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What inspires you? I get asked this questions often about my crochet designs and the answer always stays the same, nature. There is so much beauty, texture and colors in nature that inspire my creations. The Nature Landscape blankets showcase many of these traits.

The layers you see in the gorgeous landscapes of our country are awe inspiring. Living in the mountians I see this every single day. The colors are the same but fade as they get further in the distance. My hope is that these designs will resonate that same calm and awe inspiring feeling in you.

Nature Landscape Blanket

About the Blanket Designs

Included in the Nature Landscape book are 4 different designs. Each design has a different color scheme that matches the mood/design of the blankets. I will share what yarns and colors I used in the following paragraphs. I live in a mountain town so that is what I generally think of and 3 of the designs feature mountains. But, my daughter is obsessed with cacti so I had to include a dessert theme as well.

Each blanket is made using the same stitch. This stitch is a unique stitch that aligns right on top of one another making it ideal for graph designs. The stitch is explained with photos and include how to carry or change colors.

alligned crochet stitches in Nature's Landscape Blankets

Another feature I love about the designs is the detail is in the blanket its self. I didn’t want to take away from that so there is NO border. Yay! That means when you are done crocheting the rows you are done. No dreaded crocheting in row ends, it’s simple and looks great.

Blanket Size

The blankets will vary slightly in size depending on the yarn you use. However, they are the size of a larger throw and with most #4 worsted weight yarns the blankets size will range from 41″ wide and 52″ high (typical throw size) up to 50″ wide and 62″ high (large throw).

About Each Blanket – the details

mountain River

The Mountian River blanket was designed with my families favorite body of water, the river. We spend so much time on rivers so I think this one is my favorite. My husband loves the color green so this one was designed with him in mind.

Mountain Rivers Landscape Blanket

Finding the right colors can be tricky because you need to find shades that compliment each other and are available in a specific line of yarn. I was excited to find these yarns in Berroco Comfort yarns, the colors are amazing and the yarn is so lovely to work with, you can check out this line of Berroco Comfort yarn HERE.

The Berroco Comfort yarn is a worsted #4 weight yarn, but it is a little finer so this is the smallest throw size. The completed blanket came out to be 41″ wideand 52″ high.

purple mountain majesty

The most common mountian inspiration we see is the layers of mountain ranges. See this during a sun rise or during a sun set can be one of the most spectacular views one can witness. Capturing the natural pink/purple hues that cast on the mountains during these few magical moments inspired this color scheme.

Purple Mountain Majesty Landscape Blanket

The yarn I choose to use for this design had so many different shades taht it was so fun to pick and choose. I used Bernat Premium yarn and it is so plush and ideal for soft blankets. The colors I used to create the Purple Mountain Majesty blanket are below and you can see all the options available in the Bernat Premium yarn HERE.

Since the Bernat yarn was so plush (a thicker) #4 worsted weight yarn, this design came out the largest throw blanket size of 50″ wide and 62″ long.

Desert Skies

The Desert Skies blanket was designed with my daughter in mind. She loves the desert landscapes of sand, bluffs and cacti. I do love the variations with the colors in this design. I used rich red, orange, shades of brown and a deep teal for the sky. It is very eye catching.

Desert Skies Landscape Blanket

The Desert Skies Blanket was made with a traditional worsted (#4) weight yarn. I used Premier Yarns Anti-Pilling Everyday yarn. I also used this yarn on the next blanket design, Blue Mountian Lakes. This yarn is great to work with and comes in so many shades it is almost too difficult to pick out what to use.

I used the following colors that made this design really pop.

The Desert Skies Blanket came out to be an slightly larger throw (not quite as big as the Purple Mountain Majesty) at 46″ wide abd 58″ high. You can find the Premier Anit-Pilling yarns HERE.

Blue Mountain Lakes

The Blue Mountain Lakes is also close to home for me. We live half a mile from a beautiful lake on the edge of town. My favorite time to see the lake is when it is calm and you can see the reflection of the trees in it. Again, it is a majestic and inspiring snapshot of nature.

Blue Mountain Lakes Landscape Blanket

For the Blue Mountain Lakes I also used Premier yarns. I love the shades of blue and how calming those colors are. But, I also practically drool over the golden colors of the aspen trees in the fall so wanted to capture that along the sandy shore of the beach.

The colors in this design are below or you can select your own custom colors of the Premier yarn HERE.

The Blue Mountain Lake is the same size as the Desert Skies blanket at 46″ wide and 56″ high.

Where to get the book

The Nature’s Landscapes Crochet Blanket Book includes all four of the blanket designs shown in detail above. You can currently find the book through Annie’s Crochet Website using the button/ link below.

Nature's Landscape Blanket

WIN a copy

Before you purchase your copy of the book I would like to offer a Giveaway. Win a digital copy of the Nature’s Landscape Blanket below. It’s easy, just enter below.

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