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A few months ago, I asked you all, “what are some small projects you enjoy making?” Kitchen items made the top of the list of small items. So, I decided to create a 3-piece Bobble Kitchen Accessory set that would make a great last-minute gift. Everyone loves receiving handmade useful items.

Bobble Kitchen Accessory

I already have two kitchen hot pad patterns and I honestly think they are the best ones around. You can see both of those patterns in the links below:

What is Included in the Kitchen Accessories?

For the kitchen set today, I did not include a hot pad. Instead, I decided to include 3 other useful kitchen accessories that often get overlooked. The definition of accessory is, “a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive,” source is

I typically use a hot pad as a trivet to put warm dishes or my tea pot on. However, it is nice to have something designated for just this purpose. As I was crocheting the trivet, I quickly saw it coming together and thought it would also make a great dish scrubber, so I had to add that design as well. The trivet and the scrubby are both items you may have out on your counter, so I wanted another design that would be seen and would coordinate well with them. It didn’t take long to crochet up a matching towel tie.

Bobble Kitchen Accessory Sets

The Crochet Stitch with a Purpose

When you crochet a trivet, it is important to have a nice thick stitch that will hold the heat away from the countertop. The bobble was an ideal choice for this. The bobble is a crochet stitch that has a raised 3D effect that allows the trivet to elevate the hot dish away from the counter.

Bobble Crochet Stitch

The raised stitch is also a great resource when using the dish scrubby. The knobs that are created with the bobble are an ideal surface to hold the soap and create enough texture to actually assist in the scrubbing of the dishes.

The bobble crochet stitch is often confused with other stitches, specifically the popcorn, puff and cluster crochet stitches. If you would like to read the differences between these stitches I have a blog post just for you.

About the design

When selecting yarn for kitchen accessories a lot of people will only use cotton. This is very common. However, I grew up making hot pads out of acrylic yarn and in 30+ years have never had one burn or had heat transfer through the crochet to burn me. However, if you feel strongly that you should use cotton, that is perfectly fine.

I used some left over Berroco Comfort yarn.  It isn’t a cotton yarn but the 50% nylon makes a huge difference (it is also 50% acrylic). I love how soft the yarn is and how defined the stitches look when working with it. Plus, the color options are endless! I have used this exact yarn in blankets, a summer top, a clutch and have loved it each time.

Berroco Yarn

The Bobble Trivet

As mentioned earlier in this post, the bobble stitch was carefully selected for the purpose of the trivet. The raised stitches create enough thickness to keep the heat from transferring to the countertop.

However, this is NOT a hot pad and should NOT be used as such. The rows between the bobble stitches are not thick enough to make it a safe to use hot pad.

Bobble Kitchen Trivet

The Bobble Dish Scrubby

Again, the bobble stitch is great for creating a texture that assists with creating bubbles within the soapy scrubby and allows for better cleaning. Another great feature for this scrubby is the strap that goes around the palm of your hand!

The Bobble Towel Tie

I love having a tie for my kitchen towels. With kids in the house, they seem to be oblivious to some things like the kitchen towel falling on the floor. I used to think this was only an issue when they were young. They would dry their hands and then the towel would end up on the floor. But I was wrong, my children are teenagers, and we still have the same issue.

The Bobble Towel Tie is so cute and you simply tie it in the back to hold the towel in place. I often tie my towels onto the oven or dishwasher handle. I know some people who prefer to have it on the refrigerator door handle. These tie backs could even work in the bathroom on a towel bar too.

Materials Needed

  • Crochet Hook H (5.00 mm)
  • Crochet Hook G (4.50 mm)
  • A finer Worsted Weight Yarn (#4) ~ yardage will vary depending on project but could be 25-90 yards           
  • The samples shown were made using Berroco Comfort Yarn
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

All Patterns have been tested for accuracy

Some of you may find it helpful and inspiring to see other samples made from the crochet pattern. I have a great group of pattern testers who work hard to help me publish quality patterns. I love showing off their work so you can see the projects in other yarn types and colors.

Where to get the Bobble Kitchen Accessories Pattern

Bobble Kitchen Set

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