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When I started selling completed crochet hats back in 2011, I had a custom request for a soccer ball hat. The request was for it to NOT be a plain white hat with black shapes sewn on. I searched high and low for a pattern and was having no luck!
So I grabbed my crochet hooks, my yarn and my son’s soccer ball; I was going to make this work! I was determined to figure something out.
My first hat probably took close to 12 hours to figure out. I crocheted and frog many times and came really close to giving up. But the picture above is proof that it turned out and was a hit!

How the Soccer Ball Hat became my first published pattern!

I listed that hat and sold 2 the first day. The even more exciting part was that I also received 3 messages from other crocheters asking where I got the pattern.
I told them I had looked for one forever and just made it up, to my surprise, each person I told that to requested the pattern and said they would purchase it. The thought of selling patterns had not crossed my mind.
It took awhile to decipher my notes, decide on a layout and have a few friends test the pattern for me. It was such a success I even branched out and started an entire pattern designing business, Sweet Potato 3!
soccer ball beanie crochet pattern

More About the Soccer Ball Hat pattern

The hat is made by making individual shapes and stitching them together. Once the shapes are stitched together you crochet around the base of the hat filling in the odd shapes with stitches of different heights to make it all align. 

Once the main hat is crocheted you can decide if you love it how it is, want to add a brim or if you would like ear flaps to your design. Each hat you make will have that traditional soccer ball look but can be changed with these design elements. 

Consider changing out the colors for a fun twist on a traditionally white and black hat, whichever color you choose, it will be a hit. 

soccer Ball Hat crochet pattern

Where to get your copy of the Soccer Ball Hat pattern

The pattern is available in each all of my pattern shops:

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