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The Howling Wolf Blanket is a new individual pattern that coordinates with the rest of the blanket designs in the Interchangeable Wildlife Blanket ebook. All the blanket patterns feature a striking animal silhouette that is framed with a beautiful crochet texture in a frame (border) of the blanket. 

The Howling Wolf blanket was inspired by the lovely bold Native American decor that I love seeing in so many different settings. This blanket will appeal to so many different people though. It will touch everyone on a different level giving them that “warmth of home”, “weekend at the cabin” or “my native land” feel.

Howling  Wolf

The design in the blanket panels features a unique feathering look to the stitches. This is actually a very easy stitch to crochet and you will love the look and feel it creates.

Howling Wolf Side Panel

The corner pieces of the Howling Wolf blanket feature a whimsical look. Resembling a dream catcher or some have said wagon wheel, this cornerstone to your blanket will set off just the right detail to make it pop!  

Howling Wolf Corner Square

About the Pattern

I used Lion Brand Heartland yarn for the rich burnt orange color. I love working with this line of yarn. It is soft, works up nicely, makes your stitches stand out and washes up well. For the white background color it is essential that you either use the same brand and weight of yarn, or use a yarn that has the same WIP (wraps per inch). I used Caron Simply Soft for the background resulting in 2 different yarns that worked well together.  

The main silhouette panel has multiple formats in the pattern for you to choose from. A chart, or graph, is used to crochet the bear silhouette. At the end of the pattern, there is an included enlarged graph, simply print off all 4 pages and tape them together.

howling wolf

If you are unfamiliar with crocheting from a graph then your in luck. A supplement has been added to the pattern to assist you along the way. The supplement is a written form of the graph and is explained in a little more detail. Essentially, it states how many stitches to complete in each color. This supplement can also be used as a way to double check the accuracy of your work.

Where to get the pattern

Find the Howling Wolf Blanket in all of my pattern shops below:

You will enjoy crocheting this masterpiece and seeing it come to life. As you work all the pieces and sew them together each step is a new rewarding experience.

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bear hug

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  1. Patsy

    Hi, I have a question on how the pattern is done with the MC and CC . Do you stop at each color and join the other color ? I’m concerned with all the tying off and on every row.

    Please respond , Patsy

    1. SweetPotato3

      HI Patsy, I used bobbins throughout the graph. Basically, you work a color until the color change, then drop that color and pick up the new color. I have a video tutorial on how I work them in my SP3 Crochet & Conversations Facebook group. I would love to have you join so you can watch:

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