Yarn Recommendations for the Crochet Cancer Challenge

With the Crochet Cancer Challenge fast approaching, you may be going through your yarn stash and wondering which yarns you should use. Today’s post will go over some yarn recommendations for when you crochet the hats to donate to cancer patients.

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Yarn Recommendations

It is important to use yarns that are soft and breathable when making hats for cancer patients. Many will recommend for you to use a cotton blend. However, a 100% cotton yarn is not very soft, so make sure it is a blend.

The yarn should wash well and hold up with multiple uses (hold its shape). Below I have made a list of yarn recommendations including brands and types of yarn that have been loved by recipients from past years. Many of these yarns have also been recommended by Cancer Centers. Many of these yarns can be found at Michaels, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby and other Craft Stores.

*image from Bluprint
  1. Baby Bee (nearly the entire line is highly recommended) found at Hobby Lobby
  2. I Love this Cotton found at Hobby Lobby
  3. Comfy Worsted Cotton Blend from Knit Picks (online)
  4. Shine Worsted Cotton Blend from Knit Picks (online)
  5. Caron Simply Soft
  6. Patons Bamboo Baby / Be Mine
  7. Bernat Giggles / Li’l Tots / Softee Baby (regular or cotton) / Satin
  8. Lion Brand Heartland / Landscapes / Jeans / Feels Like Butta / Homespun
  9. Red Heart Soft (not Super Saver) / Love / Boutique Unforgettable / Buttercup
  10. Loops & Threads Charisma / Soft & Shiny
  11. Premier Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted / Everyday Baby / Cotton Soft Silk
  12. Main Street Yarns Shiny + Soft
  13. Sprightly Yarn Line from BluPrint

Keep in mind that yarns that contain wool are often itchy and not recommended for Cancer hats.

The list above is not exclusive, there are many other brands/lines of yarn that will work. Just check your label and when in doubt, inquire with the center you will be donating at and see if they have specific recommendations.

Yarn Weights & Gauge Check

Remember to always follow the yarn weight recommended in the pattern. The weight of the yarn will affect the size of the hat along with your gauge. Always check your gauge prior to starting your hat. If your gauge swatch is too small, go up a hook size until it matches the gauge. If your gauge swatch is too large, go down a hook size until your swatch matches the stated gauge.

Stay tuned and Share your Work

I will be posting the daily hats on Instagram, Facebook and in my Facebook Group. Please follow each of these to stay up to date.

Crochet Cancer Challenge

AND I ask that you share your work by using the Hashtag #CrochetCancerChallenge in your posts! Call out your friends to join, it not only helps us pledge more hats, but makes it more fun and personal.

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