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A friendly crochet design competition can be so fun and challenging all at the same time. I recently was a participant in one and designed the Serenity Yoga / Beach Tote. Keep reading so see how this design came to be. 
As a competitor, I received a theme, a stitch and was given 4 weeks to be ready to release! The pattern had to be designed, written, tested and photographed with deadlines along the way.

The Theme: Serenity

I was so excited to hear about the theme. When I think of Serenity, I think of being at peace, in nature and feeling relaxed. It might mean different things to different people. For some, it might mean meditating under a tree after their daily dose of CBD oil. It might mean taking a hike to the woods, or watching birds, or simply reading a book in a cozy place. To me, there is no better place than to be in the Mountains. The above photo was a photo we took on a recent hike I went on with my family in the Payette National Forest in Central Idaho. 

The Stitch: Serenity

A few days later the stitch was released. I was surprised to hear that it was called, SERENITY, as well. The Serenity stitch is basically a picot, cluster, picot repeat. We were shown this as a sample.
Now, I was ready for the design frenzy that was going on through my head. I had about 4 or 5 designs and really struggled on settling on one. However, in the end, my thoughts about serenity was always,
Quiet, Meditative, Nature,

The Design: Serenity Yoga / Beach Tote

I had so much fun designing this tote. It is something different than my typical design style. I really tried to push my level of creativity and loved seeing the bottom of the bag change with each row. I used Premier Yarns Cotton and loved working with this yarn. It will wear nicely and wash up great!
I made the bottom of the tote fun and colorful, as the bottom turns the corner it is solid for a more stable base to the tote and allows the yoga mat to easily sit at the bottom. About 4″ from the base you get to see the beauty of the serenity stitch begin and show off the delicateness of the stitch repeats.
After adding a shoulder strap and a drawstring closure the tote is done!
But, not everyone is into yoga. I want everyone to be able to make this toe because it is so much fun! So, I included instructions to make the tote smaller and it will work perfect for a day at the beach. The photo’s below are courtesy of Nondas from Yarn Medleys from the Heart.
Kendal, from Kendal’s Kreations, also made a beautiful full sized Yoga Tote.
And one more fabulous sample is by Gillian from Enfy’s Creations.

Where to Find the Serenity Yoga / Beach Tote Pattern

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