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We are currently all living in a time in our lives of uncertainty. As our entire world is staying home to help fight the spread of the Corona Virus/COVID-19 all our lives have changed. Some are working from home, some are unable to work, some are able to help others while others are looking for ways to help.

As a crafter, it is in our nature to make things and gift them to other people. I know many of my followers are really into doing charity work (just follow my October Crochet Cancer Challenge to see). As we embark on this new time in our lives I was trying to find a way to help out or reach out to others while still practicing social distancing.

One Way Crocheters can Pay It Forward

I have seen many posts on the shortage of medical face masks. Many are asking sewers to help make masks to support the healthcare workers (and others that need these masks).

All over the country, homebound Americans are crafting thousands upon thousands of face masks to help shield doctors, nurses and many others from the coronavirus.

They are pulling together to meet an urgent need: Hospitals, overwhelmed by the fast spreading pandemic, are burning through their supplies of protective gear, in particular masks, at an alarming rate. Doctors and nurses are getting sick and dying.

Crocheting facemasks is POINTLESS and can actually be DANGEROUS because germs will go straight through the fibers. So, why am I even bringing this up to my fellow crocheters? Because, as crocheters, can pay it forward and thank those that are sewing to help others.

Crochet Pin Cushions are fun, quick and a cute Thank You

Pin Cushions Crochet Pattern Round Up

It is always a great surprise to receive something for the work you have done, now is the time for us to do just that. Our fellow crafters are sewing away to help others. So, let’s pull together and crochet Pin Cushions to give to those who are helping others!

I have browsed Etsy and found some of the cutest Pin Cushions for you all today. Let’s support these small businesses, during this crazy time in our world, and put our crochet talents to work thanking others and letting them know we admire their hard work!

Cutest Crochet Pin Cushions

I would love to see any pin cushions you have made to pay it forward. Please join my facebook group in the next paragraph to show me and to inspire others. Stay Healthy and Well.

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