Darling Animal Applique Crochet Patterns

My popular Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket is one of the cutest additions to any nursery. However, Teddy Bears may not be the theme of your decor. So have some fun and switch it up to customize the blanket with other Darling Animal Appliques.

I rounded up some of my favorite Darling Animal Appliques. These would all be ideal to add to your Sleep Tight Blanket or to any other blanket, sweater, bag, or more.

If you use any of the appliques, I do recommend you double check the sizing. Appliques can be made slightly larger or smaller by adjusting your hook up or down a size. Have fun making them and please share your projects in my interactive facebook group: Crochet & Conversations

Darling Animal Applique Crochet Patterns

How to Sew on Appliques

I created this tutorial on how to sew on appliques to your crochet piece. This technique makes it so you cannot see the applique or stitches on the the reverse side. This will give your project a professional look.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set

Using any of the Darling Animal Appliques would be so cute on the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set. You can find more information about the blanket, lovey, stuffed animal, pillow and hat by clicking this LINK HERE.

Sweet Potato 3

Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow – Crochet Pattern

Earlier this week, I released a fun Pocket Pillow Pattern that is so much fun! It is a fun way to gift books. Or a useful way to hold/store items you use daily while lounging on the couch (newspaper, remotes, books, iPad). Well, as soon as I designed a couple, I knew I had to include the same idea to the Popular Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set. 

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow

Grab the Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow on Ravelry – HERE

Grab the Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow on Etsy – HERE

The way the stitches are arranged in the Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow allows it to coordinate perfectly with the rest of the set. This makes the gift more complete. You can mix and match the pieces you want and they all are adorable. Tuck either your favorite book into the pocket or even the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Stuffy into the pocket as well.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Pillow

Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow

If you love these sets check below for a link to the coordinating Sleep Tight Teddy Bear patterns on Ravelry:

Sleep Tight Set (includes Blanket, Lovey, Stuffed Animal): HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Lovey (small blanket) Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow Only: HERE

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Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat Crochet Pattern

One of Sweet Potato 3’s most popular patterns, the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set, just got a new accessory! Because, every baby blanket needs to have a coordinating hat, you get to add that to your Sleep Tight collection.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat

The Sleep Tight Teddy Bear hat features the stitches that crocheters have come to love after making the blanket. The braided V Cable is so unique and fun to crochet and that stitch is featured in the hat band. A video tutorial is included in the pattern to help demonstrate each step in creating this textured stitch.

The main body of the hat uses the same stitches that are in the “pillow” section of the blanket. Therefore, the body of the hat works up fast and are very soft and warm. Add a pom if you like to add a cute whimsy touch to your finished hat.

Of course, each hat must be adorned with the sleeping teddy bear that everyone has fallen in love with.

The hat pattern comes in multiple sizes ranging from newborn, 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 12-24 month up to child (about 12 years old).

Where to get your Sleep Tight Hat pattern

Get the Pattern on Raverly or Etsy today!

Customize your set with many options

Sweet Potato 3

Once you have the hat pattern and the entire set (which includes the blanket, lovey and stuffed animal), you can mix and match the pieces to make the perfect gift.

Sweet Potato 3

This darling set would be a quick gift and it includes the lovey, hat and of course the stuffed teddy bear.

 Sweet Potato 3

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set Info

Get all the information on the entire Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set, that includes the blanket, lovey and stuffed teddy bear by clicking HERE. Plus, a Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow was also added to the set recently, find that pattern by clicking HERE.

sleep tight pillow

teddy bear accessory

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set – Crochet Pattern

Are you searching for the cutest baby blanket crochet pattern? Your search can stop, because you just stumbled upon it! The Sleep Tight Teddy Bear set is all you hoped for with fun textures and the cuteness of cuddly sleeping teddy bears.

Crochet baby blankets are one of the top handmade gifts given to new moms. Blankets are often made to coordinate with the theme of the nursery. All nurseries are set up for a good sleeping environment, therefore the sleepy animals all nestled into bed goes well in any babies room.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

The Sleep Tight Set isn’t just the blanket, it also comes with a fun size lovey and coordinating Teddy Bear stuffy. All 3 pieces make a complete gift.

the Sleep Tight Textures and design

The cuteness of the tucked in animals is what really makes this design so darling. But, the rich texture also make this crochet design stand out above the rest. The braided “v” stitch is unique and requires some alternating of the crochet piece to create. There is a video tutorial (see further down in post) to help you master the stitch.

Between the braided “v” is another fun texture that compliments the blankets design. A more simple alternating post stitch creates a beautiful look.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Lovey

Make a coordinating snuggly teddy bear.

I know these little sleepy teddy bears on the blanket are too cute. So now you have to add a snuggly friend to go with them. The Sleep Tight Teddy Bear is a perfect size, completed it measures about 13″ tall.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

Video Tutorial for Texture Braided V Stitch

To help you out with the beautiful texture that makes this blanket so rich, I created a tutorial:

Where to Find the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set Patterns

  • Ravelry Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set (all 3 designs): click HERE
  • Etsy Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set (all 3 designs): click HERE

Update: Teddy Bear Colors

Over the years I have had many request for the colors I used for the individual teddy bears, I mostly used yarn from my stash pile. But, I tracked them down and have listed them below. The main colors of the blanket are included in the pattern.

  • 1st Bear: main color “grey” / muzzle “oatmeal” / nose & eyes “black”
  • 2nd Bear: main color “cornmeal” / muzzle “egg shell” / nose “warm brown” / eyes “mocha”
  • 3rd Bear: main color “warm brown” / muzzle “carrot” / nose “egg shell” / eyes “mocha”
  • 4th Bear: main color “oatmeal” / muzzle “buff” / nose & eyes “mocha”
  • 5th Bear: main color “charcoal” / muzzle “grey” / nose “warm brown” / eyes “black” with “warm brown” lashes
Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

New Coordinating Designs

With the popularity of the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear set I decided to expand the set and designed a coordinating pillow. A fun pillow that isn’t just cute but useful. I added a fun pocket that you can put your favorite teddy bear book in or nestle the teddy bear stuffy in.

One of the most common sets to give as a give is a blanket with a coordinating hat. Therefore, I am happy to share with you the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bears or Other Animals…

Do you love the blanket but know the nursery isn’t teddy bears. Well, you can customize the blanket with any other animal appliques. Over the years I have enjoyed seeing so many of these blankets that have been made with other themes.

Darling Animal Appliques

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Teddy Bear Bonnet & Stuffy Pattern Release

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Does it get any cuter than this?
I don’t think so. And now, you can make your own!
This crochet pattern comes with complete instructions for this adorable Teddy Bear Stuffy and matching Bonnet. The completed teddy bear is about 7″ tall. 
The Bonnet has ridged cables for added character (not just a plain hat) 
and it comes in sizes from newborn up to child. 
This is a lovely set for any Mom to be, 
any child for Christmas, 
a first Birthday (or any birthday for that matter),
or other special occasion. 

Grab your copy for the Teddy Bear Set on:
You can also get the pattern for just the Teddy Bear Stuffy on:

The all too precious Professional Images are courtesy of Christy Mitchell photography