2017 Cancer Challenge Final Pledges

The 2017 Cancer Challenge began on October 1, 2017. Each day a crochet pattern designer sponsored the challenge by providing a free pattern in exchange for your pledge to make a hat. The hats made are suppose to be donated to someone going through cancer, or to your local cancer center.
I want to personally say Thank You to everyone who participated and made pledges this year. I know that each one of these hats will be made with love and many are being given in honor of a loved one. What a great way for us crocheters to touch others lives.
Sweet Potato 3

If you haven’t completed your pledges, don’t fret! You have until the end of 2017 to fulfill your pledges. I am still working on mine but plan on making my donation in time for Thanksgiving.

Come back next year for the Cancer Challenge!

I will be hosting the Cancer Challenge once again in 2018. Make sure to follow Sweet Potato 3 on facebook to stay in the loop. Or, you can follow my blog by email, just sign up under my picture in the right side of this post. Thank you again for your time and efforts in this years challenge. I look forward to seeing you participate again in 2018.

Cancer Challenge Designers

I couldn’t organize this challenge without the help of so many wonderful designers. If you forgot to thank them please thank the ones you missed. The list below is all the designers who sponsored a day in the 2017 Cancer Challenge. All the images below are linked directly to the facebook page for that business.


Gleeful Things

Krissys Wonders
AllieCats Hats and Crafts

Cancer Challenge

KMT Creations

Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge


2017 Cancer Challenge Hat Designs

This is a wonderful day that I look forward to every year. The first day of the annual Cancer Challenge! A day, I get to personally honor my Uncle Jeff. But also, everyone who has been diagnosed with, who is fight for their life, who has survived or has sadly lost their fight. This is for all of you!

Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge

Cancer Challenge Hat by Sweet Potato 3

Today, Sweet Potato 3, is sponsoring a hat for the Cancer Challenge. This Floral Embrace Slouch hat pattern is avialable for FREE to anyone who is willing to pledge to make at least one hat, from this pattern, to donate to a cancer patient, cancer center, or cancer survivor.

Cancer Challenge

The Floral Embrace Slouch hat pattern comes in adult sizes of small, medium, large/Xlarge. The design can also be made as a traditional beanie, one with a little slouch or a full slouchy hat. All measurements are included in the pattern. The hat works up quick and my sample is made in a soft cotton yarn from Knit Picks.

Cancer Challenge 2017

To receive this pattern for free you must enter code “2017CancerChallenge”. This pattern will be available for free through October 31, 2017. I am asking that your pledges for this Cancer Challenge be completed and donated by the end of the year, December 31, 2017.

Need More Information

For all the details on the 2017 Cancer Challenge, just click here. You can learn more about why this challenge was started, what yarn to use, where to donate and so much more.

Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge

The rest of the 2017 Cancer Challenge Hat Designs

Cancer Challenge

Vintage Black Dahlia

Krissy Wonder’s

Cancer Challenge

The Emily Hat

KMT Creations

2017 Cancer Challenge with Sweet Potato 3

October is almost here, you know what that means!
It is Cancer Awareness Month, and the 2017 Cancer Challenge is just around the corner!
This may be a long post, but it should answer most of your questions and  give you more detailed information on how it is organized.

Why are you doing the 2017 Cancer Challenge?

Many / Most of us have been effected by cancer in some way. It is difficult to see someone go through cancer and/or chemotherapy. But with a community standing beside them it makes the battle slightly less daunting.
In honor of my Uncle Jeff, who lost his battle in September of 2014,
I am hosting the 4th annual Cancer Charity Challenge.
Sweet Potato 3 Cancer Challenge

How does the challenge work?

It is pretty simple.
Basically, I am asking all of you to help make hats for cancer patients and cancer survivors.
The hats can be made for someone you know, someone your friends know,
a co-worker, teacher, neighbor, or even a complete stranger.
You can make many hats and donate them to your local cancer center.
If a cancer center is not in your area you can contact me and ship them my way. I will include them with my donation to the Cancer Center of Idaho.

How long does the challenge last?

The challenge will begin October 1.
A featured designer/pattern will be posted each day until October 31, 2017.
You will have until  the end of 2017 to complete your hats and get them donated. This is great timing for donations during the holidays.

What type of hat should I make and what sizes?

You can use any hat pattern you like. People of all ages get cancer, so all sizes are needed. Teen and adult hats are most requested because they tend to fit more people.

Where can I get patterns?

This is the FUN part!!!
Each day throughout the challenge I will be posting a FREE hat pattern.
I have some amazing designers who are graciously offering their patterns for FREE in exchange for your donation. If you download a pattern you are pledging to make a minimum of 1 hat from that pattern for the challenge. If you download the pattern, please take a minute to visit the pattern designers facebook page and tell them thank you for their generosity.

 What type of yarn is recommended?

 The best yarns for chemo patients are soft and breathable yarns. It is also important that the yarn washes well. It is recommended to use cotton blends (however, 100% cotton tends to be less soft) and/or acrylic. Some favorite yarns used in past years, according to recepients, are Caron Simply Soft, Debra Norvelle, Lionbrand Homespun and/or Heartland, Red Heart Soft, Bernat Softee, you are probably getting the idea.
I have heard comments that wool hats can be very itchy and are not preferred.
Remember that it is important to use the correct yarn weight for the pattern you are following.

 What is my goal?

My goal is to simply help others and make it easy for you to do the same.
I started this challenge on a whim 3 years ago when I lost my uncle. Each year the challenge has grown, last year reaching over 35,000 hats pledged. I am astounded with the succes and am hoping to match and beat that number this year. So grab a friend and crochet away!

How do I pledge?

To pledge to make a hat simply download the pattern.
There will be 31 patterns available. If you download all 31 patterns you pledge to make 31 hats.
I am pledging to make 31 hats, one a day, sounds doable. But, if you can only make 1 hat, you are still making a difference, and I thank you for that.

Have Fun and Get More Involved

Make sure to share pictures of your finished hats on Sweet Potato 3’s facebook page. This is not required, but it is fun to see what everyone else is making and see your own pictures shared too. When you share a picture please let me know what pattern it is from, I would love to tag that designer so they can follow the difference they are making with their donation.

Who are you Honoring?

Add a comment to this blog post to let everyone know who you are making hats in honor of.

Challenge Others

Do you know other crafters, crocheters or knitters?
Tag them in one of the facebook posts about the challenge, say “I challenge you to join!”

Get Started Early

The excitement and enthusiasm I see in everyone who has participated in the past is amazing. I have already had a few of you tell me that you already started making hats! Last year someone posted a hat they crocheted that had a beautiful cancer ribbon on it. She graciously shared the link that she used and the bonus is, it’s FREE. Click here to make a ribbon like the one below. These are great to add to your hats.
Below is an image that shows the awareness color for some of the more common cancers.
I hope this post answered all of your questions. If you think of anything I have missed, read more in this link, then just let me know so I can let others know. Enjoy crocheting those hats!