: Small / Medium / Large / XLarge.

Beer Thirty crochet pattern  beer thirty mitten cozy

I recently updated the Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy Pattern to my new easier to read format. But, the biggest change is that I added a video tutorial. When making the cozy mitten you have to make a few folds to help construct the cozy. These can be a little tricky to explain in words, so showing you is a better option. I hope you find the update and new tutorial helpful.

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Sweet Potato 3

Pocket Pillow Pattern – Texture, Texture, Texture

The Pocket Pillow pattern is so much fun! It puts a spin on an ordinary household item and changes it into a fun way to decorate your home. Or, add something in the pockets and it is a fun and unique way to give someone a gift.

Pocket Pillows

Pocket Pillows? what are they?

A Pocket Pillow is just what the title says. It is an everyday pillow that features a pocket one one side. The pockets are a great way to store items you like to keep close by on the couch or bed, such as your remote control, a book or iPad or so much more.

The design of the pockets is pretty basic so I had to make it exciting so I designed 3 different options that feature 3 very different textures. Each textures is lovely and has a different style but they all look amazing. You get to decide as you make your pillow custom to your liking, which one do you love the most?

The pillow covers are beautiful all by themselves. But, if you know me and my designs, I always add another fun twist!

Pick a Pocket

Pillows are always fun to change up the look of a room. Textures and colors speak volume in design so crochet is always a great option.

But, let’s make our pillows even more useful? How? Add a pocket on the front to store those essentials that always get lost in the cushions.

It’s now time to pick another fun, unique and eye catching texture in the 3 different stitch options of the pillow pockets.

Pocket Pillows

Video Tutorials

The pattern includes written instructions, photo tutorials and Video tutorials on YouTube for some of the stitches. I am a visual learner and know how helpful they can be. I hope you enjoy learning some new techniques.

Gifts for Any Occasion

The Pocket Pillows can also be used as a fun and unique way to give a gift. Add a book to a pillow and give to a teacher, a graduate, a bookworm. The possibilities are endless and honestly will work for anyone.

Braided Sc

They can also make great gifts to those who like to travel, just add your brochures, maps and travel guides. The pocket pillows will also dub as a touch of home in the RV or backseat of your car!

V Puff Stitch

The Pocket Pillows work great to hold other items too. My daughter uses hers to hold her kindle, she also likes to keep a notepad and pen with it so she can take notes. I love that the pocket pillows can appeal to ALL ages!

Twisting Sc

Get the Pattern HERE

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One Cup at a Time Coasters – Free Crochet Pattern

Some days you just need a quick, easy, but fun crochet pattern to work on.

Therefore, I am sharing one of my freebies with all of you. The One Cup at a Time Coaster pattern works up really quick, uses a fun stitch combination and your finished project is useful to have around. The coasters  can be added to a gift, it’s that handmade touch everyone loves to receive. 

One Cup at a Time Coaster

One Cup At a Time Coaster Details

The pattern uses a sports weight (#2) yarn and a G (4.25 mm) crochet hook. However, if you have a different yarn weight around, go ahead and give that a try as well. You finished coaster may come out bigger, or thicker, but it will still work.

One Cup At a Time Crochet Coaster Pattern One Cup at a Time Coaster

Each individual Coaster will be about 4″ X 4″ square, unless you use a different weight yarn. A larger coaster made in a worsted weight may be used as a small trivet. Oh, I love finding patterns that can be used for multiple purposes. 

You can download a your own copy of the One Cup At A Time Coaster, right here on my blog. No need to join a website. Download the Coaster crochet pattern by clicking HERE

One Cup Coaster

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