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Flower Petals, and all things girly, is what comes to mind in my latest crochet baby blanket design. The Flower Petal crochet blanket is a beautiful work of art. It features many different textures and details within the design that you can see and feel throughout the blanket.
Crochet Flower Petal Blanket Pattern

No Sewing Involved in the Flower Petal Blanket

The Flower Petal Blanket is made of smaller square motifs. But, don’t decide not to give it a try because of that! This pattern does not sew the motifs together. Instead they are stitched together in their last round of each square. This makes the blanket take shape as you go and you will be delighted that you do not have to spend the time stitching them together when you are done.
Flower Petal Blanket Up CloseFlower Petal Ombre Blanket
You can make the blanket in different sizes by adjusting how many motifs you make. The 3X3 blanket is great for car seats and strollers. While the 3X4 blanket is a traditional size for gifts and general use for babies.

What Yarn Should I Use?

The samples above are made using a light (#3) weight yarn, the ombre colors really brings this blanket to life and makes each motif really stand out. The light yarn creates a very summer lightweight blanket.
However, switch it up and use a worsted (#4) weight yarn. The blankets looks very much the same but have a deep, rich, and more full-bodied look to it.
Flower Petal crochet blanket pattern
Using the thicker worsted weight yarn does adjust the size slightly, but it is still a perfect weight for a lap blanket.
Flower Petal crochet Blanket Flower Petal Crochet Blanket

Grab you copy of this pattern today:

Sample Done by a Tester

I wanted to share how beautiful the blanket turned out from one of my testers. She used a lighter (#3) yarn and worked the last rounds of the square motif in an off white to make the squares really pop. Michelle also decided to make the blanket square and made it 3 X 3. This blanket was crocheted by Michelle, owner of Magic Mommy’sYarning.

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    I purchased the pattern kit on Bluprint and need some help with the puff stitch is there a video or more guidance on how to make it

    1. SweetPotato3

      Marcella, The puff stitch is explained on the first page of the pattern. If you still need more clarification please send me an email and I will try to explain it in more detail for you.

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