Crochet from a Graph: learn today

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I am hosting a LIVE session in my Crochet & Conversations group about how to crochet from a chart! That’s right. I have received so many requests regarding this topic. I finally decided it was time to sit down and do some show & tell.

Where can I watch the LIVE video?

The Facebook LIVE will be hosted in my Crochet & Conversations group on Facebook. This is a fun and interactive group of fellow crocheters. We chat about, post about, and see everything about crochet. We support one another and cheer one another on as we learn new things. That is why this session will be hosting in this supportive group. You can join now by clicking HERE.

pattern group

What do I need?

The LIVE session will be visual based. But, you are welcome to work along with me as I show the details. I will be working slow so you can see each step of the way. If this is your very first time trying to crochet from a chart it may be helpful to just watch and then watch the replay and work along side me.

All you will need to work along with me is some small amounts of yarn. A smaller crochet hook, I will probably be using a Crochet Hook H (5.00 mm) and a crochet graph to work off of. I have created a small graph that goes with the upcoming holiday to practice with. Click this link to download and print an easy crochet Jack-O-Lantern graph to try out.

Let me know how it goes

I would love to hear how your progress is going with this new skill set. There are so many amazing patterns that are worked using charts. Knowing how to crochet from a graph will allow you to crochet from so many more patterns, you will be very thankful once you have it mastered.

Want to Try a Bigger Project?

One of my best selling patterns uses this crocheting from a graph method. It also will use the same stitches that I showed in my LIVE tutorial so you can see how I worked it up. Check out my Deerly Beloved Blanket by clicking this LINK.

Deerly Beloved Blanket

Knot Your Average Bag – Crochet Pattern

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Using the traditional Japanese Style Bag to design the latest crochet pattern from Sweet Potato 3, I am excited to share with you the, “Knot Your Average Bag”. A fun and unique style combined with some super fun stitches that look like bows or diamonds or just a whimsical design.

Knot Crochet Bag Pattern

Knot Your Average Bag designed Just for YOU

The style of this handbag design was a special request. A member in the Crochet & Conversations FB group (Join HERE) requested a traditional Knot Bag. When she suggested this knot style bag I knew it had to be designed and it had to be fun. My hope is that that this crochet pattern inspires you to “make one just for yourself”! Many crocheters never crochet anything for themselves, but this project was designed just for you <3

Where did you find that Yarn?

Made in a worsted weight yarn the Knot Your Average Bag works up with about 400 yards of your favorite yarn. Finding a yarn that is ideal for a crochet bag can be a challenge. I was lucky enough to have a few hanks of Cloudborn Superwash Merino Worsted yarn sent to me and I knew it was going to be perfect for the Knot Your Average Bag pattern.

Shop the entire line, all 34 colors, of Cloudborn Superwash Merino Worsted yarn to find your perfect color (affiliate link): HERE

What makes the Design Unique

Featuring two straps of varying lengths is the key to the Knot Your Average Bag design. Simply pull the longer strap through the short strap and it naturally closes and opens with ease. A short strap acts as the closure. While the longer strap is the handle. You can easily customize this for your ideal bag. Leave the handle short to use as a wristlet. A medium length is great for a traditional handbag as shown in the modeled photos. Crochet the strap extra long for a cross body bag. The options are endless.

Where to get your pattern

2019 Crochet Cancer Challenge

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Mark Your Calendars! Grab Your STASH!

The 2019 Cancer Challenge is almost here….

October is Cancer Awareness Month. The 2019 Crochet Cancer Challenge will be the 6th annual event and trust me, this is gearing up for the best year ever!  

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Each year the challenge is essentially the same with some small changes. The goal is the same:

We (all the designers participating) are calling all crocheters out there to pledge to crochet as many hats as possible. Crochet the hats from our newly released patterns that we are offering for free in exchange for your donation of that hat to a cancer patient or cancer center near you. This will reach so many corners around the world and will touch so many people during a very challenging time in their lives.

Sound Fun and Want More Details? 

Many / Most of us have been affected by cancer in some way. It is difficult to see someone go through cancer and/or chemotherapy. But with a community standing beside them makes the battle slightly less daunting.   In honor of my Uncle Jeff, who lost his battle in September of 2014, I am hosting the 6th annual Cancer Challenge.  

Crochet Cancer Challenge

How does the Crochet Cancer Challenge work?

It is pretty simple and straight forward. I am asking all of you crocheters out there, to help make hats for cancer patients and cancer survivors. The hats can be made for someone you know, someone your friends know, a co-worker, teacher, neighbor, or even a complete stranger. You can make as many hats as you can and donate them to your local cancer center. If a cancer center is not in your area you can contact me and and I can help you find a place or organization to send them to.

How long does the crochet cancer challenge last?

Crochet Cancer Challenge Month Calandar

The challenge will begin October 1 and run through October 31. Each day of the month there will be a featured designer who will offer a FREE hat pattern in exchange for your pledge to make a hat to donate. That is 31 Free Hat Patterns as long as you promise to Donate 31 Hats. To keep everyone on track I am asking that all pledges be fulfilled by the end of 2019.

Stay tuned!

Sign up to follow by email (sign up below), this way you won’t miss any posts, updates, or patterns during the Challenge. More information will be posted over the next couple weeks. I will be highlighting the following topics and will add links as a reference once they have been posted:

Information Links for the Cancer Challenge

  1. What type of hat should I make, what sizes and where should I get the patterns, click HERE
  2. What type of yarn is recommended for the hats, click HERE
  3. Where should I donate my hats, click HERE
  4. A fun “start early” project you can add to your hats, click HERE
  5. Challenge others to join and more fun information, click HERE

Mountain Peaks Mitts – crochet pattern

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I love seeing beautiful Mountain Peaks silhouetting against a stunning sky. It is so majestic and brings a sense of peace to me.

Mountain peaks
Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

That beauty is what inspired me to design the Mountain Peaks Crochet Mitts. Sitting at the base of a majestic mountain with a chill in the air and some warm mitts on keeping me nice and toasty.

I was so excited to create these mitts in a super soft Cloudborn Superwash Merino DK yarn. The yarn is a perfect weight for mitts, they are not bulky at all and are a comfortable fit. The Mountain Peaks Mitt pattern comes with 3 adult sizes, so you can make a pair that will fit perfect.


Order your copy of the Mountain Peaks Mitts in a KIT

There are a few ways to get the Mountain Peaks Mitts crochet pattern. You can purchase the pattern in a kit format! The kit will include the pattern and the Cloudborn Superwash Merino Yarn, choose from 33 different colors. Order the kit through BluPrint, HERE. You can also become a member of BluPrint and get an additional 15% off along with other member benefits, read more details about a membership option, HERE.

Do you want just the pattern

To get the Mountain Peaks Mitt Pattern and pick out your own yarn of choice, grab the pattern in any of my shops:

Oh, I Love the Yarn used in the Photos

Do you LOVE the Cloudborn Superwash Merino DK yarn as much as I do? I bet you would love to order some extra skeins for more mitts or different project. Use my affiliate link to order more yarn. I get a small kickback so appreciate you using this link, check out all 33 colors HERE.

Other Fingerless Mitts you may like:

Deep Waters Prayer Shawl CAL

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During the month of September, I will be hosting a Crochet Along. The Crochet Along will feature a Prayer Shawl with beautiful textures and natural color changes.

The design of the prayer shawl is to be appealing to the eye. It has a subtle pattern change within the color changes. The stitches create a top that gives you the warmth your body needs. While the lower portion of the shawl is an open, flowy stitch that provides a beautiful drape and open look. I just love the design and hope you do to.

What is a Prayer Shawl?

You may be asking yourself, What is a Prayer Shawl. I found this beautiful description from the Lion Brand website:

Prayer shawl. Peace shawl. Comfort shawl. Mantle. Whatever name you give them, they serve the same purpose. These are a wearable hug crafted with love and intent from maker to recipient. Whether it be personal words, verse, song, prayer, mantra, or something else, it is these thoughts imbued in the shawl with each stitch that make them what they are.

Lion Brand Website ( )

I couldn’t have explained it better myself. It’s a “Wearable Hug” that has been crocheted, with thoughts and prayers, of the recipient through the entire process of making the shawl. For this design, that process will include a crochet along format.

What is a Crochet Along?

A crochet along, also known as a CAL, is a group of people who work on making the same project together at the same pace. The wonderful part about online, is that we can do this with a larger group of people who enjoy our same craft of crochet. We have the ability to show our progress with one another and cheer each other on, all while being in the comfort of our own homes.

Deep Waters Prayer Shawl CAL Schedule

  • Tuesday, Sept 3: CAL released, once purchased you will receive the supply list
  • Sept 3-9: This is your time to get all your supplies ready to begin, it’s fun, pick out some fun colors and share them within the CAL group.
  • Tuesday, Sept 10: Section 1 of the CAL will be released, I will do a LIVE Session to show you step by step how to complete this section
  • Thursday, Sept 12: Section 2 will be released, I will do a LIVE Session
  • Monday, Sept 16: Section 3 will be released, I will do a LIVE Session
  • Wednesday, Sept 18: Section 4 will be released
  • Monday, Sept 23: Section 5 will be released, I will do a LIVE Session
  • Sept 24-30: Post your Final Prayer Shawl photos so everyone can drool over how lovely they are

What Group will the LIVE Sessions be in?

I have an amazing Crochet & Conversations group on facebook that I host. I will be going LIVE in this group and this is also where you can post your progress photos, ask questions, and converse about the CAL. You can join the group by asking to join HERE.


I will also be hosting this same CAL in the Christian Crochet Group. Again, I’d love for you to join and share your progress photos, ask questions, and enjoy the company of others in that group. You can join the Christian Crochet Group HERE.

Supplies for the Prayer Shawl CAL

You will need to purchase the pattern (check my groups for a discount code). The pattern will be available on Ravelry, HERE. Updates will also come through Ravelry. The supplies are pretty simple:

  • Hook size J (6.00 mm)
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (#4) – Sample made in: Sprightly. Sprightly has many colors to choose from, you may purchase through my affiliate link HERE
  • C1 (color 1): Silver Grey shown in sample – 525 yards
  • C2 (color 2): Ocean shown in sample – 470 yards
  • C3 (color 3): Navy shown in sample – 400 yards
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

How to Join the Deep Waters Prayer Shawl CAL

To join the Deep Waters Prayer Shawl Crochet Along, simple purchase the pattern on Ravelry, HERE. Get the pattern for 50% off, no code needed. The discount will be applied at checkout and will be good through September 24, 2019.

I hope to see you in the groups and am even more excited to see your finished Deep Waters Prayer Shawl.

Frankenstein Crochet Hat Pattern-Free

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Frankenstein is one of the oldest and most classic Halloween characters to date. That being said, it can be tricky coming up with the perfect costume for Frankenstein… until now! Grab your favorite green yarn and use your crochet skills to whip up this adorable hat.

This pattern was one of my first designs. It is a simple pattern. But, you may learn a new stitch (check out that hair… hmmm, how is that done?). The design comes with sizes from newborn up to child. The child hat will fit up to about a 12 year old, depending on their size.

Where to get your Free Frankenstein Hat pattern

Are you dying to find out where you can get the pattern? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to join any website or anything crazy like that. You can simply download the Crochet Hat pattern by clicking HERE.

Find More Adorable Free Halloween Hat patterns

I know this Frankenstein hat is about the cutest thing out there. But, I do have some other great hat designs for Halloween. And guess what, they are FREE too! You better take a peak because you may know someone who they will be perfect for.

Don’t miss out on any more Sweet Potato 3 Crochet Fun

Do you love crochet and always like to have a project in hand or a WIP (work in progress) by your side. Then you must join my Crochet & Conversations facebook group. You will not be disappointed. It is a great resource for all things crochet. Come and share your projects, ask for inspiration, see what others are working on, or just meet others who cannot get enough of this fun fiber art. To join, click HERE.

pattern group