Cute Space & Galaxy Crochet Pattern to Make a Gift Set

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The Space Blanket crochet pattern that was recently released has been a huge hit. I think it is because of its unique construction and the fact that it is for children of all ages. These features always make for a great gift, whether it is for a baby shower or a 2, 3, or 4th birthday.

Space Blanket

As a space blanket this is designed with the sun in the upper corner accented with orbit lines and all the planets (including the questionable Pluto). You can read all about this crochet design and find out all the details through the link below:

What to Include with your Blanket

I know you have fallen in love with the space blanket. Now, are you racking your brain with “who can I make it for”? Well, sit back and check out these cute crochet items you can add to the blanket when gifting. These darling additions may trigger who the perfect recipient is.

Cute Space & Galaxy Crochet Gifts

Check out these adorable crochet patterns that would be so cute to add to your gift along side the Space Blanket.

More Crochet Fun

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