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When someone asks you to make them something it is a compliment. So, when my friend was talking to me about how she couldn’t find a pygmy seahorse for her daughter’s school project and was wondering if I could make one, I jumped at the chance.

pygmy seashorse crochet pattern

However, crocheting a seahorse did have a few challenges. But, challenges are what drives me to designing and I love when I am able to figure something out. The seahorse is designed to crochet the mouth first working down to the tip of the tail.

The details in the face from the fluted mouth, the sharp curve in the neck, bumps strategically placed and the spiraled tail is all described in detail in the pattern. You will not be left wondering why the stitches are changing, or seem to be “off”. There are notes included throughout the pattern explaining each step.

The Pygmy Seahorse Pattern Info

One intimidating part about crochet amigurumi is all the small pieces that need stitches together at the end of the project. However, in this design that is eliminated, it is crocheted as one piece. That’s right folks, no sewing involved.

pygmy seahorse

The pattern can be made using different weights of yarn. The yarn weight used will affect the final size of the finished pygmy seahorse. As you can see in the above images. Shown above, the purple seahorse, made with worsted (#4) yarn and is 9 inches tall. Whereas, the pink seahorse, made in light (#3) weight yarn and is 7″ tall.

pygmy seahorse
Image is from a google search and had a deadlink, if you know who should get credit for this image please let me know.

The above image is an actual Pygmy Seahorse. You may notice that it has raised bumps covering their body, this helps them blend in with the coral they live around. Another detail that surprised me was that they have no fins. These same details are in the pygmy seahorse crochet design.

Helpful Videos for Amigurumi Crochet

Crocheting amigurumi is not my passion, I do enjoy making and designing them occasionally. However, I look to others for expert advice and I recently stumbled upon a couple YouTube videos that I found helpful. Th first one explains a basic skill used in ami crochet, but if you are new this is a great tip: how to crochet an invisible decrease.

The next video I found that had helpful tips for crocheting ami’s is one on working into the slip stitch of your crochet piece. This is a featured video from Moogly.

Pattern Testing Samples

Pattern testing is important, it eliminates errors and helps to clarify any misleading sections in a pattern. Sweet Potato 3 patterns are all tested. For this pattern the testers had so much fun with this design that I had to share some of their projects with you.

pygmy seahorse

The aqua sample crocheted by Lisa, the designer at the Candyland Crochet Shop. I love how she creatively photographed her pygmy seahorse with sidewalk chalk art.

pygmy seahorse

Pattern tester Darlene made this beautiful sample above where you can really see the details of the bobble stitch in this photo. Darlene is the owner of Little Goose Crochet.

pygmy seahorse

Candice, owner of Le Crochet Boutique, made this beautiful sample above where you can see that her curled tail turned out perfect.

Where to get your Copy of the Pygmy Seahorse pattern

pygmy seahorse

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    Thank you so much for sharing your Seahorse pattern. I have family that lives at the coast, I will be making some for them.

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    The sea horse (any size or color) is one of my favorite sea creatures. Just so amazing – how the male gives birth, etc. I’ve hunted for a long time for a pattern for one and this one has NO sewing? How wonderful!! Thanks for offering us this beautiful pattern. I will be making several!!

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