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Updated on November 4, 2021

What an amazing event 2021 was. I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you that participated, whether it was as a designer, a crocheter or if you were just able to share the challenge-thank you.

I love seeing all the hats made and hearing so many heart touching stories about your donations. The messages about why this challenge means so much to you are overwhelming. I read each and every one and do my best to respond. I feel honored to be able to host such an amazing event.

Now, my favorite part…. in October of 2021, our crochet community knocked last years numbers of pledges out of the water with 54,661. Yes, that is 54,661 hat made and lives touched by YOU. Thank you.

Original Cancer Challenge Info for 2021

Fall is almost in full swing here, the temperatures are dropping and the air is nice and crisp. This is a sign that October is nearing and that means my Crochet Cancer Challenge is coming up! This is my favorite charity crochet event and this year we are celebrating its 9th year!

crochet charity event cancer challenge

It has been such an honor to host this event every year and I am able to witness how charitable our crochet community is. I receive messages daily about how this is a project that is close to home for so many. It is a blessing to witness how our crochet community makes a difference one hat at a time.

what is the crochet Cancer Challenge

The Cancer Challenge is a crochet charity event that lasts the entire month of October. Each day of the month a new crochet pattern designer will be featured. In this feature they will release a new hat pattern that has been designed in honor of someone they know who has battled cancer or to help bring awareness to a specific type of cancer. Their hat design will be FREE for 48 hours in EXCHANGE for a pledge. By downloading the pattern for free you are taking a pledge to make a minimum of one hat from that pattern to donate.

cancer charity event explained

Over the last 9 years, the Crochet Cancer Challenge has grown and reached so many. It is a personal charity that means so much to so many crocheters and so many of us designers. The time and efforts put into this event by everyone is greatly appreciated.

Each hat made has a special meaning for the designer, the maker and the recipient. Help spread the word and encourage our efforts to grow by sharing the challenge, the links, photos of your completed hats and your donation piles. Use the hashtag #CrochetCancerChallenge in your posts and shares to help identify our efforts.

crochet cancer challenge charity event

The more people that see our challenge the more it will grow and the more we can touch others in a positive way.

Daily Crochet Cancer Challenge Features

Every day this blog post will be updated with the new featured designer’s crochet hat pattern links. All you have to do is go to their website, take a minute to read their post, learn the significant meaning behind their design and reflect on that as you make their design.

Just a reminder, each design is available for 24 hours only. If you miss a pattern, don’t worry, there will be plenty of others available. To get the pattern for free you will need to use the code “CancerChallenge“. Look for this button in their blog post:

Button for Charity Crochet Event

Do you have more questions about the Crochet Cancer Challenge? Scroll to the bottom of this post for more informative links.

Add a Tag to your donation

It’s fun to add something personal to your hats that you plan to donate. I created these simple tags that you can print, then punch a hole in the top and tie them to your completed hats. The tag gives you room to write the size of the hat (sometimes specifying childrens, adult small vs. adult large helps when they pick out a hat), plus you can write down your name as the maker.

Crochet Cancer Challenge Tags

You can optionally add a note on the back saying you were thinking of them as you crocheted their hat. Or, that you said a prayer for them, their family and or the doctors and nursing staff as you made the hat. It’s these personal touches that can make a generous gift even more personal.

October 2021 Featured designs

Oct 1 – Sweet Potato 3

The Colors of Courage Hat is designed in multiple colors to recognize all those fighting this awful battle. As you make this hat think about and pray for their journey.

Find Pattern HERE

This pattern will be available for FREE through October 31, 2021.

Crystalized Designs – 1st Bonus Weekend

The Adelaide Beanie was created for Breast Cancer and uses pink yarn.

Find Pattern HERE

This pattern is available for FREE through Monday October 4, 2021.

Eye Love Knots – 1st Bonus Weekend

This Striped Dylan Claire Beanie features stripes of white to represent Retinoblastoma Awareness, and gold to represent Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Find Pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through October 31, 2021.

Simply Melanie Jane – 1st Bonus Weekend

For my hat, I chose the color teal for ovarian/cervical cancer in honor of my sister. When she got the diagnosis, she was terrified, as so many others are as well. She lived too far away for me to give her a physical hug, but my thoughts and good vibes were always with her.

Find pattern HERE.

Get this pattern FREE through Oct 2, 2021.

Inspire Creation Designs – 1st Bonus Weekend

The 6th will be free with your pledge, but for the rest of the year Valerie will be donating $1 from each sale to donate.

Find Pattern HERE.

This pattern is FREE through Sunday Oct 31, 2021.

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Oct 4 – Made with a Twist

The Karen Strong beanie was created in honor of one of Pam’s dearest friends who lost her battle to multiple cancers in August of 2021. It’s the personal touch of this challenge that makes it so meaningful to so many.

Find Pattern HERE.

This pattern is FREE through Tuesday October 5, 2021.

Oct 5 – Straight Hooked

Today is a very special day because it is my father’s birthday and to celebrate, I designed him a hat! If you were not aware, my father has been in Heaven for over 15 years. He got an early ticket to meet Jesus with the assistance of Glioblastoma, which is a form of brain cancer.

Malena, www.straighthooked.com

Find Pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through 10/6/2021.

Oct 6 – Briana K

This year I chose the color black to highlight Melanoma Cancer. Skin cancer can be largely preventable. Since Iiving in Florida, I’ve become more aware of the need to protect my skin against the sun. 

Briana K, www.BrianaKdesigns.com

Find Pattern HERE.

This pattern is available FREE through Oct 7, 2021.

Oct 7 – Simply Hooked by Janet

The Eternal Dawn Beanie! Why orange? I chose the color orange for this hat to bring awareness to Kidney Cancer for this challenge.

Find the pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through Oct 8, 2021.

Louka Cancer Challenge Beanie

Oct 8 – Through The Loop Yarn Craft

This year I have chosen to deign the Louka Beanie in Emerald for Liver Cancer Awareness.

My Nana, passed away after her battle with Liver cancer when I was just 24 years old.


Find the pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through Oct 31, 2021.

2nd Weekend Bonus – Fosbas Designs

TI have chosen to talk about tobacco cancer, as it is one of the common cancers where I grew up. This beanie is dedicated to everyone fighting cancer caused by the use of Tobacco. My thought and prayers are for you all.he Pebble Beanie


Find the pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through Oct 31, 2021.

cancer Challenge

2nd Weekend Bonus – Hooked for life

Hooked for Life designed the Lavendula hat in lavendar to recognize all types of cancer.

Find the pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through Oct 10, 2021.

cancer challenge

2nd Weekend Bonus – Lakeview Cottage Kids

The “Hope” Beanie is made with white yarn which is the color that represents lung cancer.  Lung Cancer is the horrible disease that took my beloved Dad’s life.  Here is the story of his cancer journey.


Find the pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through Oct 31, 2021.

Oct 11 – Endless Crochet Creations

Tammy designed the Endless Textured Beanie in black to help bring awareness to Melanoma Cancer. The hat is made using a worsted #4 weight yarn.

Find the pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through Oct 13, 2021.

Oct 12 – Underground Crafters

My maternal grandmother who taught me to crochet passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer in 2007. I miss our weekly calls and her laughter so much!

Purple is the awareness color for pancreatic cancer,


Find the pattern HERE.

Pattern is FREE through Oct 31, 202.

oct 13 – Ambassador Crochet

This is Ambassador Crochet’s 6th year participating in the challenge.

In January 2019 the cancer challenge turned personal for me when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma (UTUC), which is a rare form of bladder cancer.


Find the pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for FREE through Oct. 20, 2021.

Oct 14 – Nana’s Crafty Corner

Earlier this year Tonya received devastating news that her granddaughter, Nina, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. This beanie was designed with this sweet little girl in mind, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as you crochet your donation hat.

Find pattern HERE.

Pattern is available for FREE through Oct 15, 2021.

Oct 15 – Crochets by Trista

I designed the Quiet River Hat in a light purple in honor of those with pancreatic cancer. One of my closest and dearest friends Grandmother, Yvonne, suffered from pancreatic cancer.”


Find Pattern HERE.

Pattern available for FREE through Oct 16, 2021

Cancer Challenge Hat

Bonus Weekend – Handmade by Yarn Mama

The Cedar Creek Beanie.

Find hat pattern HERE.

Pattern is available through Oct 17, 2021 for free as part of the challenge.

Cancer Challenge Pattern

Bonus Weekend – Salty Pearl Crochet

The Textured Stripes Chemo Cap uses simple stitch for a rich textured design. Download on Ravelry today to make your pledge.

Find hat pattern HERE.

Pattern available for Free as part of the challenge through Oct 17, 2021.

Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Bonus Weekend – Heartmade Crafts

It is an honor to have the Cancer Awareness Ribbon hat design. This designer is a 5X cancer fighter who is living with metestatic breast cancer.

Find hat pattern HERE.

This pattern is available for Free through October 16, 2021.

Crochet hat

Weekend bonus – Purdy Sweet Crochet

Merri designed the Flossie’s Feathers beanie in memory of her mom who passed in January of 2021.

Find Hat Pattern HERE.

Pattern is available for Free as part of the challenge through October 31, 2021.

Oct 18 – Snappy Tots

I am so happy to feature Snappy Tots, she has been a part of the Crochet Cancer Challenge every year since it started. This year her hat design is special because it acknowledges the wide range of daily emotions a cancer scare or diagnosis might cause.

Find hat pattern HERE.

Pattern is FREE for the challenge through Oct 31, 2021

Oct 19 – Sunflower Cottage Crochet

With this design I am honouring my own Grandad. He fought oesophageal cancer when I was in my late teens. 


Find hat pattern HERE.

Pattern is FREE through Oct 31 for the challenge.

Cancer Challenge Hat

Oct 20 – Crochetverse

This year’s hat is dedicated to by friend Shawna Dandois of DandoisLion DeLights and is currently on her journey with breast cancer. Yes, the hat is not pink, but she is an amazing human and I wanted to honor her and ask for prayers, universal love, and healing for her. Thank you it is my absolute honor to be a part of this event.

Stephanie Pokorny / www.Crochetverse.com

Find Hat Pattern HERE.

Pattern available FREE for the challenge through Oct 31, 2021.

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Oct 21 – Bliss This

This year, I decided to create a beanie in honor of those who have battled or are battling prostate cancer. I named the beanie RJay, using my dad’s initials. I’m so grateful to have my dad here with us nearly 16 years after he BEAT cancer.


Find Hat Pattern HERE.

Pattern is FREE through Oct 22, 2021 for the Crochet Cancer Challenge.

Oct 22 – Ned & Mimi

For my Simple Joys Beanie, I chose the color gold in support of childhood cancer


Find pattern HERE.

Pattern is FREE as part of the challenge through Oct 23.

Weekend Bonus – Creations by Courtney

(Courtney’s friend) Stacy dealt with thyroid cancer, and thyroid cancer is represented by a ribbon that is pink, purple and teal. While inspired by my friend, I added my own touch when designing the Stacy Sunhat.


Find pattern HERE (click the ‘ravelry’ button).

Pattern available for FREE through Oct 24, 2021.

Weekend Bonus – Pam’s Cozy Corner

As a Registered Nurse, I previously worked on a Neurology floor for a long time. Apart from taking care of stroke and head injury patients, we took care of brain and spinal cord tumor patients.


Find pattern HERE.

Pattern available FREE through Oct 31, 2021.

Oct 25 – SEK Handmade

I had a vision for this hat all the way back in April. I knew I wanted to create a beginner friendly hat that was a modern twist on a classic design element. 


Find the pattern HERE.

Pattern available for FREE as part of the Challenge through 8:00 am (Mountain Time) on Oct 26, 2021.

Oct 26 – Wish Upon a Hook

The Pebblebrook Beanie was made in a grey color to help bring awareness to Brain Cancer.

Find Pattern HERE.

Pattern is available for FREE as part of the challenge through Oct 27, 2021.

Breann Hat - Crafting Each Day - Crochet Cancer Challenge

Oct 27 – Crafting Each Day

This hat (the Breena Hat) is in honor of someone special in my life’s battle with esophogeal cancer.


Find the pattern HERE.

Pattern is available for FREE as part of the challenge through Oct 31, 2021.

Oct 28 – Hooks Books & Wanderlust

Back in 2015 when I was going through chemo…, I made myself soooo many hats. I hated wearing my wig because it was so itchy, so I relied on hats daily. They served to keep me warm (boo to being bald in the winter!), act as “hair” in a weird sort of way, and frankly, to make me feel pretty and seen. 


Find Pattern HERE.

Pattern will be FREE through Oct 29, 2021.

Oct 29 – Two Brothers Blanket

The Faith Hat crochet pattern is a very simple toque style hat. It features the brick stitch throughout the body of the hat to give it a beautiful texture.


Find Hat Pattern HERE.

Pattern will be FREE as part of the challenge through October 31, 2021.

Last Weekend Bonus – Juniper & Oakes

My aunt was a very special lady and I wanted this design to be dedicated to her. I had planned to gift her my mock-up the next time I saw her, but I ran out of the yarn I was using, and before I could get to the store to buy more… she passed away.


Find Pattern HERE.

Pattern available for FREE through Oct 31, 2021.

Bonus Weekend – Beeoutrageous

Purple is the color designated for Pancreatic Cancer.

I dedicate this Beanie to my Mom and others afflicted with this terrible disease.

Blanche Rosenblatt / Beeoutrageous

Find Pattern HERE.

Free through October 31, 2021 as part of the Crochet Cancer Challenge.

Bonus Weekend – Remington Lane

St. Peregrine is the patron saint of those suffering from cancer and other diseases. So I wanted this hat to be a tribute to all of the cancer warriors out there. I chose the color white to represent lung cancer. My aunt has been fighting lung cancer all year.


Find the Hat Pattern HERE.

Pattern availble FREE with your pledge through Oct 31, 2021.

Weekend Bonus – Creative Snugglies

A few years ago, I found out I had precancerous cells. The doctor informed me I had to have a hysterectomy. It was a very difficult time in my life especially since I was unable to conceive and carry a child to term. We have been so blessed with the gift of adoption but this has always been part of the cross I have to carry.


Find Hat Pattern HERE.

Pattern is available for FREE through Oct 31, 2021.

Bonus Pattern Time for those participating!

Check out how cute this is! I was so excited when Lisa reached out and told me she was so inspired by everyone making hats to donate that she designed this darling hat buddy and wanted to offer it free to all of you. I think this would be so cute for an office to use to display that they have hats for their patients.

Meet Hopeful, the Hat Buddy! I created this pattern for charity, to donate a cute Buddy to cancer centres and to hospitals, but I also created this pattern for all you lovely people who have been participating in the cancer challenge and have been working so hard to make beautiful hats and other items to donate to centres world wide. I thought, that you too may like to have a work station Buddy who sits and smiles at you while you work! So, this pattern is for your enjoyment as well…Unspoken hero’s you are I say… Hero’s in your own thoughtful way… So I hope you love making your own Hopeful Hat Buddy and that whatever you choose to do with it, I hope it puts a smile on your face or someone else’s face!

Lisa McNally

Find more information about the Crochet Cancer Challenge Below:

  • Information explaining what the Crochet Cancer Challenge is, click HERE.
  • What type of hat should I make? What Sizes? Where do I get the patterns? Click HERE.
  • Yarn Recommendations to use for the hats, click HERE.
  • Where should I donate my hats, click HERE.
  • A fun start early project you can add to your hats, click HERE.
  • Challenge others to join and more fun information, click HERE.

This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Diane Loehr

    I think this is wonderful and my group has already started making chemo caps for the Dyson Center in our community. Can’t wait to see what NEW hats we can make for them. Thank you

  2. Martha

    LOVE this event, it started me out with hats a year after I ended my last chemo therapy session. It reminds me of my own search for the perfect beanie – the only ones I could find at shops were those hard stiff wool ones or almost plastic cheapies…way to hard for a sensitive head without hair.

  3. Connie

    I too love this challenge. I stared in 2019 after finishing treatments. Love the opportunity to give back to others.

  4. Ellen

    Love this event! Last year was my first time joining the event and I made two hats for my husband’s aunt who was battling breast cancer at that time. She loves the hats and she beat cancer this year!!

  5. Melody Lema

    I want to thank you for doing this. Both my mother and father died of pancreatic cancer. Mom died 3+ years prior to my Dad. When it happened, there were not a lot they could do. Discovery usually was to late. Of course this was 1986 and 1989. Mama took treatment, Daddy didn’t. But they both needed things like caps, blankets, etc. I quilted in those days, so I quickly spent a few all nights and made each of them a blanket of favorite fabrics, scraps from favorites clothes, and hand picked fabrics from all the grandkids, and 1 greatgrandkid. I remember looking around at the other patients, seeing just how alone they looked. I was a 4H clothing leader at the time, so flannel blankets were simple for my students, and we made 50 lap blankets for our local Cancer Clinic. Thirty years later, my husband had prostrate cancer. Our first day there, one of the nurses brought out a picture album, and there was pictures of the patients, the girls and the blankets, which eventually added up to 500 after 5 years. The feeling of giving a terminal patient a smile is the best feeling ever. I can not wait to start this hop.

    1. SweetPotato3

      What a beautiful thing you have done. I am honored that I can help you carry on that tradition of helping cancer patients <3

    2. Jody Fink

      So generous and thoughtful. When I had breast cancer nobody did anything. I was the youngest person there. I was sick and extremely tired from the chemo. I bought my hats mail order. This is wonderful of you and your group of girls to do this. It makes my heart fill with the love ❤ that the recipients felt. I wish that someone would have done this at my cancer treatments.

  6. Dianne

    Last year I made over 130 blue hats for LionBrand’s anti-bullying campaign. It was wonderful to feel I was working for a great purpose. Now that I’m wondering what is next…this comes along!! I can’t wait to start, and luckily since it’s 9/30, I won’t have to wait long! This is a wonderful cause and I’m anxious to contribute since cancer is strong in my family line. Great idea!! Thanks for taking the time & energy to create this blog hop and allow us to join!

  7. Lynda

    I just found your page through a link from Hooks, Books and Wanderlust. I love the happy colours of the Colours of Courage hat. I can’t wait to get some yarn and make several for our local cancer unit. Hugs.

  8. Pat

    Our knitting group in Florida made many hats for the cancer center and for BayPines Veterans Hospital. Thank you

  9. Mariella

    Love the idea. I will look for an agency here in my country, the Philippines, to whom I can donate.

  10. Donna

    I’ve taken part in all but 2 of the cancer challenges. I donate to our local cancer center. It makes me feel good to make all these hats because I’m a 3- time cancer survivor myself and feel that God isn’t finished with me yet. I love seeing all the different designs that come out, some are trickier than others but all are fun to try.

  11. Rebecca

    Once an item is complete ——— where do I send them ?

    1. SweetPotato3

      I encourage you to find a place to donate them in your local community <3

  12. Nora

    As a two time survivor, I love this event! I do have a request that perhaps hasn’t been considered yet. If possible, as people from all over the world are participating, could you share the designed hat yarn type or weight with the name of the design? I see hats I’d love to make, but in Florida heat a cancer patient is unlikely to enjoy a #5 or #6 weight hat, nor any requiring wool even if it’s the softest of wool available. Thank you for considering this request. All my love & continued support!

    1. SweetPotato3

      Nora, that is a great suggestion. I will make sure to add that to my list next year. I’ll see if I can add it to some going forward.

    2. Eileen K

      Nora–I don’t know if you’ll see this, since you wrote your comment a couple of weeks ago, but just because a pattern is designed with wool doesn’t mean anyone has to use wool to make it. I’m allergic to wool so never use it for anything. It’s the weight that matters more (and it’s usually easy to work around that as well). Swatching is my friend! Wishing you continued good health.

  13. Jan

    I lost my Mammaw to lung cancer December 8th 2020 and found out my dad had cancer 11 days later. I just lost my dad yesterday from lung cancer that had spread to his spine, hips, and femur. He had long hair he kept in a low pony and always wore a hat. Sadly he lost most of his hair. He loved his hats. I’ll be making all of these in yellow, white & gray to donate in their names. I thank you so much for this. Crocheting has kept my mind occupied the last few months especially

  14. Dee Dean

    I love this idea! Thank you. My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer in March. So I decided to join In and donate to our local cancer center.

  15. Deb

    Such a beautiful concept. Will be making some for local hospitals.

  16. Julie Anderson

    SweetPotato3, I have a suggestion. Perhaps it’s already there, and I haven’t seen it. Is it possible to put a link for the newest hat on the front page of the 2021 Crochet Cancer Challenge? If not this year, perhaps it is something that can be added for next year. I feel like I am hunting the pages of information and hats, and sometimes I end up back at the beginning (most likely user error??.) Thank you so much for be in charge of this program. Quick story: I worked at an Adult Community Education Program. Our boss decided for Christmas one year instead of buying us things we probably didn’t want or need. She asked the knitting teacher to come in, gave us one class, a ball of yarn and knitting needles. The pattern was for hats for Cancer Patients. I always thought that was such a great gift!

    1. SweetPotato3

      All of the hat designs are on the same page, so I am not sure what you are suggesting. I am open for suggestions and try to make it easier every year so if you want to try to explain it a little different I will consider it for sure. Thank you so much for participating.

  17. Emily

    Thank you so much for sharing these patterns with us.
    I am making hats for cancer patients in the Gadsden Alabama area. I also make them for friends and family members around the US. Too many people are dealing with this disease.
    Making hats helps me feel like I am contributing to their healing in a small way. Thank you again.

  18. Maria Pagano

    Thank you for doing this ! I’m a 2x cancer survivor uterine & thyroid cancer and I can remember when I lost all my hair my head was very cold ! After my recovery, I took up a hobby of making bags with ducktape lined with my old bandanas , I brought all 9 to my oncologist office and handed one each to some patients that were getting chemo ! You always needs hats, blankets, bags, to carry stuff during a long 6 hour treatment ! My mom also passed from lung cancer ,my aunt, and my brother is surviving with prostate cancer ! I’d love to try this although I’m not to fast but in my current oncologist office where I go for follow ups there’s a basket with hats to donate ! Thank you again for hope & kindness

  19. Lynn

    I love this. I go to the infusion center and sit there for hours so I see it all. I crochet while I sit there and usually make little items….pocket tissue covers, velvet prayer squares, lap blankets, hats and I pray for the health of the person who receives it. My favorite moments are when a first-timer comes in. I go to them, hand them some little thing I’ve made and tell them, whatever their own personal belief, I prayed for them while making it and to look around the room…they aren’t in this alone. We are all there and we support each other. I have only had one person not take what I give them. I also bring items I’ve prayed over while making to my usual Medical Dispensary. There is a girl who works there who takes them, prays over them as well and gives them to patients who need/want them. Most don’t think about taking things to a dispensary but there are so many that stop there on their way to or from their infusions. Just putting that out there. Feel free to delete as I don’t want to offend anyone but I really hope you keep it up. The med can be the difference from being home or being hospitalized for dehydration, etc. God bless you all who are participating. It means alot to so many.

  20. Cathy W.

    I will attach the tag you provide to the Quiet River hat & cowl sets that I make. Purchasing the hat pattern today. The organization I crochet for requests matching “hat & scarf” sets when possible. While crocheting these hats & cowls, I will remember the strength of my family members who won their battles! Thank you so much to all the designers who have shared their hat patterns. It was difficult to choose one.

  21. Jenney

    Thank you for doing this. I have participated for several years. Except last year. When i was pregnant with my 4th child, had just turned 38 and was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma that had spread to a giant brain tumor. I was too sick to do anything let alone crochet.

    But now, less then 2 years after being given what should have been a death sentence, I’m somehow still here and have been in remission for 10 months. I dont know how or why, but this challenge has never meant so much to me before. I share it everywhere i can and have downloaded several patterns to donate hats to my local cancer center.

    It sucks getting cancer as a young adult and now mother of 4. But people like you doing this make it a lot more tolerable.

    1. Jenney

      Oh and i forgot. I used to live in Colorado springs and sold hats at craft fairs. One of the friends I met on that circuit was Pam Grice. When she made her pattern for the pony tale hat, i was one of the crocheters she hired when she couldn’t keep up with all the orders. I’m so happy she is involved in this too.

  22. Lisa

    This is an awesome event. I’m so glad it showed up in my Pinterest. My aunt died of breast cancer. 🙁

  23. Sherrie Oliver

    I live in a small town in the mountains of Oregon, and have organized a group of ladies to crochet hats for this cause. We have a shop in the closest larger town (Eugene) called Believe Boutique that is a free shop for cancer patients. They give away wigs, hats, shawls, lap blankets, and much more. We’ve created quite a few items and will give to the Boutique as well as the Cancer Center. Thank you for doing this project and having it online for so many to be able to join.

    1. SweetPotato3

      I love that there is a boutique like that. Would you mind sharing a link about it? I would love to share it with others who inquire about where to send donations.

  24. Virginia

    Thank you for this Cancer Challenge. I give my hats to local Beauticians that fix hair & wigs for patients, also give hats to Oncologist office.
    When I am given yarn to rough for cancer patients, I make and give the hats to homeless.

    My husband died of Adrenal Cancer 1994.

  25. jenney

    Where is the actual hope slouchy hat pattern? I click on the link and it gives abbreviations and gauge and all sorts of notes, but no actual pattern is there

    1. Patty S

      Click on the big “Crochet Cancer Challenge” banner at the bottom and it will take to you the Ravelry page where you can use the code to get the pattern.

  26. Debbie

    Thank you so much for organizing this. I donate hundreds of hats each year. I donate to the infusion center my son attends but I also donate to a school in a low income area and lastly to our local homeless shelter. So these patterns keep me from getting bored of the same patterns.

  27. GwenDaleAnn

    I lost my Papa to metastatic esophageal cancer, and Mummy to complications from lung cancer. I have been busy crocheting hats in the Ragland Family name. Thank you so much for this event!

  28. Merri

    Thank you for organizing this very worthy event. Working on these hats this month has helped me to focus my energy on something that WILL make a difference to someone going through a challenging time, and it feels fantastic to share. For me, I know I will continue to take part in this project for many years to come. Thank you again!!

  29. M.

    Thank you so much for hosting this Chemo Hat Challenge – and to all the designers who participate and share their designs freely. This was my third year participating. I have donated ~100 chemo hats. Both my parents have had cancer – with my Dad passing away from complications of treatment. Crocheting chemo hats helps me with the stress and helps passes the time during my parents’ treatment. I already have the reminder on the calendar for next year. Thank you again!

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