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There are times when a crocheters just wants a small project either to add to something bigger or to just whip up quickly and use as a small square decor. With Christmas approaching that is exactly what I had in mind as I designs this cute reindeer square.

Made in a traditional single crochet graph pattern, you can make up this reindeer square and use it in so many ways. Add it to an apron to make it into a pocket, sew multiple ones together to turn it into a pillow (see cute pillow project linked within this blog post), or seam two together and add a strap for a fun holiday tote.

Reindeer Graph

The Reindeer Graph Information

The crochet square is made using a worsted weight yarn. If a heavier or lighter yarn weight is used, your size will adjust accordingly. But, for the sake of this article my gauge check and info will be based off of using a worsted weight #4 yarn.

The gauge check is 16 single crochet stitches and 18 rows resulting in a 4-inch by 4-inch square, or 10-centimeter by 10-centimeter square.

With the above gauge match, your finished crochet square will be 8 inches by 8 inches. This measurement does include a simple single crochet border around the square.

reindeer squares

The graph & written instructions

Many people enjoy crocheting directly from a graph, but I prefer written instructions. For me, they are easier to follow and help guarantee you are working in the correct direction of the graph. There is nothing worse than setting down a project only to come back and accidently swap what direction your image is facing.

So, to help everyone out, I am offering the graph and the written instructions. Another positive thing about this graph is that I made it mirror itself. So, if you happen to get off on the direction you are crocheting, it is okay, it will still work up the same.

Reinderr Graph

Written Instructions

And for those of you who prefer to follow along with written instructions, this section is for you. I have also included some photos of my progress. You can double check to make sure your project is looking the same.

The entire graph pattern will be worked in single crochets. The written instructions below is more of a cheat sheet and just indications the number of stitches to be worked in each color. So, if it says 9Background, 3Reindeer, 9Background, that is stating to work 9 single crochets in the background color of yarn, then work 3 single crochets in the Reindeer color of yarn and lastly work 9 more single crochets in the background color.

When changing colors, add the new color in the last pull through of the previous stitch. Drop the old yarn color to the back side of your crochet piece.

← Row 1: 21Background (I like to work a foundation row of sc for this row, you can work a traditional chain 22, then a row of sc. I encourage you to try the foundation row, for a tutorial click HERE.

→ Row 2: 21Background
← Row 3: 21Background
→ Row 4: 21Background

row 4 of graph

← Row 5: 9Background, 3Reindeer, 9Background
→ Row 6: 8Background, 5Reindeer, 8Background

Row 6 of graph

← Row 7: 7Background, 7Reindeer, 7Background
→ Row 8: 7Background, 3Reindeer, 1Background, 3Reindeer, 7Background

row 8

← Row 9: 7Background, 7Reindeer, 7Background
→ Row 10: 7Background, 7Reindeer, 7Background

Row 10 of graph

← Row 11: 8Background, 5Reindeer, 8Background
→ Row 12: 8Background, 5Reindeer, 8Background

row 12 of graph

← Row 13: 7Background, 7Reindeer, 7Background
→ Row 14: 6Background, 2Reindeer, 1Background, 3Reindeer, 1Background, 2Reindeer, 6Background

row 14 reindeer graph

← Row 15: 3Background, 4Reindeer, 7Background, 4Reindeer, 3Background
→ Row 16: 2Background, 2Reindeer, 1Background, 1Reindeer, 9Background, 1Reindeer, 1Background, 2Reindeer, 2Background

row 16 of graph

← Row 17: 2Background, 1Reindeer, 2Background, 1Reindeer, 9Background, 1Reindeer, 2Background, 1Reindeer, 2Background
→ Row 18: 1Background, 2Reindeer, 15Background, 2Reindeer, 1Background
← Row 19: 1Background, 1Reindeer, 17Background, 1Reindeer, 1Background
→ Row 20: 21Background

row 20 graph

← Row 21: 21Background
→ Row 22: 21Background
← Row 23: 21Background

Adding a border

When crocheting a single crochet graph the stitches will look slightly different on both sides of your project. Typically, when you are done crocheting, you will prefer the look of one side of your project. Decide which one you prefer and then you can continue on to crochet a single crochet border.

Check out my video tutorial on how to crochet a border around your crochet piece:

Button Nose Touch

After crocheting the green version of my reindeer graph and knew it needed another touch. Of course, when I think of reindeer and Santa Clause, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer comes to mind. Therefore, I had to rummage through my buttons to find a small red one. Look how cute it looks on the reindeer graph square.

Reindeer Graph

Christmas Pillow and More

I have joined forces with some other amazing designers and to design Christmas themed squares. Joining them all together you get this darling pillow cover that you can customize with colors or squares to your liking.

Christmas Pillow

It’s so cute and you can grab all the square patterns from my fellow designers websites for free during the month of November. Or, you are welcome to get a jump start and get them all in one pdf file for a small cost. Find all the details of this option in the linked button below:

ebook option

Check out these links to the other designers squares:

  1. Gift Box by Blue Star Crochet – click HERE
  2. Christmas Stocking by Fosbas Designs – click HERE
  3. Christmas Tree by Raffamusa Designs – click HERE
  4. Bauble by Sunflower Cottage Crochet – click HERE
  5. Holly by Off the Hook For You – click HERE
  6. Santa’s Cane by Knitting with Chopsticks – click HERE
  7. Reindeer by Sweet Potato 3 (this post)
  8. Wreath by Loops & Love Crochet – click HERE (coming Nov 24)
  9. Snowflake by Green Fox Farms Designs – click HERE (coming Nov 28)

FREE Christmas Crochet Fun

  • Free Tree Garland and/or Gift Tags – click HERE
  • Free Christmas Tag Printable for Hot Pad & Scrubby Gift – click HERE
  • Free Elf Crochet Hat with Jingle Bell Tip – click HERE

More Crochet Fun

I know you’re a crocheters and enjoy learning more skills and tips. So, I would like to invite you to join my interactive Facebook Group called, “SP3 Crochet & Conversations”. This is a great community to share photos, ask questions and have fun. I invite you to join today by clicking HERE.

Crochet & Conversations

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