Pygmy Seahorse Crochet Pattern

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I was so excited to be able to create the new Pygmy Seahorse Pattern.

Why design a Pygmy Seahorse?

This came as a request from a sweet 2nd grader who was working on an animal report. Part of the report was to include a “model” of the animal. Many of the kids were bringing in stuffed animals as their model, However, her Mom couldn’t find one. So, of course I was so excited to fill her request!
Now a true pygmy seahorse is only about 2 cm tall. There is no way I could crochet something that small, plus she needed to be able to display it. So, we decided to make it between 7 & 9 inches tall.
pygmy seahorse

About the Pattern

My favorite part about making this pattern is that it is crocheted as one piece! That is right, no sewing involved! Also, the pattern can be made in different yarn weights. The purple sample was made in worsted (#4) weight yarn and is 9 inches tall. The pink sample was made in light (#3) weight yarn and is 7″ tall. This little seahorse is sure to be very loved!
An actual Pygmy Seahorse (image is from a google search and had a deadlink, if you know who should get credit for this image please let me know), has raised bumps covering their body to help them blend in with the coral they live around and the seahorse has no fins.
pygmy seahorse

Where to Get the Pattern:

Grab your copy of the Pygmy Seahorse Crochet Pattern on:

Helpful Videos

A couple of helpful tutorials in crocheting the seahorse are below:
Here is a tutorial on the best technique for working a sc2tog, this makes the decrease invisible:
For a portion of the pattern you will work multiple slip stitches, here is a helpful tutorial by Moogly on making this easier for the following rows:
Check out how cute the tester photo’s came in for this cute Pygmy Seahorse:

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Bunny & Fox Bonnets & Stuffy Pattern Releases!

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I have received so many comments about the Teddy Bear Set, I mean seriously, it is so cute!

I had to create some more with and the requests came from all of you. I am excited to show you the Bunny & Fox Sets. They have been shipped off to be photographed so you will see they are just as darling soon. 


Both of these crochet pattern comes with complete instructions for this adorable Stuffy and matching Bonnet. The completed bunny stuffy is about 8″ tall, from ear tips to bottom of feet.
The completed fox stuffy is about 7″ tall. 

The Bunny Bonnet is a simple design with a ridged/cable effect that frames the face, this adds just a touch of character and strength to help hold the ears up on the bonnet. The ears are flexible and can stand straight up or with a simple fold they can bend downwards. The bonnet comes in sizes from newborn up to child. 

The Fox bonnet is also a simple design but has a criss cross design that begins about a third of the way back from the front of the bonnet. The criss crosses are only for character and add a lot of it! The bonnet comes in sizes from newborn up to child.
This is a lovely set for any Mom to be, 
any child for Easter, 
a first Birthday (or any birthday for that matter),
or other special occasion. 

Grab your copy for the Bunny Set on:
 Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy

Grab your copy of the Fox Set on:
Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy

Coming soon will be options to get all 3 Sets, Teddy Bear, Bunny and Fox at a discounted price (bonnet & stuffy). Make sure you have signed up for email updates (in the right column of my blog) and also follow on facebook for announcements, sales and crochet fun.