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Frankenstein is one of the oldest and most classic Halloween characters to date. That being said, it can be tricky coming up with the perfect costume for Frankenstein… until now! Grab your favorite green yarn and use your crochet skills to whip up this adorable hat.

This pattern was one of my first designs. It is a simple pattern. But, you may learn a new stitch (check out that hair… hmmm, how is that done?). The design comes with sizes from newborn up to child. The child hat will fit up to about a 12 year old, depending on their size.

Where to get your Free Frankenstein Hat pattern

Are you dying to find out where you can get the pattern? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to join any website or anything crazy like that. You can simply download the Crochet Hat pattern by clicking HERE.

Find More Adorable Free Halloween Hat patterns

I know this Frankenstein hat is about the cutest thing out there. But, I do have some other great hat designs for Halloween. And guess what, they are FREE too! You better take a peak because you may know someone who they will be perfect for.

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  1. Ceaira

    Hey! Im hoping you can help me! Is this hat open on the top instead of a closed circle like a normal beanie? Im struggling with understanding and figuring out the first set of instructions and how exactly to create the round with the black yarn. Thank you!

    1. SweetPotato3

      You will work R1 as a beginning chain with a row of sc. The note at the end or R1 explains how this is a foundation to begin your hat rounds on. For R2, you will work across the top of the stitches of R1, then rotate the crochet piece so that you are working into the bottom of the stitches from R1, once these stitches have been worked into you will join in the top of your beginning sc of R2 completeing a round. The top of the hat is closed and you will work in rounds for the remainder of the pattern.

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