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The feast of St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here and it is time to get your crochet on and whip up some lucky patterns for the occassion.

Every March 17, the United States becomes an emerald country for a day. Americans wear green clothes and quaff green beer. Green milkshakes, bagels and grits appear on menus. In a leprechaun-worthy shenanigan, Chicago even dyes its river green.

However you plan to celebrate, I can guarantee that one or many of the below St. Patrick’s Day crochet pattern finds will warm up your home and get you ready for the big day.

St Patrick's Day Pattern Round Up

A few St. Patricks Day Facts According to

  1. For several centuries, March 17 was a day of solemnity in Ireland with Catholics attending church in the morning and partaking of modest feasts in the afternoon.
  2. The party atmosphere (in America) only spread to Ireland after the arrival of television when the Irish could see all the fun being had across the ocean.
  3. For decades, Irish laws prohibited pubs from opening on holy days such as March 17. Until 1961, the only legal place to get a drink in the Irish capital on St. Patrick’s Day was the Royal Dublin Dog Show, which naturally attracted those with only a passing canine interest.
  4. The meal that became a St. Patrick’s Day staple across the country—corned beef and cabbage—was also an American innovation. While ham and cabbage was eaten in Ireland, corned beef proved a cheaper substitute for impoverished immigrants.

St. Patrick's Day Round Up

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