Hat Patterns for the Crochet Cancer Challenge

Earlier this week the Cancer Challenge was announce. Now for the fun part, how to get your free hat patterns to make and donation! Each year I team up with so many amazing designers who are all willing to give you patterns to use for free, for a limited time. I am always amazed at their willingness to help out and donate their design talent to help make the Cancer Challenge a success!

Crochet Cancer Challenge

What size of hat should I make?

Unfortunately people of all ages are diagnosed with cancer. So, all hat sizes are welcome and needed. However, teen and adult hats are the most requested because they will fit more of the ages (there are more people 16-100 than youth and infants).

New Hat Design All Month Long

This is the FUN part! During the month of October, crochet designers offer a FREE Hat pattern in exchange for your pledge to donate a hat to a cancer patient/center.

Crochet Cancer Challenge Pledge

If you download a pattern you are pledging to make a minimum of 1 hat from that pattern for the challenge. If you download the pattern, please take a minute to visit the pattern designers Facebook page, Instagram Account or Website and tell them thank you for their generosity. Then we ask that you share your completed hat and use #CrochetCancerChallenge so we can all see it and to help it become trending!

Don’t miss Anything

You can follow the challenge daily on my social media venues, find them in the links below:

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