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The weather is turning and in the chilly air we all need to get some new warm gear. I designed this fun Addictive Angles Ear Warmers that work up quick and fit many sizes.

Each Ear Warmer has a different patterned look that is shown in the crochet stitches. Check out the fun angled designs in each of the pieces, all a little different but super cute and fun!

Addictive Angles  Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Addictive Angles Designs within the Stitches

The fun angles in the ear warmers are all created in the stitch work as you crochet the pieces. They all begin and end the same way, however, the main design can be chosen among the three patterns included.

The 3 patterns are a modern design and include: diagonal, arrows and X’s. Who wouldn’t love all these?

Unique Multi-Size Back Allows for Lots of Stretch

The Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern comes in one size, BUT, it is made with a hair elastic that allows for many sizes. The ear warmers in this photo fit my niece, who is 7, they also comfortably fit me. The elastic is worked into the back of the ear warmer and crocheted over to create a visually appealing back.

Addictive Angles Ear Warmer Back View

Where to find the Ear Warmer Pattern

The Addictive Angles Ear Warmers is available in my pattern shops.

Addictive Angles Ear Warmers

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  1. Rita Miller

    These were so fun to make! I can see why you call them “addictive”!! I only made one of each so far, but I plan on making more once I get some better elastics. Thanks so much for the free patterns!

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