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Crochet blankets are a popular item to crochet. Crocheting a special blanket for a new arrival in a family, or for a close friend, can become an heirloom that will be treasured for years. I still have the blanket my Great Grandmother crocheted for me when I was born and will keep it forever.

This was the thoughts behind my latest baby blanket pattern as I designed a classic look that could become a family keepsake. I am so excited to share the Timeless Treasures baby blanket crochet pattern.

Timeless Treasures Baby Blanket

Tested for Accuracy

Each pattern I release has been tested by fellow crocheters for accuracy and to help clarify anything that may be confusing. I have a group that does an outstanding job. When I put out a “testing call” for this design, I was very excited to get a few questions like:

“Can I make it in a single solid color?”

“Can I use more than two colors?”

SP3 pattern testers

My response was an enthusiastic, “most definitely!”. I love when I can share what a pattern will look like with different colors or ways to give it an entirely different look. Check out how gorgeous their blankets turned out. You may find inspiration through these pictures.

Solid 1 color yarn used

2 Colors used as shown in pattern/original design

Multi-Color Sample

Materials Needed

For this blanket, I have the materials listed for the original design of using 2 colors of yarn.

  • Crochet Hook Size G (4.50 mm), H (5.00 mm), & I (5.50 mm)
  • Approximately 1200 yards total of 2 colors of light Worsted Weight Yarn (#4) 
    • Sample made in Mary Maxim Baby Value
    • Color 1 (C1): 600 Yards / color – White
    • Color 2 (C2): 600 yards / color – Yellow
  • Stitch Markers
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Blocking Boards & Blocking Pins (optional but I recommend especially if you give the blanket as a gift)

Find the Blanket Crochet Pattern in my shops

Timeless Treasures Baby Blanket

Coordinating hat Pattern

Gifting a crochet blanket is a way to show how special such an occasion is, for a new mom to be able to wrap her new bundle of joy in a handmade blanket is priceless. It is such a personal gift that you really don’t need to gift more, however, if your a crochet addict like I am, I always want to make something to go along with it.

I designed a coordinating hat that is made up with my favorite stitch combo in the pattern (the part that looks like it’s striped) plus one of the repeated texture sections is used as the brim/base of the hat. It turned out so cute. Add this to your blanket and you’re sure to be the talk of the baby shower.

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  1. Patsy Duffield

    I just bought the TIMELESS TREASURES BABY BLANKET CAL. I am not on the FACEBOOK site

    1. SweetPotato3

      Send me an email and I will add you to the list of folks I will be sending updates to via email 🙂

  2. Barb Boran

    Would love to know the yarn that Christen used in hers. I like how it fades.

    1. SweetPotato3

      Hi Barb, for the blue blanket I used a variety of Berroco Comfort yarns in their worsted weight. It was just scarps that I had from past projects so I am not 100% sure of the exact colors.

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