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Some designs just come to you and others have a long story behind them. The Dog Days blanket design is a little of both. I’ll keep the story short for you though. I had a company request a design for a cat themed blanket using my color changing designs using the knotted half double crochet. I am not a huge cat person (major allergies to them) but I love dogs. But, they really wanted a cat. So, I designed it, but had immediate plans to make a dog blanket as soon as I finished.

It was a little tricky though. Because I wanted the dog silhouette to remind people of the dog they love. The problem is there are so many breeds and each type of dog looks so different. So, for my first design, I had to go with my family dog! When I was a kid, I grew up around labradors and love their temperament. My husband and I currently have an English Cream Retriever (basically a white golden retriever). So, I tried to kind of merge those two dogs together in a playful puppy look.

Dog Days Crochet Blanket

I think it turned out so cute and hope you do too. There may even be a few other breeds that it resembles.

Knotted Half Double Crochet Stitch

If you’ve been following me, you know my love of the knotted half double crochet. This stitch is what has allowed me to creates some of the most beautiful designs using color changes. It creates gorgeous color transitions, clean lines and angles and a full bodied stitch.

Knotted Half Double Crochet

The knotted half double crochet is a unique stitch that is new to many crocheters. I started designing with it in 2020 when I designed my Music to the Souls Blankets (and now I have over 30 patterns using it and many more designs on their way).

If you are new to crocheting color changes it can be intimidating. Starting a large project can be extra intimidating because you want it to start and end with consistent quality of tension/gauge and stitches. It was important to me to make everyone feel confident when making one of my designs using the knotted half double crochet and working my graph patterns, so I created a full course that walks you through all the nitty gritty you may want to know.

All my designs using this technique have full instructions in the pattern itself, but if you want to practice or need a little more guidance, please be sure to check out my Changing Colors Course.

Changing Colors Course

Inspriation from The Cat’s Meow Blanket

I mentioned that the request of the Cat’s Meow Blanket is what inspired the Dog Days blanket design. If you are a cat lover or know someone who is, be sure to check out the design. The pattern actually has two options on how you can make the blanket. You can make it in traditional colors for the home for everyday use. Or, you can choose to make the blanket for Halloween by switching up the colors and adding “glowing” eyes. See how fun it is!

Cat's Meow Options

Coordinating Paw Print Pillow Cover

After I completed the Dog Days blanket I had quite a bit of yarn leftover. Instead of just “adding” it to my stash, I wanted to use it up. So, I tried to think of something smaller than a blanket to make. A pillow cover was the natural thing to go along with a blanket. So I decided to crochet a paw print pillow cover that would coordinate with both the dog and cat blankets.

The Paw Print pillow cover is made as a large square and then all four corners are folded to the center to create the cover. This naturally creates a “X” on the backside of the pillow.

Crocheting both the blanket and the pillow elevates both crochet pieces. Would you love to have this crochet set or do you know someone who would love for you to make this set? The fun part is finding the yarn you want solid, variegated, self-striping yarns all create a different look just like the colors you choose do!

Materials Needed For the Dog Days Blanket

  • 2600 yards of Worsted Weight Yarn in two (2) colors
    • 1450 yards of Main Color – Sample used Premier Basix yarn (color: Aran)
    • 1150 yards of White – Sample used Premier Basix Mosaic yarn (color: Cuddle)
  • Size K/6.50mm crochet hook
  • Size I/5.50mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape to check gauge

On a side note, the blanket is 100% reversible. The clean lines and everything looks the same on the back side as the front side.

Where to Get your copy of the Dog Days Blanket

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