Winter Wishes Ear Warmer – Crochet Pattern

My top selling pattern in 2020 was the Winter Wishes Scarf. The texture is amazing and it is a fun design so I decided to add to the collection and make a coordinating Winter Wishes Ear Warmer pattern.

The ear warmers are made in a rich mustard yellow and show off the amazing textures that are created in the stitches.

About the Winter Wishes Ear Warmer Pattern

The pattern comes in three sizes from child up to adult. The ear warmers work up quick with a worsted weight (#4) yarn and is crocheted with a size I (5.50 mm) hook.

Switch up the color, add striping yarn or ombre for an entirely new look. Check out some of the samples made by my pattern testers below:

Grab your copy of the Winter Wishes Ear Warmer today on:

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How to make a Twist Ear Warmer or Headband Tutorial

Have you been eyeing all the cute Twist Ear Warmer or Headbands? They seem to be everywhere and turn a basic Ear Warmer (or Headband) into a very cute accessory. Today, I am going to share how easy they are to make.

Twist Ear Warmer Tutorial

The technique used to make the twist ear warmer / headband is simply in the way you sew the crochet ends pieces together. You can use this technique with most crochet patterns.

I recently did a stitch tutorial for the mini bean stitch and included instructions on how to make this fun ear warmer. You can see the step by step tutorial by clicking this LINK HERE. Then come back here to sew it up with a twist.

Mini Bean Twist Ear Warmer

How to make a Twist in your Ear Warmers

You will need to finish your ear warmer to the correct length. Most adult ear warmers will be about 20″ long, but may be different due to how much stretch the stitches allow for. Follow the recommendation in the pattern you are following.

Instead of folding the ends together and sewing them up in a straight seam, fold each crochet end in half. Once they are both folded in half, nestle them inside each other and fold together.

Using a tapestry needle, you will sew the ends together. Make sure you work the top of the stitches for all 4 layers, working across the entire row ends. When you reach the end, secure with a knot and weave in your ends.

Turn your headband right side out and you are done. The Twist is sewn in and lays perfectly.

Twist Ear Warmer Tutorial

Watch A Step By Step Tutorial

If you are like me, watching a tutorial is very helpful, so I created this YouTube video just for you. Click HERE to watch it on YouTube and subscribe, or just watch below:

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Cross My Heart Collection of Crochet Patterns

Nearly 5 years ago my daughter was inspiring me to make a beautiful set that we could both wear. I knew I wanted a stitch that would be thick and warm but girly enough she would love it. The Cross My Heart Scarf & Headband were designed just for her.

Cross My Heart Scarf & Headband

The Headband and Scarf Set has sizing for toddlers up to adult women. So you can make a set for anyone and everyone. Grab your copy of the Cross My Heart Headband and Scarf Set on Ravelry: HERE

The Design has been a loved pattern by many. So much so, that I keep getting requests for more designs using the lovely stitch pattern.

Over the last couple years I have been able to design a coordinating hat, fingerless gloves, shawl and vest. They are all luxurious and classy designs. Take note of how much changing the type of yarn you use can change the look as well. I could make any of these pieces over and over.

Check out the entire Cross My Heart Collection Below:

Cross My Heart Triangle Scarf

The Triangle Shawl features the beautiful stitch work, but it really pops by switching colors. The triangle shawl can class up any outfit. Get more information about the pattern by clicking HERE.

Cross My Heart Vest - Womens

The Cross My Heart Vest is one of my favorites. The vest top folds over and is like wearing a warm cowl. This accessory is so warm and simple everyone loves it. The pattern comes in multiple adult sizes AND children’s sizes from toddler up to adult, look how cute it is on my daughter!

Cross My Heart Vest - childrens

Grab your copy of the Cross My Heart Vest pattern on Ravelry: HERE

The Cross My Heart Fingerless Gloves and Hat made a fun set. Find more information about the Fingerless Gloves by clicking HERE. You can grab the pattern for just the hat: HERE

But, if you love all these patterns you can get the entire Cross My Heart Collection for a discounted price on Ravelry: HERE

Cross My Heart collection

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Simple Flower Headband Crochet Pattern {FREE}

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Spring is nearly here and it is time to start switching from crocheting cold weather hats to spring and summer items. Sometimes it is difficult to find a fun, quick summer crochet project. However, today I have a very cute and simple flower headband tutorial you are going to love.

Simple Flower Headband

A Quick Stash Buster Project for Craft Fairs

The pattern for the Simple Flower Headband works up quick. It is an easy 2 rows that you will memorize and make up a whole dozen before you know it!

Another fun feature about this pattern is you can customize it to be crocheted with any weight of yarn. That means this is an amazing stash buster project to help you use up your left over yarn.

Craft Fair Idea

A quick project that uses up your left over yarn and turns out is simply adorable! All these features make the Simple Flower Headband is a great idea for craft fairs.

Materials Needed for the Flower Headband

  • Yarn of any weight (see images below to see difference in how the headband will look with a thicker or thinner yarn weight)
  • Crochet Hook that is 1 size smaller than the recommended hook size on yarn label. In the samples on my daughter (in the photos) I used Caron Simple Soft (pink one) and Crochet Hook G (4.25 mm). The green sample was made with Lydia thread #10 and Crochet Hook 1 (2.75 mm).
  • Measuring Tape
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Stitches and Abbreviations Used

Ch = Chain
Sc = Single Crochet
Dc = Double Crochet
Tc3tog = Treble Crochet 3 Together

Treble Crochet 3 Together Instructions: [yarn over 2 times, insert hook (these will all be completed in
the same chain space), pull up a loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull
through 2 loops], repeat for a total of 3 times, you will have 4 loops on your hook, yarn
over and pull through all 4 loops

Gauge Information

Typically you will hear me preach about how important it is to check your gauge. But, for this pattern, there will be no gauge check. Since you can pick any yarn weight each headband you make may be made with a different stitch count to reach the desired size.

The pattern will be made according to measurements, so make sure you have a measuring tape, ruler or some for of measuring tool on hand.

Simple Flower Headband

Headband Sizing Guide

You can make your headband in any size and to do this, you will need to utilize the sizing guide below:

  • Newborn: desired length 12 ¼” – fits up to 14” circumference
  • 3 to 6 Months: desired length 14” – fits up to 15″ or 16″ circumference
  • 6 to 12 Months: desired length 16″ – fits up to 18″ circumference
  • 12 to 24 Months: desired length 17″ – fits up to 19″ circumference
  • Child: desired length 18” – fits up to 20″ circumference
  • Teen / Ladies: desired length 19” – fits up to 21” circumference

The Simple Flower Headband Pattern

Ch 7, dc in 4th ch from hook, [ch 8, dc in 4th ch from hook], repeat [] until you reach the *desired length (desired length can be found under the sizing guide above). Ch 5 more, do not turn, instead you will rotate the chain and work along the opposite side/this is the same as if you were to turn and work along the beginning chain).

flower headband beginning chain

Crochet the following in the dc/ch space [tc3tog, ch 6, tc3tog], repeat [] in each dc/ch
space to end, ch 2 (there will be 3 chs of the beginning ch left), slst in ch at the end.

Rotate your work, you will now crochet along the opposite side of the beg chain. Ch 2, [tc3tog, ch 6, tc3tog], repeat [] in each dc/ch space to end. Ch 2, slst in the 3rd ch of the ch 5.

For the second round begin with a Ch 1, work 3 sc in 1st ch space, [sc in top of tc3tog, 6 sc in ch space, (in top of the next 2 tc3tog work a sc2tog, 6sc in next ch sp), repeat () to end of the top part of your row. Sc in top of last tc3tog, at end of row work 3 sc in each of the next 2 ch sps, sc in top of next st. Begin row with 6sc in next ch sp, repeat () to the end of the row, sc in next st, 3sc in last ch sp, join with an invisible join (click HERE for tutorial) fasten off, leaving tail to sew ends.

Making sure the headband is not twisted, sew the ends of the row together to complete your headband. Now you know how quick and easy that was. have fun and play with different yarn weights to create the perfect look for you.

Watch a tutorial on creating the simple flower headband

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