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Step into the world of whimsical wonders with the Duck Duck Fish Nursery Blanket. Hehe, I hope when you read that title it brought back memories of playing duck duck goose… This crochet pattern is designed to bring a touch of aquatic charm to your baby’s nursery, creating a cozy haven filled with delightful ducklings and their finned friends.

Duck, Duck, Fish Nursery Blanket

My sister called me one day saying she loved the Sleep Tight Blanket. She had a friend who was expecting, and her & her husband loved fishing and duck hunting. My sister wanted to see if I could swap up the bears with ducks, but I wanted to redo the entire blanket. As soon as she expressed interest in a blanket, I knew exactly how I wanted to design it to fit her needs.

The basic design of this blanket was heavily inspired from my popular Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Blanket. A bold texture of the lower three quarters had large appeal to the eye while the top portion features darling sleeping teddy bears. The same 3/4 & 1/4 split is applied in the new design, but the appliques are custom and changes the entire look of the blanket.

the Duck Duck Fish Nursery Blanket Stitch Details

The blanket starts by crocheting the water of the blanket. Made in a fun combination that emulates the waves of the water. As you work through each row, you can see the waves swell and roll over within the stitchwork. Changing yarn colors every couple of rows helps enhance the look of the gentle ripples of water, capturing the essence of a tranquil aquatic scene.

Adding to the water waves and playfulness of the blanket, a few friendly fish appliques are added to the lower corner. But you can add an entire ocean full of fish if you wish. The fish applique is the perfect opportunity to incorporate nursery colors into your blanket. My sister requested more “lifelike” colors, but I still think the colors are fun and playful!

Duck, Duck, Fish Nursery Blanket

Crocheting darling duck appliques help to bring the blanket to another level of charm. Making the ducks in a variety of colors makes this blanket so versatile. I would love to see how the ducks would look in a bold rubber duck yellow! My current version is made in traditional Mallard colors.

Finishing Touches: Duck Duck Fish Blanket

As you finish crocheting the main body of the blanket you will finish it off with a simple border that won’t take away from the details within the body of the blanket and details of the appliques. The border is a clean stitch combination which can be made to the thickness of your liking. My sample has a border about 1″ – 1 1/2 inches but you can easily make the border thinner by deleting rows or thicker by adding rows.

Once the Duck Duck Fish Blanket is crocheted, take a moment to admire the handmade charm woven into every stitch. The nursery blanket is more than just a crochet project—it’s a heartfelt creation that will cradle a special little one in warmth and love. Embrace the joy of crafting as you bring to life an adorable aquatic scene that will undoubtedly become a cherished heirloom.

Mary Maxim Yarn Mellowspun DK yarn

Materials Needed:

The finished size of the blanket (with matched gauge) is about 30″ wide by 40″ long. This is using a DK weight yarn. Since this is a blanket, it does not have to be a specific size. You are welcome to use a worsted weight yarn and the recommended hook size on the yarn label. However, you blanket will be larger, but that may be perfect for a children’s size blanket.

  • Crochet Hook size H (5.00 mm)
  • 1800 yards – DK Weight Yarn (#3)
    • Sample made in: Mary Maxim Mellowspun DK
    • 500 yards Darker Water Color – sample used color Mariner Blue
    • 500 yards Lighter Water Color – sample used color Caribbean
    • 280 yards Sky Color – sample used color Cream
    • 250 yards Border & Duck Beak – sample used color Chamomile
    • 60 yards Light Brown for Duck Body – sample used color Dusty Peach
    • 30 yard Darker Brown for Duck wing – sample used color Nutmeg
    • 60 yards Green for Duck head – sample used color Juniper
    • 120 yards / or 40 yards for each Fish Applique
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
Duck, Duck, Fish Nursery Blanket

Where to get your copy of the Duck Duck Fish Nursery Blanket

Tester Love

As with all Sweet Potato 3 crochet patterns, this design has been tested for accuracy. I always love to see how my patterns turn out when others make them. My testers used similar colors in their blankets, but even slight variations made it adorable. The bolder color of yellow for the border and beaks is darling and gives it a cute pop! I would also love to see this blanket made with “rubber duck” colors and bold, bright fish. So, if you happen to make one, I would love fore you to send me a sample photo so I can show it off.

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