Awareness Ribbon – Jump Start Your Cancer Challenge

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I know from hosting the last 5 years of the Cancer Challenge that there are many of you that cannot wait for October 1st to begin. So, I have a little starter project just for you.

The Cancer Awareness Ribbon applique is a great add on to hats, scarves, blankets or whatever you are making. Especially if you are donating to a specific Cancer Center (breast cancer, children’s cancer, etc) because you can make it in the corresponding color.

Get Started Early with the Cancer Awareness Ribbon 

A couple years ago I had someone share a photo of a hat they had made for a donation. The hat featured a Cancer Awareness Ribbon. This was such a thoughtful touch to add to a donated hat so I wanted to share it with you. The best part was that the pattern by CrochetBug is free on their blog, you can find the link HERE.

Below is an image that shows the awareness color for some of the more common cancers.
Awareness Ribbon Colors

So, I encourage you to go grab some scrap yarn and your trusty crochet hook. Sit down in front of your favorite show or pod cast and whip us a handful of these awareness ribbons.

If you are inspired and want to participate but may have missed some of the blog posts, below is a quick reference to the posts with more information:

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  2. What type of hat should I make, what sizes and where should I get the patterns, click HERE.
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7 thoughts on “Awareness Ribbon – Jump Start Your Cancer Challenge

  1. Samantha

    Cancer runs strong in my family nd my brother and SIL run an organization for kids with cancer and I know how much a handmade gift like this means to the parents and the patients. I think it is amazing that the designers and all the fellow crocheters are willing to give their time and talents to help others. It is amazing to see such selflessness still in the world. Thank you all!

  2. Regina Worrell

    I have completed 3 of the 5 hats I downloaded and will donate them to UVA Cancer center in December. Thank you.

  3. Susan Johnson

    So glad I came across this post. I have a dear friend with stage 4 breast cancer. I have already made her a few hats but looking forward to helping with this project too. What a wonderful idea!


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