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Everybody needs… Some Bunny To Love!

One afternoon, as I was perusing facebook one of my photographer friends sent me a message requesting a little stuffed bunny for a photo shoot. She wanted the child to be able to hold the little bunny by the arm with the bunny hanging at their side {I’ll be sure to share those photo’s once I receive them}.

Well, if you know me, I immediately sat down and started designing a cute little bunny. I had just finished designing my Sleepy Tight Teddy Bear stuffed animal and loved his long legs and arms. I immediately knew that this bunny would have those same darling features.

Some Bunny To Love

She needed to have some cute floppy ears, beady eyes, and cute nose and subtle mouth. But, even more important is a cute little fluffy tail.

Some Bunny To Love  Some Bunny To Love

This bunny is so soft and cuddly. You know you want to make one for the upcoming Easter holiday. It can be given to a child as a lovable toy, or you can display her with your decor. So make sure to grab your copy today!

{it will be 50% off through Sunday April 9, 2017, on Ravelry only-no code needed}.

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Some Bunny To Love

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