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I have completely fallen in love with crocheting color changing blankets. Being able to crochet a picture into the design is a game changer and elevates crochet blankets to the next level. If you have been following me, you know that I live in a small mountain town in Idaho and love the outdoors, wildlife and the beauty in nature.

Aspen Tree Bark

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were cleaning up some deadfall from the winter. Most of the trees we lost this year were Aspens, I love the bark on an Aspen tree, it is explained perfectly on the Forestry website:

The tree’s bark adds a unique touch – smooth and creamy white, it starkly contrasts with the surrounding forest landscape. This distinctive feature not only sets the aspen apart visually but also serves as a signature characteristic, making it instantly recognizable in various ecosystems.

Aspen Tree –

Among the Aspens Blanket Design

Working on our property and hauling chunks of Aspen trees inspired my new blanket design. The majestic, tall, straight trunks of the tree are distinct and eye catching. I wanted to capture this same eye appeal in the color changes within the crochet stitches.

Among the Aspens crochet blanket

It is so rewarding to have an idea, work for hours on designing the perfect graphic and color change placements, and then seeing it crocheted. The blanket turned out just as beautiful as I imagined it would.

Have You Worked Color Changes in your crochet?

If you’ve been following me, you know my love of the knotted half double crochet. This stitch is what has allowed me to creates some of the most beautiful designs using color changes. It creates gorgeous color transitions, clean lines and angles among a full-bodied stitch.

The knotted half double crochet is a unique stitch that is new to many crocheters. I started designing with it in 2020 when I designed my Music to the Souls Blankets (and now I have over 30 patterns using it and many more designs on their way).

If you are new to crocheting color changes it can be intimidating. Starting a large project can be extra intimidating because you want it to start and end with consistent quality of tension/gauge and stitches. It was important to me to make everyone feel confident when making one of my designs using the knotted half double crochet and working my graph patterns, so I created a full course that walks you through all the nitty gritty you may want to know.

All my designs using this technique have full instructions in the pattern itself, but if you want to practice or need a little more guidance, please be sure to check out my Changing Colors Course.

Changing Colors Course

materials needed for the among the aspens blanket

Confession time: my initial thoughts was to make the blanket in the high contrast of white and black. However, when I sat down to order yarn, I quickly remembered that I am not a fan of crocheting with black yarn. So, I decided to go with a colorway that was very similar but softer and ended up choosing a charcoal and cream colorway.

  • Yarn: a heavier Worsted Weight yarn total of 2800 yards – Sample made using Red Heart Super Saver  
    • 1000 yards White/Aran yarn: 3 skeins
    • 1800 yards Main Color (mc)/Charcoal: 5 skeins
  • Size K/3/6.50mm crochet hook 
  • Size I/5/5.50 mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Measuring Tape
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
Among the Aspens in progress

A couple pattern notes, first off the blanket is 100% reversible! The clean lines and everything look the same on the back side as the front side.

Completed size of the finished blanket is 47” wide X 58” long, however, this can vary slightly depending on the yarn you use.

Amont the Aspens

Where to get your copy of the Among the Aspens Blanket

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