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October marks the month of Cancer Awareness and I am so excited to host another year of the Crochet Cancer Challenge. This has been an annual event that began in 2014, seven years later it has grown due to the generosity of the crochet community.

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Our crochet community does so much for others by making handmade items and in this event those said items are all donated. Donations go to cancer patients or cancer centers in our own communities. We have this amazing opportunity to make a difference one hat at a time.

A Quick Overview of the Cancer Challenge

During the month of October a different crochet pattern designer will be featured. The designers has personally designed a hat in honor of someone they know, or to help bring awareness to a specific type of cancer. They will offer their design for FREE for 1 day only. If you download their pattern, you are taking a pledge to make a minimum of one hat from that pattern to donate.

Cancer Challenge Pledge

The Crochet Cancer Challenge has become so personal to so many of you and to so many of us designers. I appreciate all the time and efforts everyone puts into this event. I hope to spread the word this year, so I am asking that you share photos of your finished hats on social media or links to the challenge AND always use the #CrochetCancerChallenge . The more people see our challenge, the more it will grow and that means the more people we can touch in a positive way. We can all use a little more positivity in our lives in 2020.

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Daily Crochet Cancer Challenge Features

Each Day I will post a new designers hat link. You can then go to their site to read about who or what cancer they designed the hat for. Once again, each design will be free for 24 hours, but you must use code “CancerChallenge” to get the pattern free. Look for this button in their blog post:

Cancer Challenge Button

Do you have more questions about the Crochet Cancer Challenge? Scroll to the bottom of this post for more informative links.

2020 Final Pledge Count

Let’s just face it, 2020 has been a crazy year. Some of us are stuck at home with time on our hands. Some are stuck at home juggling working with our kids around and/or helping them with online school. We are all in our own world of craziness. 

Plus, some Cancer Centers were not taking donations due to COVID. So, I didn’t have any idea how our pledges would be. I am very excited to say that, although it wasn’t our biggest year, it was pretty darn close! 

October 2020Features

Below you can see all the gorgeous designs that were featured in this years Crochet Cancer Challenge. The code to get them for free has expired. However, you can still grab them from the links and support the designers. I hope you enjoyed the challenge and making each hat to give away and brighten someone’s day. I also hope you keep adding to that stash pile of yarn so you are for the 2021 challenge next year.

Stitch in Progress

“My design is in support of those dealing with Prostate Cancer. My family has been affected by a prostate cancer diagnosis in the last year and I wanted to lend my support to all those men affected and the women who love and support them.”

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Snappy Tots

The Full of Hope Beanie is sure to be a loved design. I love how the variegated yarn pops through in the hat!

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Straight Hooked

Today I am so honored to have Malena, designer behind Straight Hooked featured. Malena wanted to offer 2 designs today that are very personal to her. Make sure you scroll through her blog post and grab BOTH designs:

“I designed the Brain Freeze Beanie in honor of my Daddy, who was taken home to Jesus with the not-so-friendly assistance of Brain Cancer. My dad had a heck of a sweet tooth, and would never say “no” to a big bowl of ice cream, so I named his hat “Brain Freeze”.

“I released the Ice Cap Beanie in honor of my momma who was always cold and battled Ovarian Cancer for the last decade of her life. “

Find Straight Hooked on Social Media:

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Sweet Potato Crochet Creations

“My best online crochet lady friend and soul sister, Krista, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February… You guys, this woman is the strongest person I know.”

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Woodland Stitchcraft

My hat color, black, is the ribbon color for Melanoma or skin cancer. Living in a state like California where the sun is shining quite often and outdoor activity is a part of life in our state I felt this was a good fit for me.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Bliss This

This beanie design is dedicated to Edie, Gloria, Amparo, and Magui! This is also dedicated to my unstoppable dad, Rod, who remains cancer free, 15 years after his own battle with cancer!

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Two Brothers Blankets

Made in light blue color to represent the ribbon color for Prostate Cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer among men, behind skin cancer.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Fosbas Designs

No one deserves to go through the agony of battling Cancer, not the patients nor the relatives and loved ones. In my profession, I have seen so many people of all age groups go through this.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Crochet by Trista

Trista designed the Pearl Beanie because she’s, “known a few people who have battled breast cancer. Some are currently in remission and almost back to normal and some have lost their battle.”

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Through the Loop Yarn

The Rocksteady Beanie was designed and incorporates the color Lime to represent Lymphoma. This is very near and dear to her heart, please read her blog post about why.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Ambassador Crochet

The Warrior Ribbon Hat is a wonderful design for the challenge. Make this hat in any color to help spread awareness for what cancer is close to your heart.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Pink Crochet Hook

Message from Pink Crochet, “My great uncle Jack who was a very big part of my upbringing, passed away June 10th from leukemia. He had a sailboat he named after me that launched in ’84. Her name was “Lady Erin” so that is where the name of this awesome anchor hat came from. Thank you for downloading to pledge and as always happy crocheting ?Love Pinkcrochethook”


The Double Quick Beanie was designed in support of is Ewing’s Sarcoma and to honor a beautiful friend. Stephanie wanted to bring as much love, light, and prayer for her and her family this year through her hat design. 

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Cancer Challenge

Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Helen designed the Robin’s Beanie with Sara’s father in mind, it is personal and is designed to help bring awareness to Colon Cancer. Find Sunflower Cottage on social media below:

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Waves of Hope Hat Crochet Cancer Challenge

Sweet Potato 3

I was honored to take an extra day to help out a fellow designer who has a family member going through Cancer-this hat is in honor of her/family!

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Sweet Potato 3

I designed the Dotty’s Dream hat this year to honor my daughters dance teacher, Dotty who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Find Sweet Potato 3 on Social Media:

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Darcy’s Crochet Creations

Darcy designed the Leonard’s Star hat in honor of everyone who has fought colon cancer including her Grandfather & Uncle.

Facebook / Website

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Endless Crochet Creations

Tammy designed this lovely hat in honor of her mother who lost her battel to lung cancer in 2016.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Wish Upon a Hook

“The Garden Path Beanie is made in this gorgeous emerald green color to bring awareness to the battle against liver cancer.

Instagram / Facebook

Cancer Challenge Momma By Grace

Momma By Grace – Oct 26

“The Tyler Beanie was designed in honor of my 22-year-old sister who passed away from ovarian cancer.”

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Nanas Crafty Home

The Marci Hat is in honor of my best friend from my childhood…The Marci Hat is a Tunisian Crochet pattern that features 2 different Tunisian Crochet stitches. Give it a try today!

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Crochet by Courtney

For this year, I chose white to represent lung cancer. I think many of us know of a smoker or maybe smoke ourselves. For me, I have never smoked after observing my dad and maternal grandmother.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Briana K

I chose Goldenrod to be the main color for this hat because I chose to raise awareness for childhood cancer, with Gold being the represented color. The fair isle crochet hat pattern comes in a variety of sizes so it can be used in any color for any age.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Simply Hooked by Janet

The Cascade Hat design represents and is dedicated to those who have battled Esophageal cancer.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Canoe Mountain Designs

Audrey designed this beautiful Side Ways Shuffle hat in peach to help bring awareness to uterine cancer.

Find Canoe Mtn Designs on Facebook

Crochet Cancer Challenge

Ned & Mimi

Sarah designed this lovely Jasmine Beanie in Gold tones to bring awareness to childhood cancer. Find Ned & Mimi on social media:

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Salty Pearl Crochet

Katie designed this gorgeous Rose Tellin Beanie in honor of Breast Cancer.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Marly Bird

The Wings of Hope Hat is our first design today, made in a rich purple.

Instagram / Facebook / Blog

L’amas de Laine

This amazing design features the bold colors of teal, pink and purple to honor Thyroid Cancer. What a fabulous hat Sandra!

Find L’amas de laine on social media:

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Made with a Twist

Pam designed this lovely golden beanie called the Brave Beanie, the color is specifically picked to bring awareness to childhood cancer.

Find Made with a Twist on Social Media:

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Cancer Challenge

Crystalized Designs

A beautiful design with rich texture, the Valda Beanie was designed by Crystalized Designs. It was designed for her Mom in a teal to bring awareness to Ovarian Cancer.

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Underground Crafter

Marie designed the Herringbone Slouchy Beanie in this rich purple to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer.

Find Underground Crafter on social media:

Instagram / Facebook / Website

Find more information about the Crochet Cancer Challenge Below:

  • Information explaining what the Crochet Cancer Challenge is, click HERE.
  • What type of hat should I make? What Sizes? Where do I get the patterns? Click HERE.
  • Yarn Recommendations to use for the hats, click HERE.
  • Where should I donate my hats, click HERE.
  • A fun start early project you can add to your hats, click HERE.
  • Challenge others to join and get tags you can print for your hats, click HERE.

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  1. Jennifer

    Love that you’re doing this. I’m going to share this post with my newsletter readers and on my site–it’s a food site but I think some of my readers do handwork.

  2. Beatrice Doppelbauer

    Love that Challenge. I’m from Austria. When I came across it last year I immediately wanted to take part in it. I donated my hats to a Cancer Center in Ried im Innkreis, that’s in Upper Austria. They were so happy about the hats so I decided to make some again this year. Thanks for this fantastic idea.
    Best regards from Austria!

  3. Rochelle

    thank you to all of the designers for sharing your creations with us so we can make some beautiful donations.
    i noticed that the Robin’s Beanie download from Sunflower Cottage Crochet is not working. it says on her page that it will be available until October 31st
    is there a different code to use for free download?
    thank you so much

    1. SweetPotato3

      I just tried and it is working. I would recommend trying again, check your ravelry library (sometimes it adds and you didn’t realize it). If you are still having troubles, contact the designer. Thank you so much for participating, your making a difference.

  4. Rebeccah

    Is there a link for printable tags for this year? When I click on the link in the cancer challenge post, it brings me to another page and then when I click the download button, the ones that come up say Cancer Challenge 2019.

    1. SweetPotato3

      It has been updated and they are now the 2020 tags, thanks for letting me know.

  5. girliefriend

    Just a heads up, there’s a typo on the code for Lady Erin.

    S/B cancerchallenge not cancerchallange

  6. Kim

    It’s been a few years since I joined the Crochet For Cancer Challenge due to life happening.
    I have donated over 300 chemo hats to local cancer center. Excited to join again.

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