Lattice Scarf Remix with Nicki’s Handmade Crafts

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It is time for a pattern remix!!!

What is a pattern remix? It is when you take a pattern and change it just a bit to make it different. Kirsten Holloway organized a fun pattern remix between 13 crochet designers, including myself. You can find the details about the Designer Remix, HERE.

Kirsten Halloway & Sweet Potato 3

I was so excited to look through all the designers shops and fell in love with Nicki’s Homemade Crafts Lattice Scarf. The eye catching stitches caught my attention and I knew this was the pattern I wanted to work with to add a touch of Sweet Potato 3 to. Look how beautiful the original design is.

Nikki's Homemade Crafts

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for texture and this scarf is full of it with those amazing raised diamonds. Nikki also provides a great photo tutorial on her blog as well as a video tutorial for those that like to see it in action. Find her full blog post about the Lattice Scarf HERE.

Now for the Remix, a touch of SP3

I had some Knit Picks Brava Worsted Weight in Red laying around and with the upcoming holidays, this was perfect. I followed Nikki’s pattern until it measured 32″ long. Then to make it different I added a key hole end.

Lattice Scarf Remix

Follow pattern until it measures 32″ long, ending on a row 7 repeat (which completes the diamond pattern).

Lattice Scarf Pattern

Key Hole Addition:

  • R1: Ch 2, dc in each st across, turn (31)
  • R2: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc in each st across until 2 sts remain, sc2tog, turn (29)
  • R3-5: Repeat Row 2 (each row will decease by 2 stitches, after row you will have 23 stitches)
  • Note: in Row 5, mark the middle stitch (12th stitch), this will be the placement of the button you will sew on later.
  • R6-11: Repeat Row 2 (each row will decease by 2 stitches, after row you will have 11 stitches)
  • R12-42: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn (11)
  • R43: Ch 1, sc in first 4 sts, ch 3, skip next 3 sts, sc in last 4 sts, turn (11)
  • R44: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc in next 7 sts & chains, sc2tog, turn (9)
  • R45: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc in next 5 sts, sc2tog, turn (7)
  • R46: Ch 1, sc2tog, sc in next 3 sts, sc2tog (5), fasten off and weave in ends
  • Sew a 1” button on the marked (center) stitch from Row 5.

Sweet Potato 3

Lattice Scarf Remix

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