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Everyone deserves a creative crochet space to relax and crochet your projects in. This can be a small corner in your living room, an entire room full of shelves and inspiration, dedicated nook in your home or if your lucky enough an entire she-shed. I was excited when Tamara from asked if she could share with my readers her Cochet Room Guide.

Enjoy this guest blog post and I hope you are inspired and excited to create your space. Then at the end, make sure to check out the link to my tutorial on making a custom room design for your space.

Crochet Room Guide

Guest Post By: Tamara Segal 

Why is Crocheting Such a Popular Pastime? 

Many people wonder how to start doing crochet, and in the past years, it has become more popular because it is an excellent and fun way to make perfect presents for others and pieces for your home and wardrobe. There are a lot of benefits it has for your life. It reduces stress, anxiety, and the risk of Alzheimer’s and helps stimulate dopamine, and, in this way, allow us to feel happier and better. 

After you have become more familiar with the delicate art of crocheting, learning a few basic stitches, and starting with basic yarns and patterns, you will need some essential tools, and why not, creating a room or space for you to have your own crochet oasis at home. 

Before you begin, gather your crocheting supplies.

For this, you will not need to gather so many supplies; you can just start with the basics. The main item is a crochet hook, and there are plenty of sizes and types available. The most commons are the aluminum ones when beginning, but the most important thing is that you feel it comfortable in your hands. The three basics supplies are: 

  • Crochet Hooks 
  • A ball of wool or acrylic yarn 
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry Needle 

There are many types of yarn as well, but by using some of them and the hooks, you will discover by yourself which one you like the most (and will also depend on what you are crafting). With some time, you’ll become a pro and start adding some items to your essentials list, but with these basics, you are ready to start getting into the crocheting hobby! 

Crochet Tools

How to create the crocheting room of your dreams

A little imagination and resourcefulness are all it takes to transform any room in your home into your dream crocheting space. You can use the pieces that you have made for the room or space décor. Whether you enjoy your crochet crafts on a comfy couch or in a spacious spare bedroom, use these DYI tips to transform your space into a creative oasis. 

Crochet Room Guide

Make sure your space is comfortable.

When spending some time doing crocheting, as it is very manual, you need to keep a comfortable position to avoid back, neck, and arm pain. You can do it on a sofa, a recliner, or even a comfy oversized chair where you can sit for hours if you are a crochet lover.

Nothing better than a calm and tranquil environment to boost imagination and creativity. 

As every time we try to find space for a new hobby at home, the first thing is to find the right spare room or corner where you will be working and start by decluttering it so you can have an organized space that boosts your productivity. 

Always be proud of the space you are dedicating to your crochet making; keep it tidy, so it’s always ready to use. Love your room, knowing it is for you alone! To have the ideal space, you do not need a whole room or a wall of yarn; sometimes, you need a little corner (although we can always dream bigger, can’t we?).

Crochet Room Design

Go with your own inspiration and experience. 

The most common projects when you are starting are headbands, cup holders, coasters, pouches, the popular and cute amigurumi, and more! With time you will be creating your own crafts, watching tutorials, learning from magazines and patterns you can find online. Just let go of your imagination and create the perfect space for you and your new crocheting hobby.

Crochet Room Design

Customize Your Space with a Free Tutorial.

I’d like to thank Tamara for her inspiration in this great article about your Crochet Room Guide. I love how she emphasizes that you don’t need an entire wall of yarn, just the basics. Carve out your space, make it tidy and inspiring and have fun.

Make sure you check out my Tutorial on how I made my space in my new home office by clicking HERE.

The tutorial includes how I used some simple crates from Hobby Lobby and a photo frame to create this simple little display. It made an ordinary office look like it was made for a crochet lover.