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I love designing hats, especially when they are being made for someone specific and you have them in mind as you pick out the stitches and look you are trying to achieve. This year, I was honored to design a hat for my daughters dance teacher. I named the hat Dotty’s Dream Hat, check it out below:

Dotty's Dream Hat

Dotty’s Dream Hat Inspiration

You may be wondering why this hat is designed for her dance teacher. My daughter took dance for 5 years from Dotty and absolutely loved it. She decided to take a break and returned a few times but never liked the teachers like she liked Dotty, eventually she would quit. Dotty is great with the kids, she is kind and makes them want to work hard to be better.

Unfortunately, in late December Dotty found out she had breast cancer and was about to begin a long journey. Dotty has been such an inspiration to so many young girls and now she had a personal battle to fight!

Breast Cancer Awareness

The Design

The hat was designed with Dotty in mind including her cancer battle and her dancing spirit in mind. The easy part was picking these lovely pink yarns to use in the samples. I am so grateful to be able to say that Dotty finished her last chemo treatments just this last month. We will continue to pray for her recovery.

Next came the little details in the band of the hat. These small stitches matter, but I didn’t want it to be the same as every hat I design. Just like in dance, there is usually a certain flow that needs to happen but you want it to be different and to stick out so others will remember it. The band is made using a stitch that will work up more quickly than a traditional slip stitch band.

I made a quick video tutorial on how to work the Double Slip Stitch of the band. I think you will love this technique, it is fun and works up quicker than the traditional slip stitch bands. Check it out for yourself below:

Body of the Hat

Next came the main body of the hat. I wanted to have a feminine look to the stitch work. Something a little delicate but still creates some warmth. The repetitive stitches create a lovely look, don’t you think:

Materials Needed for Dotty’s Dream Hat

  • Crochet Hook Size G (4.0 mm)
  • Crochet Hook Size I (5.5 mm)
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (#4) – approximately 180-225 Yards in Main Color
  • Sample (brighter pink) made in Lion Brand Jeans / color: Bermuda
  • Sample (lighter pink) made in Mighty Stitch / color: Blush
  • Yarn Needle, Scissors, Measuring Tape

Where to find Dotty’s Dream Hat crochet pattern

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  1. Hope

    I’ve been doing this challenge for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it! Thank you for all you do Christine!

  2. Lakie Arrowood

    When I click on coupon code, the cancel page comes up. Beautiful hat!

    1. SweetPotato3

      Click on the image that says “click here to download”, then you will need to input the code to get the pattern for free.

  3. Susie

    Thank you so very much for organizing this every year. I look so forward to it and start getting giddy as we get closer to October. I’m part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry at our church (a small group of about 12 ladies) and we make a lot of hats for the local cancer center (over 900 since 2012). They love joining the challenge and the opportunity to get new patterns to make. God Bless you and the other designers for doing this! ♥

  4. Gloria A

    Thank you so much for doing this for people with cancer. My sister had Pancreatic cancer so I am going to make this for her. God Bless You and everyone else who have joined this wonderful challenge.

  5. Carol

    Thank you for a beautiful pattern!

  6. Stephanie Nagle

    Thank you so much for this lovely pattern. This is my second year doing the challenge and I will try my hardest to make it just as lovely as yours.

  7. Linda Doyle

    I can not wait to get the pattern so I can start crocheting for cancer.

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