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Last year I designed some music blankets for each of my children. I did this to show them how important music is and that whole heartedly encouraged them to continue their love of music. The blankets where a huge hit and I received so many requests for more instruments that I am now releasing a Music to My Soul Expansion Pack!

You got it! It includes 10 popular instruments in the percussions, string and brass groups.

Expansion Pack Music to my soul blankets

Behind the Designs of the Music Blankets

When I designed the original Music to My Soul Blankets I was striving for a modern look to classic instruments. The result was a silhouette of the instrument with the added twist of a split colorway which created a unique, modern and young vibe that has been loved by all generations.

You can see how amazing these blankets turned out in the image below. BUT, please take note that these 3 designs are NOT included in the Expansion Pack. You can find more info about them by clicking HERE.

Instruments Included in the Expansion Pack

As I was deciding which instruments to include in the Expansion Pack, I was looking for the most popular instruments and the ones that had a distinct shape. Looking into all the different instrument groups I decided to include the following:


I included a snare drum in a equally vertical split color block which creates a fun balance to the instrument. A full drum set in a diagonal split helps emphasize the many dimensions and layers of drums.

Percussion Expansion Pack


The string instruments are always a hit, this expansion pack has 3 popular instruments included. The harp is a statement piece and is elegant in just a silhouette, so I kept this design basic with another vertical split silhouette. The electric guitar is bold instrument that wants lots of attention resulting in a double split, eye catching design. Then, there is the banjo, what can I say? Simple is sometimes what speaks volume and I believe this design is perfect for such an upbeat instrument.

String Expansion Pack


The Brass Expansion Pack is the larges, there are so many fun, bold and big instruments. It was hard to decide which ones to include. But, I settled on the trumpet, tuba, saxophone, sousaphone and trombone. All the angles where carefully picked to express a vibe ideal to the instrument.

Brass Expansion Pack

The Stitch

Are you looking at these graphs and thinking, “no way am I crocheting a blanket in single crochet!”. Haha, that would be my first thought too. I searched high and low and played with so many stitches to find the right one that aligned perfectly for graph designs. I came up with a fun stitch that works up quick.

Stitch Sampler Music to my souls

The pattern includes photo tutorials on how to work the stitch and how to work the color changes for the graph.

About the yarn

The gorgeous color changes in the Red Heart Roll with It Melange yarn was just what I was hoping for. The yarn worked up lovely and was a huge success with the overall look of the finished blankets. However, finding the ideal white/contrasting yarn was a bit difficult, but I finally found it and the blankets worked up great.

Red Heart Roll with It Melange

Aa soon as the pattern was released, the white/ contrasting yarn was discontinued. Thankfully, with the popularity of these blanket designs many of you have messaged me with yarn that has worked great as a substitute, you can check out the following yarns:

Expansion Pack – What You Get

You will receive all 10 of the new graph designs in an ebook (downloadable) format. Included are detailed instructions and photo tutorials for:

  • All the stitches
  • How to crochet color changes, hide yarn, and weave in the ends of your work.
  • Each blanket require different amounts of yarn for the background color and the contrasting color. The blankets will take about 2300 yards of worsted weight yarn.
  • Graphs for each design are included as well as enlarged graphs for easier reading.
  • A written format, or a cheat sheet, that states how many stitches are made in each color according to the row.

Where to get the Ebook

Individual Music Blanket Patterns & Separate Ebook Options

  • Original Music To My Soul ebook (includes piano, violin, & guitar) – click HERE
  • Percussion Expansion Pack Only (snare drum & full drum set) – Etsy / Ravelry
  • String Expansion Pack Only (harp, electric guitar & banjo) – Etsy / Ravelry
  • Brass Expansion Pack Only (trumpet, tuba, sax, sousophone, trombone) – Etsy / Ravelry
  • Vibrato Violin Blanket – click HERE
  • Grandioso Guitar Blanket – click HERE
  • Piano Pizzaz Blanket – click HERE

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