Armeria Everyday Handbag Crochet Pattern

I am always grabbing miscellaneous items around the house as I am dashing out the door, usually finding myself with too many things to carry and fumbling to get my keys and settle into my car. I decided it was time to design the Armeria Everyday Handbag that I could just throw all those items into as I was running out the door.

Armeria Everyday Handbag

The Armeria Everyday Handbag is fun to crochet plus it is a useful project that I found I was using more than I thought I would. That is until my daughter took claim of it!

“Armeria” What’s It Mean?

Trying to name a pattern is honestly one of the most difficult parts of designing. I often turn to my pattern testers and ask for suggestions. One of the first suggestions was “pebblestone” which struck a chord with me because I was thinking something like pebbles as well.

Then I received multiple comments saying the stitch reminded them of flowers. What do you think?

Armeria Everyday Handbag

I also noticed that the design looks a little similar to the Tunisian Ocean Stitch. So, I wanted to factor in all three of these (pebbles, flowers and the ocean stitch) into my name. Given that I decided to name this handbag after Armeria Maritima, or Sea Thrift. It is a flower that grows in small clusters, often found in rocky areas next to the ocean.

About the design

In the beginning stages of designing a crochet pattern there are so many things to consider. The yarn you plan on using will greatly affect how the stitches will look, how the final product will hold up and the overall design appeal.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with Lion Brand Rewind yarn. This yarn definitely has a unique feel to it, as it is a ribbon yarn (flat) instead of the traditional round due to fibers being twisted together. The yarn also has a very soft feel to it while keeping the bulky weight.

Lion brand Yarn

As mentioned above, I had a chance to design multiple patterns using Lion Brand Rewind tape yarn. I designed an entire line of Home Decor patterns that you can find through the Leisure Arts Website by clicking HERE. I also hosted a Crochet Along making these adorable Woven Baskets shown below. The baskets are a FREE pattern you can still find on my blog by clicking HERE.

Armeria Everyday handbag

The handbag is an ideal size, measuring about 13″ wide by 15″ tall. You can throw a folder with paperwork in, a change of overnight clothes, or in my case all those things your kids forgot and you need to deliver to them before class starts.

Armeria Everyday Handbag

Materials Needed

  • Crochet Hook K (6.50 mm)
  • Bulky Weight Yarn (#5) ~ 390 yards           
  • Sample made using Lion Brand Rewind Yarn / color: Mahogany Rose
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

Check out the Samples Made by my testers

Some of you may find it helpful and inspiring to see other samples made from the crochet pattern. I have a great group of pattern testers who work hard to help me publish quality patterns. I love showing off their work so you can see other variations whether it is different colors, different yarn or how they may have modified the pattern to work for them.

See the details of the yarn and changes in the caption of each sample photo below. I know you’ll love what they made as much as I do. One of my testers enjoyed the pattern so much she decided to make 2 more!

Where to get your Copy of the Armeria Everyday Handbag

Armeria Everyday Handbag

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Free Crochet Pocket Hot Pad Tutorial

Can you believe we are only 72 days away from Christmas (as of October 14th anyway). It is crazy how quick these next few months will go. A couple years ago I shared a hot pad tutorial with printables that everyone loved making for gifts during the holidays. So this year I put a spin on it and am sharing a Pocket Hot Pad Crochet Pattern.

Pocket Hot Pad

I love to have a stash of small gifts to give. Everyone always needs last minute gifts for those that happened to not make the gift list during the hustle and bustle of shopping. But, we still want to recognize them and gift them something. Therefore, having a stack of small useful gifts in your stash is helpful and convenient.

Crochet Hot Pads Make Great Gifts

Crochet hot pads are one of those gifts everyone, and I mean everyone, LOVES. Plus they can be hard to find for most people that don’t crochet. So, gifting hot pads is a great handmade gift that will be appreciated. Check out my traditional hot pad and dish scrubby pattern that also has a free printable gift tag by clicking HERE.

Because that last design was so popular I wanted to create another hot pad with a different spin on it. I created another FREE hot pad tutorial, but this time it features a handy pocket! Everyone loves pockets, plus it makes an adorable way to gift goodies!

Pocket Hot Pad

But, before I get to the details about the Pocket Hot Pad crochet pattern, I want to share with you a great resource for more fun stash buster projects that make great last minute gifts.

The 2021 Holiday Stashdown CAL

Every Monday and Thursday from October 4 through December 16, 2021, a free crochet pattern from a different designer will be shared. Each pattern will be a one-skein project, or a stashbuster/scrappy project, so you can work from your own existing yarn stash to make a great winter holiday gift, decoration, or wrap. If you’d like to go ahead and buy some yarn just for the project, we won’t stop you! We love yarn as much as you do.

Holiday Stashdown CAL

Plus at the end of the CAL there is a huge giveaway so don’t forget to enter in this post on Underground Crafter by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 31, 2021! Enter HERE.

How to Participate in the Stashdown CAL

  • You can join in by crocheting the featured patterns as you have time.
  • Share your progress and post pictures of your finished projects. Tag your projects and posts #CALCentralCrochet and #HolidayStashdownCAL on all social media.
  • If you’d like to chat with other crocheters, join the CAL Central Crochet Facebook group, or visit this thread in the CAL Central Ravelry group.
  • By the end of the CAL, you’ll have up to 22 gifts, decorations, or wrap projects for the winter holidays.
  • Visit Underground Crafter to learn more about the prizes, enter the end-of-CAL giveaway, and to get links to each Holiday Stashdown CAL pattern as it is released.

About the Pocket Hot Pad

The design of the hot pad is created with a stitch that practically crochets a double thickness so there is no need for a double layer. This is a big time saver. The pattern includes 2 sizes and can be made with or without a pocket on it. But, my favorite part is the cute little hanging loop in the corner!

Pocket Hot Pad

Materials Needed

  • Crochet Hook Size I (5.50mm)
  • Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn in 2 colors – these were so much fun to make I made a few samples to show you- you can check out the yarn details below:
  • Large Red sample – Premier Anti Pilling Everyday Worsted
    • Main Color (Burgundy) ~ 120 yards (less than 1 skein)
    • Contrasting Color (Cream) ~ 30 yards (less than 1 skein or scrap)
  • Small Blue sample – Premier Anti Pilling Everyday Worsted
    • Main Color (Quiet Blue) ~ 100 yards (less than 1 skein)
    • Contrasting Color (Admiral Blue) ~ 25 yards (less than 1 skein or scrap)
  • Small with No Pocket Gold sample – Premier Anti Pilling Everyday Worsted
    • Solid Color (Mustard) ~ 95 yards (less than 1 skein)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Stitches Used

  • Ch = Chain
  • Slst = Slip Stitch
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Dc = Double Crochet
  • ThermalDc = Thermal Double Crochet (photo tutorial & video tutorials are below in this post)
  • ReversePuff = Reverse Puff Stitch (photo tutorial & video tutorial are below in this post)
  • BL = Back Loop


Gauge will be checked while making the pattern. However, gauge isn’t essential unless you want the final size to be exact. It is essential that your stitches are even throughout the pattern and tight so heat doesn’t transfer through to your fingers too quickly. If your stitches are not tight, change hook to smaller size until this is achieved.

Pocket Hot Pad Size Comparison

Pocket Hot Pad Size

7” square (blue sample)
9” square (burgundy sample)

Pattern Notes

  • The pattern has 2 sizes. Instructions are written for the smaller size with larger size in parenthesis.
  • The hot pad is made in 2 pieces, a front and back that are then stitched together.
  • Do not count the beginning chain as a stitch.
  • When the pattern states to repeat, repeat what is stated in the brackets [ ].

Main piece of the Hot Pad Pattern

Begin by making the back of the hot pad (this is the full square piece) and if using 2 colors of yarn use your main color of yarn.

R1: Ch 25 (31), sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to end, turn (24, 30)

R2: Ch 1, working in BL only for this row, dc in each st across, turn (24, 30)

Small Size Measures 6″ Wide / Large Size Measures 8″ Wide

Row 2 Measurement

R3: Ch 1, ThermalDc in each st across, turn (24, 30) Note: the first couple rows of the thermal stitch it is easier to rotate your work instead of turning, this allows you to see your stitch plaement. After a couple rows have been crocheted, a traditional turn works great. If this is confusing you can watch my video tutorial below.

Thermal Double Crochet tutorial

Continue to repeat R3 until you have crocheted a total of 10 rows. This is when you should/can do a gauge check, your height for both the small and larger size should measure 3″ high.

Gauge Check

Repeat R3 until measures 6” (8”) high or until the height matches the width

Final Row: Ch 1, in each st across sc through both loops of stitch AND the BL (unworked loop) of corresponding st from the prior row, fasten off and weave in ends (24, 30)

Make The Front Pocket for the Hot Pad (optional)

Repeat R1-R3 of the Hot Pad

Repeat R3 until measures 4” (6”) high or until the height is 2” short of the hot pad height

Switch to contrasting color

Final R1: Ch 1, in each st across sc through both loops of last stitch AND the BL (unworked loop) from the prior row, do not turn

Note: if you are right handed work next row from left to right / if you are left handed work the next row from right to left

Final R2: Ch 1, see above note, [skip st, yarn over, insert hook into next st from the right of your hook, pull up a loop, yarn over, insert hook into same st, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through all 5 loops on your hook, ch to close], repeat [ ] until 2 sts remain, skip next st, slst into next st, fasten off and weave in ends.

Video Tutorial for the Reverse Puff Stitch

Stitching Pocket & Border of Hot Pad

  • 1st Step: If you did not make a pocket, skip to step 2. Place the pocket on top of the hot pad. Single crochet the pieces together working through both the hot pad and the pocket. Join with a slip stitch in the lower left corner, chain 1, working an even number of stitch on each side sc in each row end and/or st around (working 3 sc in the corners), do not count these corner 3 sc in your even number of stitches, join in top of the first sc, do not turn.
  • 2nd Step: Begin the left side reverse puff stitch: Ch 1, Reverse Puff along the first side (left side working from bottom towards the top) until you reach the 3sc corner. 

Create the Hanging loop

  • 3rd Step: Reference photos below: Slst into 1st sc of the corner, ch 18 (same for both sizes), skip next st, slst in next st, turn, ch 1 and work 20sc in ch sp, slst into same st as beginning slst, turn, (if this transition is not the cleanest it is okay-it will be covered up when we wrap the base of the loop) slst into each sc in loop, slst into same st as slst in 3rd corner sc.
  • 4th Step: Repeat the Reverse Puff around the remaining 3 sides & corners of the hot pad, join in the beginning st of the round, fasten off and weave in ends.  
  • 5th Step: Wrap the base of the loop about 20 times, secure with a knot in the back and weave in the ends into the stitches of the border.

A Traditional Hot Pad, Dish Scrubby and Gift Printable

I mentioned in my earlier post that I have a tutorial for a traditional hat pad. That same tutorial includes a dish scrubby and a super cute printable for gift giving during the Christmas Season.

Hot Pad Dish Scrubby Printable

Pocket Hot Pad Samples

I wanted to share how cute some of the hot pads that my pattern testers finished. They always do such an amazing job! Their samples show how different you can make this pattern. Some demonstrate what it looks like with no pocket, or no hanging loop, solid color or multi-colored. Each one is unique and handmade with love.

This coordinating set was a Test by Judy

The Between Seasons Crochet Top Pattern

Crocheting garments has always intimidated me for so many reasons. Will it fit right? Is it going to be too warm? Will the style look okay on me? I think I found a perfect project for a crochet top garment for beginners, introducing the Between Seasons crochet top!

Chosing the Design for the Between Season Crochet Top

One of my goals for 2021 was to work on some garment designs that are easy to make even for beginners. I wanted them to be styles that flatter nearly all body shapes and that everyone can feel comfortable wearing.

These are the reasons my design has nice capped sleeves that make it ideal for between seasons (not as cool as top but not as warm as a sweater with full sleeves. Plus the boat neckline makes it a modest choice even with the open stitch work at the top of the shirt.

Between Season Cochet Top

This is a crochet top I will actually wear! I’ll get pictures of me in it soon and share them with you. Until then, you can see how well it fits “Gladis”, my manniquin that my daughter happliy named.

Picking the Yarn

The Between Seasons Top was made with Berroco Comfort yarn. Although this yarn is a worsted #4 weight, it is on the thinner side of worsted weight yarn. This was choosen carefully because I didn’t want a heavy yarn and wanted the fibers to be breathable. It isn’t a cotton yarn but the 50% nylon makes a huge difference (it is also 50% acrylic). I love how soft the yarn is and how defined the stitches look when working with it. Plus, the color options are endless!

Berroco Comfort Yarn

The Stitches

I carefully selected the stitches of the Between Season top. As I mentioned earlier, I was really worried about the top being too warm and too heavy. Even with a finer worsted weight yarn, using a traditional stitch can make it heavy to wear.

The main body of the top is made using a combination of stitches including the Extended Half Double Crochet. There is a video tutorial linked in the pattern, but take my word, this stitch is amazing. It works up fast, has the height of a double crochet but is very thin, resulting in a nice laying fabric for the garment body.

Stitches in the Between SEason Top

The open stitch work of the top is just fun. It adds a simple yet fun eye appeal with the change. This stitch pattern works up even quicker than the main body of the top.

Easy Construction for Beginners

I believe what makes crocheting garments so intimmidating is that there are certain angles for the arms and sleeves. But, this top with capped sleeves is so easy that beginners will wish they tried making one sooner. The top is made by crocheting two rectangles. You simply place them on top of one another and seam up the sides and the shoulders…. that is it!

Between Seasons Top

This creates a perfect arm opening with a flirty cap on the sleeves. The boat neckline drapes in a flattering way as well. If this is your first garment, you may just fall in love and decide you want to make more advanced tops going forward. I know I will be designing some more in the near future. If you want to stay up to date, make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter:

Sizes & Where to Get the pattern

The Between Seasons Crochet Top comes in sizes from adult Small up to adult XXL.

Between Seasons Top Crochet Pattern

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Crochet & Conversations

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Come join by clicking HERE.

Crochet & Conversations

Summer Breeze Swim Cover Up Crochet Pattern

The temperatures have been rising and sandy beaches have been calling, therefore it is definitely time to bust out the swim wear. But, I believe many of us like having a cute cover up to throw on as we tromp down to the beach with all our gear in tote. So, I think you will love my latest design, the Summer Breeze Swim Cover Up crochet pattern.

As a crochet designer I try to come up with creative projects to work on in the summer. I am not into crocheting heavy blankets when my thermostat is above 80 (we don’t have air conditioning). So, I tend to work with light weigh yarns or on small projects.

After inquiring with “my favorite people” in SP3 Crochet & Conversations (if your not a member, be sure to check it out HERE), they said they really wanted me to design a swim cover up. When I design something, especially a wearable, I want it to be something I personally would wear.

The Summer Breeze Swim Cover Up is modest, loose fitting, lightweight but oh so dang cute!

Color Changing Blended Yarn

Radhika from The Yarnveda had contacted right around the time I was planning my Swim Cover Up design. She had some gorgeous color changing yarn that was an ideal 50% cotton/50% acrylic blend. I knew this would be the perfect yarn to use, plus, the colors are spot on for beachwear!


The Stitches in the Summer Breeze Cover Up

With the yarn in hand, I knew the style of the cover up so now I was on the on the hunt for some fun stitches. I usually try to create something brand new but there were a few stitches that kept coming to mind from past designs.

I knew I wanted something that created a finer stitch, not heavy. It was important the stitch would be flowy and lightweight. My Forest Friends blanket was just that and I knew I wanted to combine the main stitch of that blanket into the cover up. Plus, I LOVE crocheting the Extended Single Crochet Stitch.

Summer Breeze Stitch Tutorial

But, I had to throw in a few more stitches for some eye catching appeal. A few years ago I did a CAL for a Big & Comfy Equanimity Blanket and everyone fell in love with a double row X stitch. I knew this stitch combination would leave some open gaps in the cover up and would coordinate well.

Summer Breeze Stitches

But, still hunting for another “quick” row of stitches, my Whispering Willows Poncho was another fun summer design and I decided to pull in those stitches as well. So, I guess I took my favorite stitches from past designs, add some gorgeous yarn and came up with my newest design that I absolutely love.

About The Design

The Summer Breeze Cover Up fits loosely with a decorative belt used to showcase a gathered waistline. The length is designed to hang a couple inches above the knee when standing. The pattern includes sizes from adult small up to XXXL.

Find the Summer Breeze Swim Cover Up

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A Customized Crochet Woven Basket / Pot Holder Pattern

Crocheting home décor items are a perfect way to showcase your love for working with yarn. However, it can be challenging to find modern designs that add a little texture and warmth without making your display to cluttered. The Woven Basket/Pot Holder is just that, it doesn’t add an extra object (clutter), it just adds that missing piece of texture you’ve been longing for.

I created a full tutorial that will walk you through how to customize this design to suit your need. It can be made as a plant pot cover, for any sized plant, or you can create a shallow basket as a catch all. You could even crochet it smaller to work as a crochet hook holder or can cozy. If you can think of a fun idea, this tutorial will work!

Woven Basket Design

The Accident that lead to the woven basket design

I had a plant that was displayed in my entryway. One afternoon my daughter was goofing off with her brothers and threw something (I honestly can’t even remember what it was) and it bounced off one of the boys, hit the plant which crashed to the floor. The pot completely shattered. Now, all I had was a cute plant with an ugly Styrofoam base.

pant base

I had some leftover home decor yarn from a project I had previously worked on (a whole book on home décor you can find it HERE… link coming soon) and thought the yarn would be fun to use to create a new base for the plant.

The Woven Look of the Stitch

When I stumble upon a new stitch my mind usually starts to buzz with ideas on how to incorporate it into a new design. When I saw this gorgeous woven stitch, I knew right away it had be worked into a basket design. Isn’t this stitch amazing?

Woven Basket Stitch

Materials Needed

Honestly, this is the fun part about woven basket design. The pattern is designed so you can customize it to the size you want. I encourage you to go to your yarn stash and grab the color of yarn you really want to use. Don’t worry about the weight of the yarn, just estimate if you will have enough. I made 3 samples, seen below, in the next paragraph I will let you know how much yarn I used for each one.

Woven Basket Pattern

The short basket that I left empty (we use it as a catch all for keys) uses Berroco Comfort Yarn (color: 9709). This yarn was in my stash and was left over from my Bella Borsetta Clutch pattern, you can find that by clicking HERE. The Berroco yarn is a finer worsted weight yarn. Therefore, I decided to crochet the basket holding 2 strands together and used about 80-100 yards total. For this sample I used a crochet hook size K (6.50 mm).

I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in the smallest sample in the color, Ivory. I used 1 strand of yarn (crochet hook size I (5.50mm) ) and the entire pattern worked up in about 60 yards.

For the larger pink basket I used Lion Brand Rewind yarn which is a (finer) bulky home décor yarn. I used about half of a skein, or 100 yards, and used a crochet hook size K (6.50 mm). The Mahogany Rose color is very soft and muted.

Lion Brand Rewind

Other items you may want to have on hand are a stitch marker, scissors and yarn needle.

Stitches and abbreviations Used

  • Ch(s) = Chain(s)
  • St(s) = Stitch(es)
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Hdc = Half Double Crochet
  • Spike Sc = Spike Single Crochet
  • Reverse Sc = Reverse Single Crochet (also known as the Crab Stitch)
  • FP = Front Post
  • BL = Back Loop Only
  • FL = Front Loop Only
  • R = Row/Round

The ridged bottom of the Woven Basket

The woven stitch creates a nice thick fabric which holds up great for sides of a basket. However, when you create something with sides are are thicker/heavier it is important to have a sturdy base. This took some trial and error but I eventually came up with a fun way to do just that.

Plus, the technique I used created a ridge on the basket bottom/base which helps keep the circular shape of the basket.

Woven basket bottom

Gauge Check

This pattern is very unique since it can be customized to any size and can be made with any type of yarn. Due to all the customization available, you do not need to check your gauge. Just follow the instructions to make the basket the size you want. Make sure you use the recommended hook size on your yarn label.

A step by step video

Beginning your custom basket or pot holder

R1: Ch 2, 8hdc in 2nd ch from hook, join with a slst in the top of the 1st hdc of the round (8) pull beginning strand of yarn to close hole *note: you may begin with a magic circle if you prefer

Woven Basket Round 1

Part 1 of R2: you will crochet 2 layers in this round, Ch 1, work this section in the BL only, 2hdc in each st around making sure not to work into the joining slst of R1 (16), do not join

Part 2 of R2: you will now work a round in the unworked FL (1st image) repeating the 2hdc in each st around, this will create a 2nd layer (2nd image) join in both of the 1st stitches from both layers (3rd image) to complete the round (4th image)

R3: Ch 1, work this round working through both layers of R2, 2hdc in 1st st, hdc in next st, [2hdc in next st, hdc in next st], repeat [] around (24)

Woven Basket Round 3

R4: using the same technique you used on R2, crochet 2 layers in this round, Ch 1, work this section in the BL only 2hdc in 1st st, hdc in each of the next 2 sts, [2hdc in next st, hdc in each of the next 2 sts], repeat [] around (32) do not join, you will now work a round in the unworked FL repeating [] around, join in both of the 1st stitches of each layer in this round

R5: Ch 1, work this round working through both layers of stitches from R4, 2hdc in 1st st, hdc in each of the next 3 sts, [2hdc in next st, hdc in each of the next 3 sts], repeat [] around (40)

*note: at this point you will continue to crochet increase rounds working every even rows with a double layer. Odd rows crochet as a single layer while working through the double layer of the previous row. Continue this pattern until the bottom of your basket in your desired size. You can end on either an even or an odd row.

Final Round: Ch 1, sc in each st around, join

Creating the turn from bottom to side of basket

R1: Ch 1, loosely FPsc in each st around, join and turn

If you are wondering what a FP (front post) single crochet is, take a look at the photo tutorial below: Ch 1, insert hook around the post of the st from the prior row (see image 1 & 2), yarn over and pull up a loop (image 3 & 4), yarn over pull through both loops on hook to complete the FPsc (image 5), repeat around row (image 6).

R2: Ch 1, sc in each st around, join

R3: Ch 1, spike st in each st around, join

See the tutorial below for the spike stitch: Begin with a ch 1, insert your hook into the base of the sc from the prior row (image 1 & 2), pull up a loop (image 3), yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook to complete the spike st (image 4), continue working a spike stitch (image 5) around entire row, join (image 6).

The Woven Stitch / Side of Basket

R4: Ch 1, skip first st, in next st work 1 row below , working into the skipped st of current row repeat [], {skip next st, in next st work 1 row below repeat [], working in the skipped st of the current row repeat []}, repeat {} around, join (see photo tutorial below).

Repeat R4 to desired height – I recommend watching the video to see stitch placement. It is much easier to show than try to explain. Video is further up in the blog post.

A Rolled Finished Edge

Once you finish the sides of your basket it is nice to have an easy and clean edge. I love the rolled look of the last round. It helps create a clean and professional edge that doesn’t take away from the beautiful stitching throughout the design.

Rolled Edges

R1: Ch 1,reverse sc (crab st) in each st around, fasten off and weave in all ends.

Reverse Single Crochet Tutorial: You will work backwards going from left to right. Insert hook into 1st st (image 1 & 2), pull up a loop (image 3), you now have 2 loops on your hook.Yarn over and pull through both loop on hook to complete your first reverse sc (image 4), insert your hook into the next st to your right, remember you are working backwards (image 5-see where needle is pointing), repeat in each st (image 6).

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Crochet & Conversations

For an interactive group of fellow crochet enthusiast, I invite you to come and join my Facebook group.

Paradise Beach Tote Crochet Pattern

With Spring upon us and the sun shinning, I know we are all dreaming of visiting the nearest sandy shores for a splendid day at the beach. Grab your tote, fill it with goodies such as a towel, sunscreen, water, snack and flip flops. Oh wait, is your old tote need to visit the recycle bin? No worries, take the stress out of it and crochet up a new Paradise Beach Tote with this fabulous crochet pattern.

Paradise Beach Tote Crochet Pattern

Not only is this an ideal size for a day at the beach, you may learn a few new tricks of the trade (our crochet trade)!

the Paradise Beach Tote

Designed to be just the right size for a day trip, the totes completed size will come out at about 14” wide by 15” tall and is 3” deep. The square base allows for more room to place those essentials in a more organized fashion.

As the crochet pattern progresses up towards the top, you will follow a graph. But, don’t fret over this. If reading graphs is not your favorite thing, I have included a “cheat sheet” on the graph. It will tell you exactly how many stitches in each color need to be worked in each row.

So Many Tutorials – Twist Cord

The Paradise Beach Tote was so much fun to design and see it develop into what I had envisioned. As I neared the top I had to make a decision on what type of strap I wanted. I have always loved the look of Twist Cords so thought that would be a fun way to reintroduce the colors back into the design.

But, it is a little tricky to explain how to make one of these fun and colorful twist cords. As in so many of my designs, I decided to just make a quick video tutorial to help demonstrate how easy they really are to make.

More Tutorials on Grommets too!

The Twist Cords for each strap of the tote are completed! Yay, you may have just learned something new. But, adding them to the tote can be a little tricky. Leaving holes in your crochet piece works but over time, they stretch and won’t hold their shape.

The solution: Grommets! You will be amazed at how easy they are to add. Again, I went to my video camera and threw together another quick tutorial:

Where Can I get My Grommets & Tools

Hopefully you are convinced this is a great tool to use and so easy! Now, are you wondering where to get the grommets, and what about those tools? Well, it is easy to purchase a small kit. I used this one on Amazon:

The great part about this Grommet Kit is that it comes with multiple grommets and all the tools you need including that scrap piece of wood.

See Samples Made by my Pattern Testers

One of the greatest rewards with designing crochet patterns is seeing the completed projects from those that have made something from them. This test was so fun when I got the feedback and photos from my testers.

Susie made her tote using Red Heart Ombre yarn (in the color ‘scuba’) and it created lovely color fades. The bold contrast of the Hobby Lobby I Love that Yarn (in the color ‘coral sparkles’) was the perfect color for the lettering. Susie said, “I can fit my large beach towel, water shoes, mask, snorkel and so much more.”

Nancy tested the tote and I love the alterations she made. The bold colors are perfect for spring. She also adjusted the final round to be made in a contrasting color showing off the texture. More alterations included her brilliant addition of the pegs on the bottom of the bag and the strap running straight across from one end to the other (instead of 1 strap on each side like mine).

Paradise Beach Tote Bottom

The next test that came is was done by Heidi. She made the straps slightly shorter and in 3 colors (instead of 4) and I love how distinct all the colors are in it! Heidi also topped the bag with the same colors as the middle lettering which really tied the bag together.

The final test that was completed was by Vickie, she did a fabulous job and shows off the size and how useful the tote is! Pluss her decision to use the same multi-colored yarn for all the lettering turned out perfect.

Materials Needed for Paradise Beach Tote Crochet Pattern

  • Crochet Hook size H (5.00 mm)
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)
  •          920 total yards
  •          Sample Made using Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday   
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • 4 – 3/8” grommets (hammer for installation)

Paradise Beach

Where to find the Paradise Beach Tote crochet pattern

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Bella Borsetta Clutch Crochet Pattern

Spring is in the air and everyone is on the hunt for some fun new patterns. As I sat down to decide what to design, I kept running across the cutest handbags and knew that I needed to design one. It didn’t take long for the Bella Borsetta Clutch crochet pattern to come into view and become a complete and ready design just for you.

Bella Borsetta Clutch

The clutch pattern is a great small crochet project. It is ideal to crochet during the warmer spring and summer months when we don’t want blankets or other big projects being created and laying on our laps.

Behind the Bella Borsetta Clutch Name

Bella Borsetta, just the sound of it is lovely and has a fancy ring to it’s name. Do you know what Bella Borsetta means? It is translated to “Pretty Handbag” in Italian, which is a perfect fit for this design. I need to thank Judy from my Crochet & Conversations Facebook group for suggesting it.

The Design

Designed as a small purse for your essentials. The clutch is about 5″ by 5″ and a perfect size for quick errands, evenings out or a day shopping. If you would like the clutch to be slightly smaller {like for a phone case} or larger {deeper to hold something like books} just adjust the length of the main body.

The crochet clutch has a beautiful decorative flap. The raised edges angle towards the center tip of the flap to accentuate the triangular closure. It is finished off with a slight scallop edge that resembles flower petals and adds that perfect touch of spring… plus the flirty tassel that adorns the front is just plain fun!

Video Tutorials Included

Crochet bags sometimes don’t hold their shape or they stretch in the wrong places. However, in this design the thermal single crochet stitch constructs the body of the clutch. It creates an extra thick fabric that assists in holding the shape of the clutch and preventing the dreaded “holes” in your crochet.

Thermal Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

I have created a couple tutorials to assist you with the clutch pattern. The first tutorial is for the Thermal Single Crochet Stitch.

Fish Bone Cord

The next stitch tutorial included in the pattern is for the Fish Bone Cord. I love this cord because it creates a fun and unique woven and/or braid. You can make it with a single strand of yarn but it is ideal to use 2 strands held together for the clutch to make it a more appropriate thickness for the strap. Instructions on how to begin the cord can be found in the pattern.

See Samples Made by my Pattern Testers

Pattern testers work along side me to help me release patterns that are easy to read, follow and helps reduce the possibilities of errors (but we are human) in the pattern. I couldn’t do what I do without all their hard work.

I have to admit, it is super rewarding to see how amazing their samples turn out and know that the pattern does come out how it is suppose to-LOL! Check them out gorgeous their Bella Borsetta Clutches turned out

Materials Needed for Bella Borsetta Clutch

  • Crochet Hook H (5.00 mm)
  • Crochet Hook K (6.50 mm)
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (#4) ~ 180 yards       
  • Samples made using Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight Yarn colors: 9707 Boy Blue & 9709 Jadeite
  • Other Suggested Yarn:  see testers yarn in above section
  • Measuring Tape, Scissors, Yarn Needle

Bella Borsetta Clutch

Where to find the Bella Borsetta Clutch crochet pattern

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Snap Closure Glasses Case – Free Crochet Pattern

Do you wear glasses? Whether you are like me and have aging eyes, have worn glasses most of your life or just protect your eyes from the sun, it is fun to have a cute handmade eye glasses case. Add a fun snap closer and our favorite craft of crochet, and you’ve got a perfect afternoon project.

A few years ago I turned the dreaded big 4-0! Honestly, life has been amazing after 40, with the exception of my eyesight. I have noticed I need to lean a little closer to see clearer. Then last week I renewed my drivers license and decided it is time for me to go see an eye doctor. Thankfully, we have an optometrist in the family.

Snap Pouch Glasses Case Pattern

Blue Light Reading Glasses

I don’t officially have a subscription for glasses so I have been relying on over the last year. Just a little magnification helps so much! Then, I started hearing about blue light glasses and the benefits of them.

Blue light blocking glasses can help to filter out a percentage of blue light and lessen eye fatigue when you’re working on your computer screen or using electronic devices. Say goodbye to digital eye strain with a pair of blue light blocking* glasses! Also available with magnified lenses, known as “blue light reading glasses”, for those seeking the benefits of both.

Check out how cute my glasses are! I love the Tortoise shell of the rims. I mean if you have to wear glasses, you better make them cute. Right.

blue light readers

Check out the entire collection of readers and blue light readers using the (affl link) button below:

Snap Pouch Glasses Case

How to make your Snap Closure Glasses Case

The snap closure on the glasses case makes it easy to slide your glasses in and out of the case. I used a quick and easy stitch that creates a thicker fabric to protect the glasses. I hope you enjoy learning something new and enjoy the tutorial.

The materials needed for the Glasses Case

  • Crochet Hook size G (4.00 mm)
  • Crochet Hook size H (5.00 mm)
  • Light Weight Yarn (#3) I used about 100 yards. In the sample shown, I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Style yarn
  • Metal Tape Measure – Tape should be ¾” wide (use an old one that you can re-purpose/upcycle if possible)
  • Tape – electrical tape is best, but duct tape or packaging tape will also work
  • Yarn Needle
  • Tin Snips or Old Scissors (cutting may dull the edges so don’t use your best pair)
Supplies for Glasses Case

Stitches & Abbreviations Used:

  • Ch = Chain
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • FP = Front Post
  • St(s) = Stitch(es)
  • R = Row/Round

Completed Size of Glasses Case:

  • 3” opening and 7″ long, but instructions will allow you to customize the shape to fit any glasses

Pattern Notes

  • The pouch will be made while crocheting in the round working from the opening (top) down.
  • Beginning chain will not count as a stitch unless stated.
  • Gauge is very important when crocheting. However, in this design I will give you measurements to follow. Use these measurements to get the correct size of your finished glasses case.

Prep the Snap Closure

  • All glasses are different in size. It is a good idea to make your opening a minimum of 1 inch wider than your glasses. In this sample my glasses measure 2” so I made my opening 3”.
  • Cut 2 pieces of the tape measure 3” long (image shows just over 2″-follow the size noted in the above note for the size of your glasses).
  • Trim the sharp points so they are rounded, this will make them less likely to break through the tape and cut the yarn after construction.
  • Wrap the ends of the metal pieces with a sturdy tape. Electrical tape works best but you can use duct tape or packaging tape.
  • Set aside for use later.

Crocheting the Glasses Case

Using Hook G & Light Weight Yarn

Ch 32, making sure beginning chain is not twisted, join in first ch to form a ring (or chain as many chains as needed to equal the length of your prepared metal snap strips plus 2 stitches)

R1: Ch 1, sc in each ch around, join (32)

R2-4: Ch 1, sc in each st around, join (32)

At this point check to see if the rows are equal to the width of your tape. If they are then double your row count and add 1 more row (I met my width in 4 rows, therefore I will complete a total of 9 rows (*4 rows x 2 = 8 rows + 1 more row = 9 total rows) Make sure to adjust for your tape width.

After completing the 9 rows (or the number of rows needed *see notes above), fold the crochet piece in half. I liked having a little different look to the stitches so I folded mine so the back side of the sc rows was showing on the outside, this was just personal preference and you can fold either way you want.

Place one of the prepared metal pieces inside the fold. Make sure the curved side of the measuring tape is facing the outside of the case.

Single Crochet the snap strip into the fold by crocheting through the tops of the stitches from your last row AND through the beginning chain. Complete half of the row (16 stitches in my sample). Insert second prepared snap strip, again making sure the curved edge is facing outside. Continue to sc together around the rest of the row.

The opening snap of the eye glass case has been made. Just press on the edges and will snap open!

Change to Hook H (5.00 mm)

The body of the pouch will be made in rounds and made to the length of your glasses. Increase your hook size up two sizes

The first row will be the most difficult because the stitches from the snap section are tighter. Be patient and work slow, after the first round it is much easier.

Ch 1, FP single crochet around, do not join, you will work in continuous rounds.

Continue to FP single crochet in each stitch around until the length of your case (not counting the snap portion) measures the length of your glasses. Mine was about 7″ long.

Once the length has been reached, slst into the next stitch and fasten off leaving a long tail. Use that left over tail of yarn to sew/seam the bottom together and you are done!

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How Crochet Helps and Heals People

Crocheting has always been more than just a hobby for me, it is also like a therapy. After a stressful day, I can always unwind and relax while crocheting. I know many people also use crochet as a way to heal, especially during the annual hat drive for the Crochet Cancer Challenge.

Crochet Helps

This year I was so excited to have Marly Bird join as a designer in the challenge. We got to chatting and she asked if she could do a guest blog post about how crochet helps and heals. She wrote a lovely post and I am honored to share it with you all today.

Marly Bird

Crochet is a wonderful craft that’s simply a lot of fun to do. However, there’s also a lot more to it than that for many people. People use crochet as therapy to heal from depression, anxiety, and stress. People also use crochet to work through the challenges of both short and long-term physical health conditions. Crochet heals individuals and can bring communities together.

Crochet As Stress-Relief

One of the biggest ways that crochet helps people is through stress-relief. The modern world presents so many stressors, especially in 2020! Stress can lead to, or exacerbate, a variety of other health issues. Therefore, by controlling stress levels, you improve overall health. 

Crochet has been proven to offer relief from stress:

  • Focusing on the stitches and sensations of crocheting brings you into the present moment.
  • You can even practice mindfulness and breathing while you crochet.
  • The repetitive motions of crocheting row after row or round after round release serotonin which helps bring happiness back into your body.
  • In general, the craft grounds you in your body, allowing you to release the stress of the outside world.
  • There are so many things in the world that we have no control over. However, it helps to focus on what we can control. Being able to choose yarn and patterns and work those stitches to produce something tangible is healing.
Marly Bird Pod Cast

Learn More: Craft Yarn Council’s Mary Colucci shared thoughts about how to Stitch Away Stress on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird.

Crocheting Through Depression and Anxiety

As aforementioned, studies show that repetitive motions including those of pulling up loop after loop in crochet can release serotonin which helps improve depression symptoms. And in the same way that coming into the present moment with crochet helps reduce stress, it can also lower symptoms of anxiety.

crochet helps

Crochet has also been found to help people with depression and anxiety because it interrupts the ruminations of the mind. Particularly in depression, but also in terms of the worrying aspect of anxiety, the mind wants to go over the same old stories again and again. This makes the symptoms of a condition worse. Interrupting that by counting stitches, refocusing on the pattern at hand, and creating something beautiful can give your mind a much needed restorative break.

Moreover, crochet has been found to boost self-esteem. Many people struggling with depression have low self-esteem. Crochet is a way that you can create something beautiful, functional, or just plain interesting. You can give crochet as gifts. Maybe you can even sell some crochet items or patterns of your own to contribute some income to the household. All of this helps people struggling with depression and anxiety to move forward.

crochet helps heal

Fun Fact: Crochet designer Ellen Gormley was a mental health counselor who used therapeutic crochet to help people with depression and anxiety. Learn more about her here.

Crochet During Chronic Illness

Many of the same reasons that crochet helps with mental illness also help when someone is coping with a physical illness. If you’re wiped out from chemo treatment, you might begin to feel like a useless burden upon your family; crocheting items that give them joy can be a way that you overcome that feeling. If you’re stressed about medical test results, learning to practice mindfulness through crochet can help you stay in the present moment and feel as much peace as possible while dealing with those challenging things.

Vibrato Violin

Fun fact: Music is also healing. The Vibrato Violin Crochet Blanket Pattern combines a love of music and a love of crochet in one healing blanket pattern. A related fun fact is that established crochet designer Dora Ohrenstein had a career in music before her career in crochet.

Crocheting for Charity is a Healing Act

Each year since 2014 Sweet Potato 3 has hosted the Crochet Cancer Challenge as a way to raise awareness and funds for people living with cancer. It’s also a way for the community to come together. Many designers share their patterns for the challenge. For example, one of the contributions this year was the Wings of Hope hat pattern from Marly Bird. This is a warm and cozy crochet hat patterns with a fun pom on top, made of soft yarn so that someone going through chemo treatment could comfortably wear it.

Wings of Hope Hat

Charity crochet helps with healing in a variety of ways including:

  • Studies show that focusing on helping others is good for your own mental health.
  • You can feel useful in the face of big challenges including when you or a loved one get a scary diagnosis. Crocheting for others in that same community can feel very healing.
  • When you share about crocheting for charity, or participate in something like the Crochet Cancer Challenge, it allows you to spread the word about causes that you care about. This is empowering.
  • It helps you connect to your community of people. Community itself is also healing. And connecting with other crocheters who share your same causes of concerns can be a very therapeutic experience.

How to Choose a Healing Crochet Pattern

People need different things when it comes to healing crochet. Some people find that they need to work on new crochet techniques or a challenging crochet pattern, because that’s the only way to get their mind to quiet down. Overwhelmingly, though, when seeking stress relief crochet, people seek easy, repetitive crochet stitches that allow both body and mind to get lulled into a healthy rhythm. 

Stellar Stripes

Marly Bird’s Stellar Stripes Shawl (also available in a knit pattern version for those of you who are bi-crafty) is a good example. It’s a repeating stitch pattern using simple single crochet and half double crochet stitches. However, after every two rows, you change colors to create the stripes. You get the meditative repetition with just enough of a steady interruption that your mind can’t wander into dark, worried places so much. 

Plus this crochet pattern is designed to be made with yak yarn, which has a soft luxuriousness to it. Why does that matter? Because crochet has the potential to engage all of your senses, enhancing the healing potential. Choose yarn that feels good to the touch in colors that truly delight you and your crochet project will make you feel that much better.

This is a guest post by Kathryn Vercillo, author of Crochet Saved My Life, working in collaboration with Marly Bird. Follow Marly Bird on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. You can also sign up for her free newsletter, which includes many links to new free patterns each week.

Everyday Spirit Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

Wall Hangings with fringe are all the top trends in home decor right now and I love how these decor pieces showcase our Everyday Spirit! The whimsical charm with the modern single color is the perfect combination to add to any room.

The Everyday Spirit Wall Hanging combines the love of crochet and the look of the ever popular fringe wall decor. This is a fun design that can be made in a day and you can change up your colors with endless possible looks.

Everyday Spirit

Everyday Spirit Crochet + Photo Tutorials

The pattern features a full step by step tutorial to put all the pieces together. Basic crochet skills are required for the crochet pieces.

Supplies for the Wall Hanging

  • 10″ Metal Hoop, click HERE
  • 375 yards Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn
  • Crochet Hook G (4.00 mm)
  • Small Thread Crochet Hook to use as a tool (not for crochet, so the exact size is not necessary)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
Everyday Spirit Wall Hanging

Where to find the Everyday Wall Hanging pattern

Check out some other samples from a couple testers

Test by Brandi

Brandi is the crocheter behind Craft Creations by Brandi Aldrich on facebook and @brandialdrich on IG. Brandi said her granddaughter snatched this up as soon as she was finished. That is quite the compliment!

Everyday Spirit

Test completed by Michelle Wulf

Michelle is the crocheter at Magic Mommys Yarning on facebook and @wulfmichelle on IG. She does amazing work and I love how she incorporated multiple colors into her wall hanging.

Do you Love Wall Hangings check out a few more:

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pattern group

Cropped Motif Cardigan – Crochet Pattern

The Cropped Motif Cardigan is an ideal light layer to cut the chill off on spring days. Designed to be a lightweight layer the cardigan will become a staple in your closet.

Designed in a unique square motif style the cardigan is easy to make in steps or on the go. Each square features a flirty floral design that gives is a perfect look of spring and will coordinate with most attire.

Cropped Motif Cardigan

The versatility of the cardi is endless. Pair it with a lightweight long sleeve shirt, like my daughter did (above image) and it works as a vest. Wear it over a spring sleeveless dress or tank top to add a little warmth.

About the Cropped Motif Cardigan Pattern

The cropped design is seen in the capped/cropped sleeves that cover the shoulder and in the length falling mid body. If you prefer a longer cardigan, you could add an additional row of motifs, however, I have not made one. If you do, I would love to see how it turns out.

The pattern comes in adult sizes ranging from Adult Small up to XLarge.

Made in a light (#3) weight yarn and a crochet hook H (5.00 mm) and crochet hook I (5.5 mm), the Cardigan works up quicker than you might think.

Grab your copy of the Cropped Motif Cardigan:

Whip Stitch Tutorial for Sewing Motifs Together

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Sweet Potato 3’s Home Office Display

I moved about 18 months ago and am fortunate to have a home office. Others might have it easier with access to modular office trailers, especially if they need to partake in remote work every now and then. However, my little office area is enough for me and is predominantly going to be used for storage purposes. Having a designated space to keep all my books, supplies, office materials, and more has been amazing. But, it wasn’t a “fun place to go”.

Home Office

The office is designed with ample storage, which I would never complain about, but with those cabinets there is not much room to decorate. As much as I would have loved to have been able to decorate with hilarious please don’t do coke in the bathroom wall art or some other fun decorations, I simply didn’t have space. It was hard to even fit a standard painting there without taking up some of the precious desk space. So, I had to put on my thinking cap to come up with a simple and fun way to add some fun decor that will make my time doing “book work” a little more fun. A home office idea that I often come across is building a shed in the backyard that can serve as a separate space where you can go and work by yourself without anyone disturbing your flow. Since I already have a great home office (with a little less space, but that is okay), I don’t think I will be exploring that option anytime soon. But for those of you who want a space to just do your thing, then consider getting a shed like that from somewhere similar to Modern Shed. And the best part is, you can make it as big or small as you want, which means, more decor space!!

Considerations in the decor

The workspace is great to have with a large countertop to spread out my paperwork and get organized. However, it isn’t very deep, so I needed to make sure whatever I added was not going to stick out from the wall very much.

Feeling a little clueless on what to do, I turned to Pinterest and found some fun ideas other people had done with their offices such as wall stickers and display yarn from walls to cakes. A yarn wall wasn’t really the look I was going for, but who couldn’t resist a nice showcase of some of your favorite yarn cakes.

Shopping for Ideas

Supplies for Office

Wooden Crates are always cute no matter what you are using them for. I found a coupe different shaped ones that would be cute to display some yarn in and I had to add the cute wooden vase. You can find similar crates and vases by clicking HERE.

My space is very long and narrow, therefore I needed something larger for one side of the display. After searching high and low I decided to create a unique crochet wall piece, so I grabbed a 11X14 photo frame that you can find on the previous link

Creating The Custom Wall Art

I was in the middle of teaching a class on crocheting from a graph so I decide to create a graph with my logo in it using the program Stitch Fiddle. I was excited to crochet the graph and figure out how to add it to the frame.

Feeling excited about my custom logo, the challenge was in attaching it to the frame. It was important to have it evenly stretched across the frame. I decided wrapping yarn through each row end and around the entire frame was the way to go.

The even stretch was perfect, but the black frame showing through was NOT the look I was hoping for. After attempting to single crochet around the frame, the edge wasn’t very clean, it looked bulky and uneven. I decided to just continue with wrapping the yarn. The corners were a bit tricky so I left a little of the frame showing.

Frame Yarn Wrap for Display

Finishing Touches

With the wall art completed it was time to put it all together. Using command strips (found HERE), the crates were attached to the wall and then filled with some of my favorite yarn remnants that had been wound into little cakes using my yarn winder (found HERE).

Adding my crochet hooks in the wooden vase, they slipped all the way in! I realized it was too deep, never fear, because a touch of greenery was perfect. I happened to have a small wooden clip board that matched perfectly, which turned into an ideal way to add my family photo.

Office Display

Adding my Great Grandmothers old ceramic honey pot with some greenery helped bring in another contrasting element. Then I slide my old office name plate under the crate and it filled in the empty spot perfectly.

Office Display

It is a small display with little hight to work with, in between my cabinets. However, this display added a warm “crocheters” touch that was desperately needed. This small touch makes my office feel like it is just for me. I can now admit, a very small part of me gets excited about having to sit in here to do the dreaded “bookwork”.

Office Display

Are you looking for Inspiration for a display?

Getting started with ideas was the most difficult part of putting this display together. If you would like to browse some other display ideas visit my Amazon shop by clicking HERE.

Cascading Fringe Wall Hanging Tutorial & Kit

Wall Hangings with fringe are all the top trends in home decor right now and I love the simplicity of the look to the Cascading Fringe design.

I worked in collaboration with BluPrint to come up with a beginner level wall hanging. We decided on a neutral color scheme with blush tones and used basic supplies to create the look.

Cross My Heart Hat & Gloves Crochet Pattern Set

I am always in search of a classy, cute, unique gift set I can make. My Popular Cross My Heart Scarf & Headband has always been a favorite of many, so I added a lovely hat and fingerless gloves!

I love how beautiful the stitches in the entire Cross My Heart Collection are, and they show off perfectly in the hat and fingerless gloves.

Cross My Heart Crochet Pattern Hat & Gloves

All About that Hat (Cross My Heart-that is)

The hat is designed to have a little slouch to it, this just enhances the look of the plush stitches as the fold in the creases that create the slouch.

The hat is made from the bottom up, with the band being crocheted in an almost knit looking stitch. This streamlined stitch is soft and creates just enough elasticity to shape the hat.

The hat comes in many sizes from toddler up through adult, so go ahead and make one for everyone in the family!

Fingerless Gloves

I have to admit, I love fingerless gloves and think they are one of the most practical accessories to wear. My hands are always cold, but I need to be able to use my fingers freely. So, fingerless gloves are a must!

Just like the hat, the gloves are made with the same plush stitches that create this unique crocheted fabric. The gloves work up quick and come in sizes from toddler up through adult. These gloves can make a great last minute gift idea.

The Sprightly Yarn – my new favorite!

I made the Cross My Heart hat and fingerless gloves in Sprightly Acrylic Worsted Weight yarn. I have had the opportunity to design with this amazing yarn on multiple occasions and I really enjoy working with it.

The yarn comes in many beautiful colors (I used Dusty Rose) which we all love. The yarn is the perfect weight for most projects, is very soft and washes up well. Check out the entire color line of Sprightly yarn by using this (affiliate) link by clicking HERE.

Were you can get the Cross My Heart Patterns

You can get the Cross My Heart Hat & Gloves as a set, which has a discounted price because you are getting both patterns together. But, if you already have one and only need the other, you can also get them separately.

Have you seen the rest of the Cross My Heart Collection? It includes so many fun pieces including a vest, scarf, headband, a triangle shawl and of course the hat and gloves.

Cross My Heart Collection

To find more information on the entire set of all these fun patterns you can click this LINK HERE.

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pattern group

Mountain Peaks Mitts – crochet pattern

I love seeing beautiful Mountain Peaks silhouetting against a stunning sky. It is so majestic and brings a sense of peace to me.

Mountain peaks
Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

That beauty is what inspired me to design the Mountain Peaks Crochet Mitts. Sitting at the base of a majestic mountain with a chill in the air and some warm mitts on keeping me nice and toasty.

I was so excited to create these mitts in a super soft Cloudborn Superwash Merino DK yarn. The yarn is a perfect weight for mitts, they are not bulky at all and are a comfortable fit. The Mountain Peaks Mitt pattern comes with 3 adult sizes, so you can make a pair that will fit perfect.


Order your copy of the Mountain Peaks Mitts in a KIT

There are a few ways to get the Mountain Peaks Mitts crochet pattern. You can purchase the pattern in a kit format! The kit will include the pattern and the Cloudborn Superwash Merino Yarn, choose from 33 different colors. Order the kit through BluPrint, HERE. You can also become a member of BluPrint and get an additional 15% off along with other member benefits, read more details about a membership option, HERE.

Do you want just the pattern

To get the Mountain Peaks Mitt Pattern and pick out your own yarn of choice, grab the pattern in any of my shops:

Oh, I Love the Yarn used in the Photos

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