Crochet Charity Cancer Challenge – Final Pledge Count 2015

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The second annual Crochet Charity Event for Cancer is coming to an end. I am excited to announce what our final pledge count ended up being.
First I want to remind you, that although the code for a free pattern has expired. You have through the end of the year (December 31, 2015) to finish making your hats. Try to have them delivered to their donation location at that time as well. Please donate them local to where you live or give them to someone you know personally.
Now for the fun part of the challenge. I am so excited to announce that in 2015, we had a total pledge count of….
Crochet Charity Pledge Count
The numbers this year blew last year out of the water. Having a little more time to prepare made a huge difference. I cannot wait to see how next year goes. My hope it to make this challenge better every year. I hope you decide to join me next year too. 

Stay in the Loop for next years Crochet Charity Event

Make sure you don’t miss the challenge next year. I encourage you to join my Crochet & Conversation group to stay up to date. To join, just click this LINK HERE.

Thank you to everyone who participated by making pledges (hats), who shared the challenge and made a difference. It takes a who village to make a big difference. I am so grateful to be a part of this crochet community, thank you.


The Beginning of the Cancer Event

The Charity Cancer Event began last year, in 2014. I organized a challenge to help me in coping with the loss of my Uncle Jeff to cancer. It was an honor to see the enthusiasm from all of you and willingness to help others by crocheting hats. You can read more about why I started the challenge and what my hopes were by clicking this LINK HERE.