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The Chasing Arrows Blankets design adds a modern twist on an old traditional craft. I love the striking design of the repeating arrows grabs your attention. This was a design that was so difficult to photograph. The blanket is so stunning in person but the design just kind of fades in the photos, so I hope you can all envision how lovely this really is.

I decided on the colors for my Chasing Arrows sample blanket with all your help in my Crochet and Conversations group (if you are not a member, come join-it’s lots of fun, you can join by clicking HERE). Asking for color inspiration I settled on a succulent photo and then made my selection below. Just think of the colors you would make the Chasing Arrows Blanket in, the colors can really affect what vibe your finished blanket will give off.

Some things I love about the Chasing Arrows Blanket design

The Chasing Arrows Blanket has an easy color changing that really helps the details pop because of the stripes that the repeating arrows follow.

Sweet Potato 3

The blanket has no border!!! That is right, the simple cream outline is created as you crochet the blanket from the bottom up. When you are done all you need to do is add Extra Large Tassels to the large throw (which will be about 46” X 58”). Yes, I included a tassel tutorial for any of you that are unfamiliar with making them. But, watch out, they are addicting and you will want to add tassels to everything!

Sweet Potato 3

Grab your copy of the Chasing Arrows Blanket Crochet Pattern on the following sites:

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