Sweet Bee Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Every now and then I run across a new stitch that I absolutely love. That is exactly what happened when I first saw the honeycomb crochet stitch. Once I saw how easy it was to crochet my ‘design mode’ went into action and the Sweet Bee Ear Warmer crochet pattern was done.

Sweet Bee Ear Warmer

Discovering the honeycomb crochet stitch

I browse Pinterest fairly often, usually scrolling through to find something new that inspires me. Stopping at many knit or tunisian stitches only to be disappointed that they are not corchet. I have always admired the way the Tunisian Smock stitch looked and when I saw the honeycomb stitch I nearly scrolled right on past, but then I saw that the photo was using a single ended hook it peaked my interest.

After clicking on link after link to finally get to a page with a tutorial only to find it in a foreign language, however, I was intrigued. I had to decipher through the language barriers and piece a few steps together. However, this was so much fun!

Crocheting this stitch was too much fun, I knew it needed to share it with all of you. I sat down and started taking notes to make sure I had the stepst down correctly. I am not claiming that I created this stitch, I am just reteaching the stitch in U.S. English terms.

The stitch is worked basically working single crochets and spike stitches. A thick fabric is created so the idea of ear warmers popped into my mind. No cold air is going to blow through this design! Your ears will stay nice and toasty.

The yarn

A few months ago I had Radhika from Yarnveda send me some yarn and she included this gorgeous skein of Katia Concept Yarns. It is a cotton-merino blend and is some of the softest yarn I have worked with. The yarn has a nice woven texture with a gorgeous loft to it.

cottom merino yarn

Upon discovering the honeycomb stitch and having this ball of yarn on hand I knew they would be perfect together. You can find this yarn on the Yarnveda website by clicking HERE.

About the Sweet Bee Pattern

Using the honeycomb stitch meant that the name of the ear warmer pattern should reflect the theme. So, I carefully choose “Sweet” because of my business name, Sweet Potato 3, and decide to included “Bee” to relate back to the honeycomb stitch.

The pattern includes the following sizes: child (age 12-teen), youth/ladies and of course adult/men.

Materials Needed

  • Crochet Hook K (6.50 mm)
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (#4) – 70, 80, 90 yards depending on size
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle


The honeycomb stitch looks very intricate, but essentially it is all single crochet and spike stitches. This is explained in great detail along with photo tutorials in the pattern. A link is also include to this video tutorial I put together HERE.

Where to get your copy of the sweet bee ear warmer pattern

Other Samples Made

I love to showcase other versions, or samples, of my pattern designs. The Sweet Bee had to be make in a rich yellow just because of the “bee & honey” reference in the stitch and name. Here is one made using Premier Anti-Pilling yarn in the color Mustard.

Check out these lovely samples here from my amazing group of pattern testers.

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Braided Beanie – A Unique & Fun Crochet Pattern

Designing hats has always been so much fun, but it does get harder to come up with an idea that is different from what is already out in the crochet pattern world. However, when I stumbled upon a unique, eye catching new-to-me stitch I knew I had to incorporate it into my next hat design: The Braided Beanie.


Check out that Braid! have you ever crocheted anything like that? This is a stitch you will want to try and I included a photo tutorial AND a video to help you out. It really is pretty easy, but is probably easier to do after you watch how it is completed.

Add Pops on Color in the braided beanie

I personally love how you can made a simple beanie really pop with adding bold colors in the braid. You can coordinate the colors or select bold colors, whatever you like, I promise it will be amazing, check out a few I made below.

Crochet Pattern for Braided beanie

About the braided beanie pattern

The Braided Beanie pattern comes in sizes for: child, youth/ladies, adult/men. The beanie is made in a traditional worsted weight yarn. The pattern require the use of 2 crochet hook sizes. One size will be used for the main body of the hat and a larger hook for the braided single crochet rounds. The crochet hooks sizes needed are I (5.50 mm) and K (6.50 mm).

Pick out some fun coordinating colors with your favorite winter jacket or school colors. If you love poms on hats, it is fun to add the colors of the braid to the pom, or fur poms are always a great addition too.

Is the Braided Single Crochet going to be too hard to crochet?

Heck no! I have detailed written instructions, along with photo tutorials AND a video to walk you through the steps. Keep in mind, the braid is made in only 2 rows, after that, the pattern is easy peasy!

Texture in the Main Body of the Hat

The main body of the Braided Beanie has a fun textured stitch. One of my favorite parts of this stitch is that it works up quick (has the same height as a double crochet) and creates a nice thin fabric. If you haven’t worked the Herringbone Double Crochet, check it out and give it a try. I believe it will be a new favorite:

#HATNOTHATE Is An Anti-Bullying Campaign.

Have you heard about this amazing campaign that supports and encourages everyone to stand up to bullying.

We ask knitters and crocheters to make handmade blue hats and donate them to our cause. In October, National Bullying Prevention Month, we distribute the hats to schools across the country for students to wear, empowering them to stand up to bullying.


I encourage you to read more and get involved with the #hatnothate campaign, get more information HERE.

The Crochetmous Crew is an inspiring group of crocheters and designers that are always doing wonderful things, join them HERE. They are big supporters of the #hatnothate campaign and I am excited to participate this year. I made a Braided Beanie in all blue just for the campaign.

Braided Beanie

Where to find the pattern

  • Etsy shop – click HERE
  • Ravelry shop – click HERE.

Have you seen the Braided Single Crochet Pocket Pillow?

If you love the look of the braided single crochet make sure to check out my other pattern using the stitch. These pocket pillows are fun, useful and are great to have at home, on your couch or bed. They are great to have in your RV or other places that need lots of storage. The pillows are also a fun way to give gifts, just fill those pockets with goodies!

Braided Sc

Check out details about the Pocket Pillows HERE.

Crochet Pattern by SP3