Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow – Crochet Pattern

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Earlier this week, I released a fun Pocket Pillow Pattern that is so much fun! It is a fun way to gift books. Or a useful way to hold/store items you use daily while lounging on the couch (newspaper, remotes, books, iPad). Well, as soon as I designed a couple, I knew I had to include the same idea to the Popular Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set. 

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

 Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow

Grab the Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow on Ravelry – HERE

Grab the Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow on Etsy – HERE

The way the stitches are arranged in the Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow allows it to coordinate perfectly with the rest of the set. This makes the gift more complete. You can mix and match the pieces you want and they all are adorable. Tuck either your favorite book into the pocket or even the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Stuffy into the pocket as well.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Pillow

Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow

If you love these sets check below for a link to the coordinating Sleep Tight Teddy Bear patterns on Ravelry:

Sleep Tight Set (includes Blanket, Lovey, Stuffed Animal): HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Lovey (small blanket) Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Hat Only: HERE

Sleep Tight Pocket Pillow Only: HERE

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