Diagonal Delights Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

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A non traditional corner to corner blanket if ready for you to enjoy as you crochet the Diagonal Delights Baby Blanket
This fun design can be worked up in solid colors, or use bold colors for a more modern too. Plus the stripes can work up as a great stash buster!
Diagonal Delights Blanket  Diagonal Delights Crochet Blanket Pattern
Diagonal Delights Crochet Blanket

About the Diagonal Delights Blanket

This pattern is designed to work from one corner, work diagonal rows up to the opposite corner. Because of this technique the blanket is a square shape. 
The blanket is made using a worsted weight yarn, if you decide to use multiple colors (especially if it is a stash buster) pay close attention to your gauge. A simple change in yarn could affect the tension on your hook and result in a wonky square shape.

Why I love making Corner to Corner (C2D) Blankets

I have always struggled crocheting blankets, mostly because I lose interest before I am done. Then it is a forced project, and no one wants one of those. 

However, when you begin a blanket at the corner, your rows start small. They slowly get longer with each row and right about the time you are beginning to lose interest… BAM! The rows start getting shorter again. 

The other amazing part about this design is that there is no border! That is right, when you are completed with the diagonal rows, your blanket is done. Ekkk, that is so exciting for me!

Where to find the pattern for the Diagonal Delights Blanket

 Get your copy of this lovely pattern on:
Diagonal Delights Stitches Up Close

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