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Some Days you just need an extra layer for just a little extra warmth. Well, the Summer Daze Wrap is one of those key pieces you need in your wardrobe. It adds a touch of warmth, but not too much, sounds like that could be the best accessory this year!

Summer Daze Wrap

I designed this Wrap a few years ago, but it just never felt like it was complete or quite fit my style. I had a skein of Lion Brand Mandala sitting around and I was trying to decide what to make with it. My daughter had been begging me for a lightweight poncho style wrap. This is when it dawned on me to re-make my Summer Daze Wrap in her size!

I instantly knew that it was going to be fabulous with the natural color changes of the Mandala yarn. The light weight (#3) yarn allows the wrap to have a nice drape to it. It is crocheted with easy and basic stitches but has a very intricate look to it.

The pattern comes is so many size you can make them for nearly anyone.

  • Children’s Sizes: 2-4 years old / 5-7 years old / 8-10 years old / 11-12 years old
  • Adult Sizes: Small / Medium / Large / X-Large

Grab Your Copy of the Summer Daze Wrap Pattern

You can get your copy of the Summer Daze Wrap (the pattern includes all sizes for children and women). Get your copy on the sites below:

  • Etsy, click HERE
  • Ravelry, click HERE
  • Love Craft, click HERE

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