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If you see me wearing it, you know I love it! When I designed the Lovely Ladders Cowl crochet pattern I fell in love with the drape and the warmth so much I wore it in our family photos.

Naugle Family

The cowl is made using one of my favorite yarns, Lion Brand Jeans which is a very soft yarn but also buoyant which means it is ever so cozy and warm. I made my cowl an infinity cowl so I can wrap it twice around my neck for that extra warm feeling. However, you can make yours a single wrap for a lighter look and feel.

Lovely Ladder Cowl Crochet Pattern

The stitches used in the cowl allow a lovely drape and ease especially with the “double ladders” that are created as you crochet. These ladders is what gives this cowl a little extra texture when it wraps around your neck and helps it lay so lovely.

Lovely Ladders Cowl Test Samples

I love making new designs, but when I send the pattern to my amazing testers and they get to work up the pattern and then I get to see their photos, that is when I really fall in love with the designs. Check out how gorgeous theirs turned out.

Michelle Wulf Lovely Ladders Cowl

Sample Made by tester Michelle, she made her Lovely Ladders cowl using Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek. I love how her cowl seems a little more bulky and warm. Plus the amazing red looks fabulous on her and she looks ready for the holidays!

Tester Vicki whipped up her Lovely Ladders cowl in a neutral cream color. If you know me, I am a sucker for colors that go with everything. In this sample you can really see how lovely the texture is in the stitches around the “ladders”. Well done Vicki!

Pattern Tester Jillian used Lion Brand Ferris Wheel. I am usually not a fan of variegated yarns like this but with the Lovely Ladders design you don’t lose anything with the color changing. I actual LOVE it made in the Ferris Wheel!

Tester Heather used Red Heart with Love in the color Pewter. You guessed it, I am adore this look and color. This yarn is a little heavier than I used but it gives the cowl a very warm and cozy look. I also love how she left the cowl long, it would be more like wearing a blanket to keep you warm from the chill of winter.

Materials Needed for Lovely Ladders Cowl Cowl

  • Worsted (#4) Weight Yarn: 375-425 yards
  • Sample made with 2 Skeins Lion Brand Jeans yarn color: Classic
  • Crochet Hook J (6.00 mm)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Measuring Tape
  • Optional: Stitch Marker

Where to find the Lovely Ladders Cowl crochet pattern

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