Interchangeable Wildlife Blankets – Crochet Pattern Bundle

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Growing up in one of the most beautiful states, Idaho, I have a deep love of the outdoors. The forests are where I feel the most relaxed and love spending my time with my family and friends. Watching wildlife is always so mesmerizing and I wanted to capture that in a crochet blanket.  

A blanket is used to wrap yourself up and keep you cozy and warm, but it can also be displayed across the back of a couch, on a blanket ladder or just draped across a bench. No matter what you do with the blanket, these wildlife blankets are a masterpiece. 

Interchangeable Wildlife Blankets

The Interchangeable Wildlife Blanket Bundle is a unique set of crochet patterns. Each blanket features a bold silhouette of a animal found in the forest, the animal stands out against a contrasting background. The wildlife animal is then framed with a tich textured border to finish off your masterpiece.

Why do you call the Wildlife Blankets bundle “interchangeable”?

INTERCHANGEABLE [in-ter-cheyn-juh-buh-l]: adjective

1. capable of being put or used in the place of each other:interchangeable symbols.

2. capable of replacing or changing places with something else:an interchangeable part.


Each piece of the blankets can be changed out for the same pieces of another blanket. Each pattern is a stand alone pattern, but they are all made the same size so they can be interchanged.

Wildlife Animal Silhouette Information and Options

The main silhouette panel has multiple formats for you to choose from. A chart, (or graph), is included to help create the wildlife animal silhouette, in addition, at the end of each pattern the graph has been enlarged so you can print it off on 4 pages and tape together for a larger format you can follow.

There are 5 different animals that you can pick to crochet. Each one is very distinguishable and pops with a bold contrast in colors. Choose from a: fish, moose, bear, wolf or deer.

Wildlife Animal Silhouettes

However, If you are not familiar with crocheting from a graph, I have also included a quick written out reference. This is a written form of the graph and is explained in detail with how many stitches in each color to work. This piece of the pattern can also be a good way to double check your work.

Choose one of the Textures Side Panels

Once you have chosen a silhouette you can then pick one of the beautiful textured side panels. These panels are used to frame out the silhouettes and will run along each side and the top and bottom of the blanket.

Pick a Corner Square

The corner pieces of your blanket can be detailed or simple. They all can look very pleasing with any of the panels. The possibilities are endless. Which corner square is your favorite?

I hope you get excited about all the possibilities in designing your own blanket. I need to mention that all these designs (with the exception of the fish on blanket) are available in a book by Leisure Arts. If you have already purchased this book, the only pattern you will need to add to your collection is the Fish On Blanket pattern.

Where to get the patterns for the Interchangeable Wildlife Blankets Bundle

I hope you enjoy crocheting these masterpieces and seeing them come to life. As you work all the pieces and seam them together each step is a rewarding process. I would love to see your finished blankets, please share them in my Crochet & Conversations group (info to join is below).

Individual Wildlife Blanket Patterns

  • Fish On Blanket click HERE
  • Deerly Beloved Blanket click HERE
  • Wandering Moose Blanket (will be available April 2020)
  • Howling Wolf Blanket (will be available April 2020)
  • Bear Hug Blanket (will be available April 2020)

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