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Last year I designed a set of fun stuffy animals with the intent of newborn photographers in mind, but they are being made by so many and are made for everyone! I designed a teddy bear, fox and bunny. They were so successful and I have received so many wonderful comments about them I have thought about extending the line of stuffies. So when I received a message about how to alter the bunny into an elephant I ran with the idea.

Look at how cute he turned out!
This little guy stands at about 6 1/2″ tall and is slightly stockier than my other stuffies.
Grab your copy on:
Now how about make this into a darling set and add a matching hat, oh that would be too cute!
The Elephant Earflap Hat can be ordered on:
And here are the other animal stuffies I mentioned earlier.
I hope you enjoy each and everyone of them.
The animal stuffies pattern can be ordered on:
Here are some amazing pictures of these little stuffies in use. All the images below are from the very talented Christy Mitchell Photography.

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  1. Angie Palmer

    These are so adorable! I can’t wait to make a couple of these for the kiddos!

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