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As a crocheter, I believe we as a community have a problem. It is one that many of us struggle with and can often hide from others. This problem is our left-over yarn stash. I know you have it, I have one too. It is hidden in the back corner of my closet. When I finish a project, I have to keep the left-over yarn and it gets hidden into a stash that continues to grow and never gets used!

My hope is to help you with this small addiction. I hope to help by sharing small and quick crochet projects that you can make with that left-over yarn. Over the next 2 weeks (starting April 15th), I will share a new crochet pattern daily. Each pattern gives you the chance to use up some of your scrap yarn. Not only are you using up scraps, but you are doing it in 60 minutes or less.

60 Minute or Less Blog Hop

It’s time to go grab that box or bin of extra scraps, sit down and start thinking and dreaming about what you can crochet. I hope you love some of these designs and give them a try.

Featured Crochet Patterns

60 Minute or Less Sweet Potato 3

Sweet Potato 3

Crochet this fun and creative mug organizer to hold all your tools, whether they are crochet, craft or office supplies. I am sure you will love making this fun and quick crochet project.

60 Minutes or Less Raffamusa

Raffamusa Designs

I think this is the cutest scrap yarn crochet project I’ve seen. The changing colors is a perfect look to this ami popcycles! What a fun thing to make for summer.

60 Minutes or Less

Pam’s Cozy Corner

Crocheting hair tie/scrunchies is a brilliant way to use up those small amounts of scrap yarn! Make them in multiple colors so you have one for every occasion/outfit.

The Granny Square Scrunchie is designed by Pam’s Cozy Corner and is made with the Granny Square Stitch which works perfect for the gathering effect needed in hair ties! Check it out today!

Simply Hooked by Janet

Whip up a bandana for this summer, it’s great to keep your hair back on those sunny and windy days.

This cute design is by Simply Hooked by Janet and is available for your FREE download for 24 hours through the link below:

Sunflower Cottage Crochet

A Mug Rug! That’s right, what an easy and fun project to use up your scrap yarn. They take a small amount of yarn so you can have one in every color.

Sunflower Cottage Crochet designed these cuties just for the blog hop. Grab it as a free download, just look for the “download button” for the next 24 hours.

Carroway Crochet

If you loved yesterday’s Mug Rug, you may also like this version by Carroway Crochet. Another quick crochet project.

Snappy Tots

A quick crochet phone pouch designed by Snappy Tots. I love “why” she designed them:

I created these little “Phone Pouches” to wrap around the door handle of our truck for when we go on road trips. I keep my crochet supplies in one and my phone in the other.

Heidi, Snappy Tots

Owen’s Villa Chick Crochet

Are you seeing a theme of coasters? I guess that is just telling us all that coasters are and ideal project for left over yarn. Plus, you can never have too many-you can even use them for small hot dishes in a pinch!

Grab this cute coaster design today!

Crochets by Trista

It’s almost summer and we all need to tote around a pair of sunglasses. A soft crocheted case is perfect to protect the lenses.

The Sun & Shade Sunglass Case pattern is by Crochet by Trista, check out the pattern and more info in the linked button:

Lakeview Cottage Kids

Who else is ready to scream that it is “spring time”? I love this time of year, as the flowers start popping and the evenings start to warm.

These darling door hangers are so colorful and show your love for spring as well. They are such a cute way to use up colorful scraps of yarn.

SEK Handmade

I have always been a fan of coffee, any time of year. I take it everywhere and being able to add a sleeve is so beneficial. It keeps your coffee warmer, keeps your hands from burning and the best part, makes your coffee pretty!

I love the Nolan Coffee Cozy, it’s beautifully handmade with lovely stitch ways. It’s a fun project to make to help reduce the size of your stash!

Underground Crafter

Have you ever tried crocheting jewelry? This is your chance!

Use up a bit of your scrap yarn and add to your necklace collection with this fun pendant necklace pattern by Underground Crafter.

Creations by Courtney

This is a darling scrap project! I love the bow, then add the diamond detail and it is simply too cute.

The bow is adorable for a little girls hair but would be equally handsome for a little boys necktie. I love versatile patterns.

Marsha Yarn Doodles

This design just makes me smile. It reminds me of sunshine and fun summer drinks. You can use it as a cozy or as a glass topper to keep the bugs out!

Switch up colors for a summer rainbow and enjoy the whimsical charm of the Imagination Beaded Glass Cover:

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