Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set – Crochet Pattern

We just wrapped up month long CAL and am now ready to share the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Pattern with all of you! This baby blanket is full of rich texture, new stitches and some cute cuddly teddy bears. The blanket is so fun to make, but I had to give you some options so adjusted the pattern to include a lovey sized blanket and a coordinating teddy bear to make it the ultimate Gift Set.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

As always, you can pick and choose your favorites or buy all 3 patterns at a package price.  Grab the Baby Blanket  & Lovey for $6, or just the Teddy Bear Stuffy for $4.00. Or grab the entire Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set discounted price of $7.00.

The Blanket and Lovey can be made is so many fun color combinations. To see more check out the album from the CAL on facebook.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Lovey

Make a coordinating a snugly teddy bear.

I know these little sleepy teddy bears are too cute, but you have to add a snugly friend to go with them. The Sleep Tight Teddy Bear is a perfect size, completed it measures about 13″ tall.

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

Release Special of the Teddy Bear Set

And to celebrate the release of all these fun, new patterns, I am going to offer the full Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set to all of you for 25% off with code “Sleepy” at checkout on Ravelry only through Friday, April 7, 2017. Grab the set here.

To help you out with the beautiful texture that makes this blanket so rich, I created a tutorial:


I hope you all love the Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set as much as I do. If you make one of the pieces please share it with me on facebook so I can give it some love!

Sleep Tight Teddy Bear

15 thoughts on “Sleep Tight Teddy Bear Set – Crochet Pattern

  1. Penny McGee

    I’ve been sick the last few months and haven’t been online much so some how I missed this adorable blanket. My grandson is due in June so yesterday I finally found and startedd his blanket yesterday. I like the pattern but wasn’t crazy about it. But last night I came across this picture and before I knew it I was crying. I’ve never had a pattern do that to me before so I know without a doubt that this is the one I’m meant to do for my little angel. So as soon as hubby gets home I will be able to purchase the pattern. Thank you so much for the most adorable blanket I have ever seen. You are very talented. Thank you for all you do.

    1. SweetPotato3 Post author

      Awe, I am so happy it’s design touched you so much. I hope you love making it. Be sure to share your final pictures with me. I love seeing everyone’s work. Also, be sure to browse through the link in the article to see some samples. I adore looking through them and seeing so many different ways to make the same blanket.

    1. SweetPotato3 Post author

      You can do as many “repeats” of the main blanket section as you want which will widen the blanket, then just continue the pattern until the desired length has been reached 🙂

  2. susana gallardo

    Gracias muy linda manta, me puedes decir por favor en que vídeo esta como tejer las caritas de los osos?

  3. Judi Grinnell

    In this pattern on row 5 the instructions say “skip side of shell”. Not sure what that means. Love this pattern

  4. Betty

    Hi I am having difficulties with row 77 don’t understand where the FPtc is suppose to go… I understand the part with {} but not the ()
    Thank you


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